ObamaCare Enrollment: Actual Enrollment Numbers From The Exchanges

The enrollment numbers for ObamaCare are in the single digits so far. It would seem the program can hardly tout the smashing success that people believed it had. On opening day, the servers were rife with crashes and well documented on Twitcy. United States Secretary of Health and Human Services Sebelius told Andrea Mitchell  on NBC  that these crashes were a good thing and a sign of the popularity of the program. Despite Sebelius’s claims that the program was a great success, Facebook posts show that people were met with an inconvenient truth when they looked at their enrollment options: the program options were far more expensive than anyone believed and the penalties far greater than commonly understood.

The number of actual enrolled in the program from the first day are in for some states.

The highest percentage of people who purchased insurance was in Kentucky which had a 5.3% per cent application rate seems to be the nation’s highest

Day 2 was not an improvement. In fact, things became far worse as people gave up on the program.  In Hawaii, Richard Gamberg, age 61 of Honolulu was unable to get through after two days on either the phone or the computer. He tweeted out to public officials his angst. In an interview with Associated Press, Gamberg stated he was done with the exchanges.

“I think I’m through with Hawaii Health Connector. They’ve got ads in the newspaper, they’ve got ads on the TV – it just flabbergasts me.”

California, a state that had strong political support for the program, didn’t seem to fare too well in the enrollment numbers. The UK MailOnline reported that less than 1% of California Website  visits into ‘Covered California’ participants on Tuesday. Kelsey Caldwell, spokesman for California Covered told MailOnline

‘We had over 5.7 million hits to our website as of 3 p.m. yesterday.  7,700 consumers began their application process yesterday. … 4,143 applications are pending.  We received 23,269 calls yesterday to our service center.

Caldwell didn’t know  how many of the 5.7 million website hits were from unique Californians. With a sign up rate of 0.58%, it would seem that either technical glitches or the options offered or both changed the minds of many Californians.  This is very low for the state that had strong political support for the program before opening day.

In North Dakota,  Donene Feist, executive director of the non-profit Family Voices of North Dakota, and an outreach worker. She was unable to get into the system, but knew of a few people who did. Feist told the Associated Press

“I’ve been unable to get in, and if I could have that would be great. For those who got in, they said it was easy to follow.”

 It is a little difficult to help families enroll if one cannot get into the system. This added frustration to those who supported the ObamaCare effort. in North Dakota.Louisiana had zero enrollment. No one could access the website.  Blue Cross  spent $60 million in preparation of the October 1 rollout in that state.

In Pennsylvania,  Matt Hadzick stood ready at  Highmark retail insurance store in Allentown, Pa. This was a place where people could go to register for the online insurance marketplace. Hadick  told AP that he had not yet registered anyone, given the technical glitches they were experiencing.

“It’s day two of health care reform, and we have yet to have someone successfully register on the marketplace. The registration process is very slow, and at one point it just shuts down.

In Cleveland, Ohio, Sharon Schorr of suburban Cleveland, a self-employed accountant who finally gave up after eight hours of trying to use the exchange’s website


“It almost reminded me of going online and trying to buy Springsteen tickets.”


New York, New Jerey, CT, and RI all seemed to have access problems.

Joanne Peters, the main Obamacare website had served 4.7 million unique visitors, adding to 190,000 phone calls and 104,000 online chats sessions that administrators had supervised.  White House Press Secretary Jay Carney insisted on Monday.

Americans across the country – millions of Americans – are taking advantage of the opportunity to shop for affordable health insurance that they could not attain before now,’   But without enrollment figures, it’s impossible to know whether Obamacare is seeing a flood of new customers or just a trickle.

It would appear that ObamaCare may not be the smash hit the President believes it would be.

  • me

    i hope everyone keeps resisting. what are they gonna do when only 5 percent of the nation is on this health care “plan”

  • Terry Ewell

    The majority of people who are uninsured are uninsured because it’s priced out of their reach…

  • drawlins77

    Absolutely! Resist until your last breath. This is most definitely not what was advertised, like all the other lies that we’ve been fed.

  • Matt “A citizen of AMERICA”

    I will never ever sign up for this crap. nor will I be taxed for it.

  • Bruce

    If the damn thing isn’t funded , and the gov’t is shut down , who’s funding the program now? They shouldn’t be doing anything with this until we know if’s it’s going to sink or swim.

  • Bruce

    Matt I side with you buddy , but don’t think the IRS won’t take money from your tax return if you have one coming.

  • Ronda

    I don’t believe a word Jay Carney says!!

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    you are not supposed to get in , its to create anarchy and destroy our economy . People do not sign up

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    I will NOT Submit!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ruby.bruce Ruby Bruce

    I heard that, despite all the claims, the ACA is not law. All the Supreme Court said was that if it was to be done, it had to be done as a tax. At that point, it should have come back to Congress for rewriting and making it a tax. It was not. It may have to be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court again by someone they prosecute for not buying it. President Lincoln said the best way to get rid of a bad law was to enforce it. All this drama was caused by a president who forgot he is the president for ALL Americans, not just those who agree with him.

  • Brian

    Call me crazy but I’m taking all my money out of the bank buying an rv and not paying taxes anymore this shit is completely retarded at this point…

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    Lord have mercy, I cant afford to pay for everybody. Somebody else PLEASE JOIN, TOO, PLEASE!

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    breaking bad time

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    DO NOT ENROLL. They will put leans on your bank account, take your driver’s license and if all else fails, take your income tax returns and put leans on your home. I’m not making this up. This man is insane. Osama Obama is absolutely whacko.

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    Oh yeah and if you type out the number for the healthcare hotline…it is…..1-800-F1UCKYO. If you don’t believe me, try the number.

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    Oh no, you gonna buy my insurance baby, I need a cell phone too……and don’t forget to pay my mortgage, my food and coming soon my car and gas bill. That’s what the tax paying public is for.
    @@@The only thing wrong with socialism? What do you do when you run out of other peoples money?
    Stand up and fight!