WWII Vets Face Arrest, Mounted Police at WWII Memorial




In the wake of a group of Mississippi and Iowa veterans blowing off both the barricades and the Federal Park Police at the open-air U.S. National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC, the next wave of the Greatest Generation is scheduled to visit the historic site as well as face possible arrest, as reported by ABC News, WNWO of Toledo, Ohio as well as the social media micro-blogging site Twitter (see photo) all on Oct. 1, 2013.

The men who stormed the beaches of Iwo Jima, slugged it out in the hedgerows of Normandy and battled the enemy on the high seas and in the skies world-wide were undoubtedly forces to be reckoned with when they were heavily armed and highly trained teen-agers.

Obviously, the US Park Police considered these now octogenarians, nonagenarians, centenarians and possibly even a supercentenarian thrown in the mix wheelchair-bound warriors to still be quite intimidating.

Case in point: a group of WWII vets from Ohio are scheduled to participate in an Honor Flight to visit the WWII Memorial next week only to be greeted by armed officers and mounted police with orders to “clear them from the area.”

ABC reports that according to National Mall and Memorial Parks Communications Officer Carol Johnson, the memorial will be shut down and “cleared by Park Police.”

Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio has a trip scheduled to depart from Toledo next Wednesday, October 9.

Unfortunately for the men who literally saved the world from fascism and totalitarianism, they may find themselves scratched from making the flight at all.

In the face of a government shutdown, Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio President Lee Armstrong stated:

We will make the call this Friday to determine if the flight is still a go, or if we will have to re-schedule.

Armstrong went as far as contacting the Washington, DC Parks Service, and according to organization’s president, he was told they would face arrest if they attempted to visit the memorial that was built in their honor.

“I said, are you kidding me? You’re going to arrest a 90/91-year-old veteran from seeing his memorial?” Armstrong asked. “ If it wasn’t for them it wouldn’t be there. She said, ‘That’s correct sir.'”

When Armstrong asked for her name, he says she did not give it to him and then promptly hung up the phone.

When asked for his opinion of the Honor Flight vets from Mississippi and Iowa who yesterday took it upon themselves to physically remove the barriers placed around the WWII Memorial, Armstrong stated:

It just goes to show you why we won World War II.

The Germans and the Japanese couldn’t contain us.

They weren’t going to let barriers contain them. They wanted to see their memorial.

WNWO also cited that 99% of veterans on Honor Flights have never had the opportunity to see the memorial that is devoted to their service.

Through October, the are over 35,000 veterans scheduled to visit the site, more than 900 in the next five days alone.

  • Betty

    Spending more to keep them out than it would cost to montor theor visit. Another Obama show od his feelings about our Vets. God Bless Them . My brother served from before the Japan attack until afer victory in Japan.

  • Barbara Finger

    I read they got in today too

  • idahopackerfan

    Now is the time to fight against “The Man” any open air memorial should never be closed to the public that built and maintains it. This will be the last straw. I stand with all who serve our nation in the Armed Forces, Past, Present and Future.

  • Jim Olson


  • James pass

    Please tell me how the Government can shut down something that was paid for through our tax dollars and funded by the people of the United States the government dont owen these parks they belong to US THE PEOPLE AND DONATED TO THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMAN OF THE ARMED FORCES . SO SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE WHO GUARD THE PARKS AND TURN THESE PEOPLE AWAY !

  • Deb Maddalena

    I so dearly wish that those who love this country would meet those men and help them get through the barricades. This is so wrong, it defies description. There are so many things WRONG and we are the only ones who can fix them. Stand up for this country and the foundation of faith and justice she was born on! Get up and Fight, AMERICA!!!

  • Kevin

    actually, the WWII Memorial wasn’t built with a single penny of taxes…. it was paid for totally by private donations.

  • Earthy Mom

    Looks like the American Patriots should post their own guards on these memorials as they do belong to us, the American people, not the government, and to the veterans who fought for us more than any others. Time to stand up folks, make a choice, where will you stand, and with whom?

  • Caleb Cooper

    Any officer willing to arrest one of these great heroes should be immediately detained and shipped off to guantanamo! I will stand behind the heroes who made it possible for me and my family to live the life we live today! Those officers have no soul or love for this country. Fuckin robots er…. Obamabots!

  • http://theseriousblog.com/ Kevin Gleeson

    The dogs can be called off with a word from the President, were he to care about the veterans.

  • American Patriot

    MORE of OBAMA’S NAZISM coming to the front!
    All the more reason for ARMED REVOLT!
    I will never say this enough: ARMED REVOLT is NECESSARY to ELIMINATE the THREAT from INSIDE this nation, STARTING with the FEDERAL misGOVERNMENT!!
    Who do these retards think they are, keeping AMERICAN PATRIOTS from THEIR OWN MEMORIAL!

  • Bill Berger

    I say, “Let the airline go ahead and book the flights, and us younger Nam Vets will support their dreams, in numbers these self-centered cockroaches would never imagine”.
    This Nation belongs to the American Citizens, NOT the wanna’-bee Monarchs who think they can control us !!!!!!!!!
    List the date of their arrival, we will be there in force, by car, van, motorcycle, or rickshaw, whatever it takes to allow them to view their tribute unto themselves.

  • Robin

    Why is something that is outside in the open air not open to the public. We have a small area in our town where we have monuments to veterans and no one guards them they are walk up to in the open memorials. So for the time being they should stop doing what is expected and do what is right.

  • Keri Green

    How dare this piece of shit for a president purposely disrespect our Heroes and Veterans like this. his total hatred and disdain for our Country and Military is ASTOUNDING for an American president. ………………………………………..IMPEACH OBAMA NOW…………………………………………………………………

  • Keri Green

    Yah and so should Obama!

  • Gus Meyer

    Amen Brother they really don’t want to keep pissing us vets off. stupid fuckers



  • Missy Puckett

    Let them see it .. they fought for our freedom they deserve respect and honor!!

  • http://ObamaSux.com.net.org.gov/ NinjaMidget

    Hold them back at your own peril.

  • jp

    Sounds like active military need to get off theyre asses and escort those fine veterans to visit theyre memorial. Possibly take this country back from the fascist muslims that are running this place if the get In the way.

    Where the hell is our soldiers? Those are our first line of defense against obummer and his muslim buddies. Hope theyre mot too brainwashed to help.

  • Rachel

    I don’t understand how these men and women in uniform can look those vets in the eyes and tell them “NO”

  • Latricia Mason

    i was not around for ‘nam or the world wars but i stand behind our vets every way i can and i believe that if they want to visit a site so close to their hearts and souls they should be able to….if i could get there i would support them first hand and so would my young kids….god bless you all that have giving your lives for our freedom may we follow your example and keep this country free…..god bless you all

  • Vance Decker

    Why didn’t the Republicans think of this before they shut down the government.

  • Vance Decker

    Or what? Big talker. What are you going to do? nothing, just like you armchair chickenhawks always do.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    Your autocorrect is broken. You said “Democrats” but it typed “Republicans.”

    Just as an FYI, closures during shutdowns are the responsibility of the Executive Branch.

    So why didn’t the Republicans think of this? They didn’t think even 0bama would be such a morally corrupt POS as to “Close” an open plaza by hiring vehicle operators and renting Barry-cades.

    But I guess when you can’t hold your breath or crap your diaper, that’s what you have to do to draw attention to yourself.

  • Vance Decker

    No, I meant what I said. Republicans aren’t fooling anyone with this.

  • iowapam

    indeed. not a word, the rat bastard. impeached by congress or removed by We the
    People. it is time.

  • dhodge

    Uuum I was just on another site where literally thousands of American Patriots are gearing up to go to D.C. to stand up for these veterans.

  • iowapam

    a guard was interviewed saying she was furloughed, but called back to work to guard the memorial. unfuckingbelievable.

  • iowapam

    Obummer is not an Ame4ricn. He can’t be. I’ve heard about these reptilians….but

  • Bill Berger

    Republicans didn’t shut it down Einstien, DemoncRATs did.

  • Bill Berger

    I took an Oath to defend this Nation from ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic.
    It’s time to put The Constitution and Bill of Rights to work people, and take this Nation back !!!

  • Troy Comstock

    how about this thought people instead of sitting here complaining about Barrack putting up barricades and what not why don’t those with the capabilities AKA; in the washington area or close by step up and go to the monuments not to fight but to remove the barricades for the vets. I’m not talking start riots or anything to disgrace the vets but peacefully remove the barricades and keep those who would stop them occupied so that the vets may do what they went there for? Theres no need to start fights or anything but anyone who is willing to stop the vets, if they have other ppl to talk to or distract them then the vets wouldn’t be hindered in going to see them. I mean its really not that difficult for a younger person to go there and start lets say an interview with someone trying to stop them to keep them distracted so that the vets can go and view the monument. Unfortunately for me I’m stuck in the shitty state of ny but if i was with in a 1 hr drive of them I personally would go there and distract the cops or anyone trying to stop them even if it ment being arrested. Barrack has no reason to stop anyone espicially WWII Vets from going to an open air Monument.

  • Mark Wright

    Don’t just leave it to the Nam vets, GOD BLESS YOU GUYS. I proudly wear a patch stating ” I wasn’t there but I still Care”. I will be there to back up any VET any Patriot.

  • Don Hendee

    More like an UN-AMERICAN president (I refuse to capitalize the word President when it refers to him until he is OUT OF OFFICE!!!). He doesn’t deserve to even BE president! He should be in jail!

  • Mike

    you sir are a dumbass

  • Paul Nichols

    Actually, Bill, it’s more politically correct to say socialists/liberals shut it down. That mentality is in both parties. But, do understand your argument against Vance. He is a brainwashed drone.

  • Joel Smith

    It sits on federal property. Thats the excuse that they used.

  • Joel Smith

    If theres enough money to pay Park Police to keep people out of their own memorial then theres enough to keep the memorial that costs nothing to run open. Why not let them in since theres police there now anyways? Fuck this piece of shit of a prez.

  • 1WiseMa

    1.2 Million Bikers in DC were blacked out on 9/11/13. Truck Drivers pickup the flag- Do Something, America- Or do nothing Oct 11-13!
    Americans On Strike!!!
    Oct 11-13
    No Buying/No Selling/ No Taxes Paid

  • Karyn Rasor

    Did you not see the amount of motorcycles that roared into DC when the supposed ‘million muslim march’ was supposed to happen? You’re real brave behind a computer screen, aren’t you? A$$!!

  • Matthew S Landsittel

    Mr Vance Decker, the same freedom that gives you the right to run your lippy mouth , also gives you the right to think about it before running off at the lips.. I myself say stand down sir, your more of the problem then a solution.
    2BC2DC GA Coordinator… Ga will mobilize in a matter of overnight, did it for 9/11 will damn sure do it for our WW11 Veterans ~~Stand Together Ride Together~~

  • Retired USMC

    Mr Decker…are YOU going to be one of those that try stopping them? If so Id REALLY REALLY (teeth clenched) REALLY like to have a face to face with you.
    What are YOU gonna do Mr Decker? Step to one of those vets and you will rue the day your mother shit you out.

  • Retired USMC

    Because Vance we were too busy keeping the needs of Americans in mind. Something the Democ RAT party and clearly your party have no clue about. Im waiting to hear how YOU are gonna step to a Senior War Vet and stop them. Im calling you out sir. Step up or crawl back in your hole troll. Like I said,you come NEAR anyone of those vets you will rue the day your mother shit you out in the alley. TRUST THAT.

    Class of 1971

  • Retired USMC

    Say when and say where. Im there Brother.

  • lcuvillier

    This is getting really stupid.