Klayman To Investigate Threats to Truckers


Larry Klayman is investigating the threats to the truckers in the constitutional protest of our government. Reports of government harassment, despite the efforts of the truckers to work with law enforcement on maintaining a legal protest, may have deterred many from participating.  Klayman set the date of November 19th for the next protest.

Recent regulations in trucking and hikes in the price of diesel had made it nearly impossible for many truckers to stay in business. Zeeda Andrews, organizer of the protest, appeared earlier this week on Greta Van Sustern’s show on Fox News. In that interview, she stated that the removal of the President of the United States was the goal of the protest, but outlined areas where the administration was choking off the livelihood of those in the transportation industry.

Reports on Alex Jones and other media outlets popularized reports that the  National Guard had been sent out to shut the protest down. Pete Santelli’s show showed that these reports were false. Nevertheless, the reports did deter many from participating in the event. It appears that some of the reports of National Guard units are being tied to the Freedom Conference, but it is unclear of this was the source of these reports or not. The reports cite unnamed insiders in the U.S. Department of Transportation and claim that the National Guard would close off the exits to prevents trucks from entering the Beltway area surrounding Washington, D.C.

Klayman also stated that plans were underway for a subsequent event on November 19th. Klayman emphasised that this was not a Republican event or a Democrat event, that the protest was grassroots based on both sides.  He explained that the corruption has transcends party lines, leaving people in both parties with shared grievances.

In the interview, Klayman credits Congressman Gohmert with allowing the veterans to visit the World War II Memorials.




Klayman is the head of  Judicial Watch, a group that has been  investigating and exposing the Obama Administration. Through his efforts using the Freedom of Information Act, Klayman has spearheaded significant efforts to expose various scandals of the Obama Administration. His most recent efforts have been aimed at voter integrity and Obama Care. Klayman has been very effective in exposing many other scandals such as BenghaziFast and Furious, Green Energy Scandals. He has also been an effective advocate of first and second amendment rights, as well as exposing the abuse of executive privilege and other excuses by the Obama Administration to deny Freedom of Information requests.




  • William Poole

    Impeach Obanana NOW

  • Divineconnection7

    He will go down in History as the worst American President ever.

  • Chuck Loefke

    I’m glad to see the American people finally starting to take a stand and say no to Obama and the government.

  • Joe_USA

    He is already taking on that title today, obama shows us all that he hates us Americans.

  • William Poole

    may God have mercey on us he will bring us Dow right along with him

  • Dale Kelley

    Unless he stays in office….. and history will be rewritten …. Impeach Obama now

  • Terry Yost

    He will be known as the first terrorist President.

  • Marial Gidney

    Why did I know the Obama gestapo would be their having their way!!! Its time to just arrest him and get rid of him!! He is the worst kind of traitor there is!

  • yo momma

    you rednecks really need to lay off the pipe

  • William Dodds

    Anyone, anywhere,anytime who attempts to block traffic or cause a disruption on a major freeway will be ticketed and potentially arrested. That is nothing new. Were the truckers unaware of that before their protest? or think that they would get some special dispensation to break the law with immunity? That is never going to happen, Civil disobedience has always come with a price to be paid and potential for arrest no matter who is the adminstration. Any successful protester should be prepared to accept the consequences of his actions. Ask Martin Luther King

  • American Patriot

    Rednecks my A**.I am NO Redneck ,but I will stand for my country,my flag,my GOD and my Constitution. I am not going to just sit back and live under SOCIALISM or COMMUNISM

  • submariner654

    nothing wrong with a redneck I’m one and a veteran and proud of it……………….

  • Marc Weers

    This is a message to all you people that find your party has betrayed you and left you to “foot the bill” on too many illegal activities. You may not be the “republican” or “democrat” you think you are. I offer this to you. Go with an open mind and a freedom of thought to the next local Libertarian meeting. Just sit and listen for awhile. After the agenda there is always a time for open talking. Ask a few questions and then decide if the answers from people like you make sense and are somewhat along the same line of thought as yours. “Liberal” and “conservative” are just names both parties have made up to try to “catch you in”. You will not find that at a Libertarian meeting. Good clean open thoughts and minds ready to work together as one, to the betterment of our nation, yet keeping individual freedom and responsibility at the top of the list. Isn’t that what you are looking for. Our government is way too big and to ineffective.

  • lather

    LOL.. Who? You? Cruz? LOL.. Un-American Scum.

  • jr61020

    Could you be any more of an idiot Bill?

  • MissSterious

    PEOPLE! Take the time to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! The Federal government CANNOT activate the NG to be used against citizens without violating the Posse Comitatus Act!

  • Guest

    These organizers of this truck thing are so despret to make it look like trucks showed up. A few showed but it was a great big flop just I and most that know drives knew it would. Its hard to find two drives to agree the sky is blue let alone to do something that matters.

  • Fakir Smith

    Regulations absolutely is why. It’s called CSA. You know DOT was waiting for them. Get enough CSA points and you can’t get hired and will get fired. The officer has all the power, guilty until proven innocent and there is no appeals process no due process. Fear kept truckers away. They can’t afford to lose even for obama. The whole nation is that way. They feel lucky to just survive. That attitude is selfish. We need to stop obama now. For our children. Enough is enough!

  • Laurie Wolford

    what are you doing about it?


    If everyone is afraid to be arrested for standing up NOW, Just wait !

  • dez

    When he passes he should not be given a presidential funeral…never earned it and dosen’t deserve it.

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    Sounds like you might need to go to the eye doctors!

  • Christian Lynch

    He isnt going to go down that’s the problem.

  • ren

    Our leaders are mirror images of the hearts of the majority of the US today. People wanted a king, and now they have one. Until people start repenting of their evilness, stop the wickedness and turn with a sincere honest heart to God, there is no need to expect Him to bless this nation as a whole. When we return to Him and do so for the right reasons, there will be change. I am not so sure that it’s not too far gone now.

  • ren

    This is the very type of thing that is the cause of me saying we will not prosper until people truly repent from their evil. You see no problem with what you are doing as you have accepted the evil of the world-your actions proclaim what your heart contains. Why should there be any blessing upon a nation that embraces vulgarity, sexual immorality, abortion, PRIDE, and rebellion? Why should this nation be considered anything but an abomination? I am not making a play on the president’s name when I make that remark either. We are where we are because the majority embraces wickedness and does so with open arms.

  • midge

    It most likely is a picture of himself that he is using to disgrace himself and show the rest of the world how un-American he is.

  • William Dodds

    Wow—You really are dumber than dirt aren’t you? With an attitude like that it is no wonder that you will change absolutely nothing at all. Either learn from people who have protested successfullly and made real changes or stay ignorant as a bag of rocks your whole life–

  • Pamster

    Nor does he deserve the Pulitzer Prize….for what???? Doing nothing to help this world! Much less America!

  • Pamster

    LOL! I’m a registered Independent cause I despise both parties! Took a political philosophy test a while back. I was 98% Libertarian ;)

  • Pamster

    They don’t represent MY heart…nor those of the ‘silent majority’ who have become pretty damned loud!

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    Praise Zeus!

    See how silly that sounds..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

    he will go down in history as the president who destroyed the great country of America….if we the people don’t stop him. posting on these boards is good, but what else have you done. called your congressmen, donated to the truckers for gas, stood on an overpass, flown your flag, etc. do something more to support the truckers, the bikers, the vets. they can not do it alone. we need tens of millions of protesters to get the job done of….impeaching Obama and getting rid of all the comunists in congress.

  • Sharon Kidwell

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  • Sharon Kidwell

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  • Sharon Kidwell

    You are correct. America no longer has any morals!

  • Sharon Kidwell

    Six million jews were murdered because they didn’t think anything serious was going on.

  • ren

    Do you think to shock me? Do you think I don’t recognize the antichrist spirit at work within you? Do you SERIOUSLY think I am going to be provoked into an argument? You are under the control of your father the devil at this moment in time. You have opened your heart and your life to give him free reign, Do what you will is the whole of your law-the law you follow and live by. It’s up to God whether He gives you another chance by calling you to repentance. Don’t play your games with Him, lather, because you are playing games that you cannot win. Today is the day of salvation. The man you make fun of in the picture you posted, the man Jesus, He loves you so much that He took your place on that cross-He didn’t deserve it, He was without sin. You deserve that cross, just like I do, just like everyone on the face of this earth does. He hung there FOR YOU, being spit on, beaten bloody and having His beard torn from His face. He conquered death, hell and the grave FOR YOU! You mock the only One who has ever loved you enough to die for you? Would anyone else go to that extreme for you, lather? Would they? In the name of Jesus may the demons within you be bound right now and may you have another chance to heed, to repent and turn from your wickedness. May you come to know the salvation of the living Son of God sitting at the right hand of Father before it is everlasting and eternally too late.

  • lather

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  • Jessica Knorr

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  • Augustine

    You called him President, I call him puppet….ever wonder how on earth he got into office??? You go figure it out how on earth did the American people so stupid or duped with the fraudulent system???

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    You calling Ted Cruz Un-American Scum . Maybe you should look in the mirror.If you support Obama who is un-American then you ,and all his followers are scum,because y’all want to see America fall.

  • John Chancey

    Even with the problems we face in this country go find a better one we can live in.PLEASE

  • John Chancey

    Peaceful protest doesn’t work either. All you are talking about is the truckers.Remember there was another protest in Washington.A peaceful one by the veterans who reopened the war memorials. Guess what ? Obama had then closed again. M.L.K. died for what he believed,and this is not about Americans being equal.This is about all peoples in this country being free,and having the freedom to live the way we choose.We already live under to many rules without Obama adding more.