[Watch] Al Qaeda Rebel Obama Ally Blows Himself Up While Trying To Shoot RPG

230 rpg guy

A video released by the pro-Assad SyriaTube video page shows, in graphic detail, a Syrian rebel attempting to fire a rocket-propelled grenade but misfiring severely and blowing himself up.

Al Qaeda, Rebels, the 72 virgins don’t know the difference. Neither does Hussein Obama.

Maybe he should have said just one more Allahu Akbar.

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  • Bill Berger

    Karma at work in finest glory.

  • Jay Gibbs

    Seeing that plus reading about the biker rally for the world war 2 veterans truly made my day! Lol, yes sir that made my day! :)

  • victor

    i like the spaghetti western music in the background…

  • Barrie Evans

    Mr. Wells, the message I get is that you are trying to portray President Obama as a Muslim. What are you trying to accomplish by writing this article? I’m being serious. I’d like to know what your goal is in writing this. Thanks.

  • John

    stupid fuckhead! LOL!

  • Alvin

    That should have been Obama !!!!

  • LibertyNow

    Barrie Evans…No problem in deciphering Mr. Wells’ article. Surely, Mr. Wells had only admirable goals in writing this piece. He never would have wanted to portray Obama as – a Muslim supporting people like that “goon” in the video who heroically went to be with the 72 virgins…..naw…..!!!! And I’m sure today you will hear Obama commenting about the “hateful terrorist” who admirably sacrificed his life for Al Queda and all Muslims…… Just wait…I’m sure you will hear Obama on TV today, or tomorrow, or the next day, or the next, or the next, unless he is just too busy closing all of America to Americans.

  • Donald Lewis

    Anyone else unable to stop ROFLOL over this?! Seriously! I have tears from laughing so freaking hard!!!

  • ChuckB

    They are so cute when they do that.

  • wbedwards

    Mr. Evans surely you must be oblivious to the past 5 years what has been occurring in our Constitutional Republic or you wouldn’t have written your comments. But hey this is just my observation and you have yours, this is what’s great about living in America courtesy of our United States Military. Everybody’s feel to reveal their opinions……….

  • Bigmikex

    Obama is a muslim you fucking retard…

  • James bond

    this is an old ass video from back during the iraq war

  • luchia

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. One less muslime.

  • Greg

    ya got to love it!

  • Lee Mc Donald

    Dumb ass.

  • gman213

    LMAO…Allahu AkBOOM!

  • Dan

    One more dead asshole.

  • Drew

    Haha dumb#ss

  • Willy-Nilly

    So You Tube removed this for being violent and disgusting, while the picture of a 4 year old darling little girl freshly beheaded, by jihadi extremests was perfectly acceptable. May all jihadi terrorists find a swift path to their paradise with Alla, and I got my doubts about the virgin myth!

  • Berry Obama

    Berry Evans you idiot! President Obama is a Muslim! Sheeesh! Stop drinking the Fool-aid!

  • RobGoblin

    Damn, I wanted to see that.

  • RobGoblin
  • Barrie Evans

    I realize that you’re concerned with the Constitution and want everyone to respect it. Will you step forward now and remind your elected representatives to the US House to follow Section 4 of the 14th Amendment? We may have totally different views on whether Obama is a Muslim or not, but I’d like it if you’d use more respectful language, even if you think I’m ignorant. And if I’m ignorant of the facts, tell me where you’re getting your info. Educate me.

  • Candygirl

    So much for the freedom of press and NOT an over reaching hand of censorship and media control by the fuckheads running YouTube!!!!