DA Targets Obama Crony In Surprise Raid, Financial Information Seized

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This past week, the Orange County, CA District Attorney’s Office conducted a raid at the offices of Landmark Medical Management. The president and CEO of LMM is Kareem Ahmed, one of the largest individual financial supporters of Barack Hussein Obama’s 2012 campaign.

A source at Landmark Medical verified that a search warrant was executed at their offices in Ontario, CA, on Tuesday morning, October 8th. Specific information regarding the nature of the investigation has not yet been made available.

The source detailed the initial events; “After they gathered everybody in the main area of the building, yeah, there was just an announcement that they had a search warrant, we weren’t to touch anything work related, we weren’t to touch any type of phones, we weren’t allowed to leave the area until we were identified and questioned.” The source also provided information that Ahmed was not present at the facility at the time of the raid.

The chief of staff to the Orange County DA, Susan Kang Schroeder, refused to confirm or deny the raid.

Prior to the emergence of Barack Hussein Obama on the political scene, Ahmed had virtually no history of political donations. All of that changed with the arrival of Hussein Obama.

In 2012 Ahmed and his wife combined for contributions of well over a million dollars to Democrats, most of which went to Priorities USA Action, the premier Obama-supporting super PAC.

An investigation last year by TPM revealed that both Ahmed and Landmark were becoming wealthy through the exploitation of a loophole in the state’s workers’ compensation system.

Ahmed was involved in the promotion of “compound drugs” – drugs whose ingredients have been combined, mixed, or altered by a pharmacist. Landmark made huge amount of money through the discounted purchase of accounts receivable from medical providers who prescribed compounded topical pain creams.

As a major donor in 2012, Ahmed was proud to proclaim his relationships with some of the more powerful people within the country, such as governors and U.S. senators. He even claimed to be personal friends with Nancy Pelosi.

In 2012 Ahmed ranked 56th on The Center for Responsive Politics’ list of top disclosed individual political donors to outside spending groups.

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  • Tom Davis

    I’m no expert on jurisdiction and all… but why would the Orange County District Attorney be executing a search warrant in San Bernadino County? Unless maybe he committed a crime in Orange County and has permission from San Bernadino to serve the warrant? Maybe there’s a lawyer or paralegal who could provide some insight?

    Obama does seem to be surrounded by all manner of criminal and miscreant. And I will grant it mighty suspect that Obama has some association with a private medical billing and collections company while the nation languishes in that cesspool called Obamacare. Yeah… Mighty suspect.

  • Julio G
  • don belles

    Hi, the criminal and miscreants were visible when he picked people for his first cabinet. People that had been convicted of mostly financial crimes, but convicted or under indictment for financial crimes. For example, his head of the treasury – the person who interprets and administers the treasury policy, decisions, and investigations – owed over 140,000 dollars for tax related problems claimed the tax code was to difficult to interpret and understand when doing his taxes. However Obama “forgave” his tax debt and the problem went away. Maybe he can forgive our tax debts until we reach a 140,000 dollar level? Probably never happen. Oh well.

  • James Taylor

    I only have one addition to your post Tom, obama has surrounded himself with all manner of criminals, miscreants and Muslim Brotherhood members, including in high positions in his administration.