MYSTERY: Top 3 Conspiracy Theory Websites Crash At Same Time As Government Shutdown


Is this a conspiracy within a conspiracy?  In a somewhat odd coincidence, around the same time that the government shutdown took effect, three of the major conspiracy theory websites crashed. The websites, and were all down late Monday night into Tuesday morning. later released a statement on Twitter claiming they had been hacked.  At this point, there have no statements released from either godlikeproductions or lunaticoutpost.

While it is highly likely that these sites simply crashed due to heavy traffic, there is speculation that they may in fact be fronts for the NSA and DHS.  It is well known that the NSA and DHS do not look kindly upon those of us who ask questions of the establishment.  It is thought by some that these agencies have set up some websites as a way to lure in conspiracy theorists. allowing the agencies to know about them and track their activity.

So, is it merely coincidence that major conspiracy sites crash immediately following a government shutdown?  It would be a common sense assumption that government agents running a front website to target and track conspiracy theorists would be considered “non-essential”, thus explaining their sudden crash after the government shutdown.  Then again, what the NSA and DHS consider essential and non-essential is anyone’s guess.

Or it could just be that a lot of people are looking into the many various conspiracy theories, which is very probable given the conspiratorial way the government has been acting lately.


  • Twitched

    Another possibility is that it makes for great publicity, you are giving them free publicity right now after all.

  • Jackie Jackson

    Time to get the hell out of dodge

  • clearlyunclear

    your missing the point….. the government is paying for these websites to keep the people misdirected to the REAL conspiracy….

  • Troubleshooter

    You are exactly right; I would say that MOST of these sites are List-Building and employing provocation, which is entrapment, right?

  • Don Hendee

    Nixon was going to be impeached for wiretapping if he didn’t resign. He resigned, so what’s the holdup with this “guy”? He should be in jail for the things he’s trying to do to our country.

  • Robert Pritchard

    I agree Don,but it would never happen because he has control of the Senate, and the will never give up the golden egg. Clinton was dealing with a Republican Congress I think. In Nixon’s time Our government was better controlled, Today it is full of liars and cheats. Obie said that the republicans were or were backed by some of the richest people in the US. Maybe he needs to look in the mirror with George Soros!

  • loper

    LOP had a schedule maintenance -> <- but there was also a small cloudfare lockdown I think before the scheduled outage. (ddos?)

  • Tashina Evans

    This is what the illumanati said they will do,kill off money,here we go..

  • herb chef

    The house is the originator of any impeachment processes

  • WendellWillkie

    Acquire an unregistered gun (or 3 or 4). Grow your own garden. Secure it. Buy a house in the country if you can. Wait for the revolution ‘if’ it ever comes. Screw it all. Be happy.

  • CFHburn

    South Park made an episode about that.

  • sotexreb

    go ahead and use that argument when they have you in a “re-education camp”. they use it build lists of “subversives” and keep a closer eye on them. and some i would think might go so far as to “entrap” people much like they do in the field, hinting at actual violence or similar to get that person on the hook

  • Jewelz

    just a thought, do you think that while our president in on vacation that something will happen hes away and bad things happen, timing of vacation high strange

  • Captain Vic

    I have thought above top secret has always been CIA run,. However pulling funds does not shut down a sight the same day or week or month ,. Many are funded monthly or annually.

  • Captain Vic

    There is no entrapment they have to abide by ! Come on ,. They have been compiling lists since the 60s They can use private contractors and do so if there is anything legal to be concerned about. In 97 they had lists and DiFi worked for FEMA in 95 to 97 and they were training to confiscate all arms from patriots then ! FEMA / swat was their paycheck for months til they changed it to a sub contractor,. Today .,? 50000 UN just painted blue helmets to green and there are 189000 DHS and many others that will when perched with technology they feel comfy with will then go for it ! Get out and talk to people They hired 20 something year olds that never even read one amendment to spear head the move ,. There doing the same thing now. Research it .,

  • American

    The government hasn’t shut down. Congress and the president are still getting paid although THEY are the ones who proved they can’t get the job done. Services for citizens are what have shut down. Services that Congress has made itself immune from which violates the constitution.

    Vote For Change

    If the American people want to stop the Democrat &
    Republican bickering and finger pointing, fire them all. It’s really that simple. If for the next six years absolutely zero
    Democants and zero Republicants were elected to any office from the local
    school board, city, county, state, congress or president that is the only non
    violent solution for our stalemate political woes and loss of liberty and
    freedom. If every American citizen voted
    straight Independent the “good old boy” network that’s been running
    our once great country into the ground would crumble and we might get the
    change we’ve all been saying we want and need.
    Send the government the message that we are tired of their lies and
    special interests. They only work for us
    as long as we keep hiring them with our votes.
    Repeating the same mistake over and over expecting different results is
    the very definition of insanity. The
    good old boy network has to stop at every level of government. If you vote for a Democrat or a Republican
    YOU are to blame for hiring obviously incompetent people to run this country. Please repost this and get this movement

  • Thrasherfox

    Look up the term “honey pot”

  • AZgirl7

    Honest, competent, logical, and America loving people do not get elected, they get ignored, trashed, and burned. If they DO happen to get in they get in ‘accidents’, heart attacked, or suicided. Only people who can be compromised get the big campaign money.

  • LV

    Uh… which three websites?

  • John Beck

    I am convinced GLP for one is evil. I am not that familiar with the others. I hope they “step in it” and get shutdown due to the hateful and harmful things I’ve seen posted. They are privately owned so they do not have to allow free speech beyond what they want to allow, but it is more often the BAD speech that is allowed and good/decent folks are crushed under feet. I went there a few times when there was breaking news, and got sucked into seeing some comments and threads that made me lose faith in humanity. Seriously harmful things for a civilized culture.