Bend Over For Your Health Care – Reid, Boehner and Obamacare Exemptions Cover Up

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The American people know that Harry Reid can’t be trusted. John Boehner should have known too, he’s much closer to him than we are. Boehner definitely knows now.

Boehner’s been sharing secrets with Harry.  Those secrets involve their mutual deception of the American people.  They aren’t secrets anymore.

We know who leaked the information. The source is identified as Reid chief of staff David Krone.

And it isn’t just one email that might be characterized as “taken out of context.” There is a series of emails all addressing the same issue. That issue was the exemption of Congress and their staffs from Obamacare. They needed to be protected from the exactly the same medical disaster they were inflicting upon the rest of us, the American people they are sworn to serve.

It is an odd irony that the betrayal of trust and confidence through the leaking of information is deemed to be a major infraction in the good ole boy system of DC. That system is itself, built upon the betrayal of the trust and confidence of the people by their elected representatives.

The discussions between Boehner and Reid occurred behind the scenes earlier this year, and were in regards to provisions of the Affordable Care Act which would mandate members of Congress and their staff participate in the program.  Although they have probably still never read the Act, they have advisors who have, and they said “run.”

Congress already has the best deal on health care that other people’s money can buy, so they naturally didn’t want to give that up and get in line with the peasants. There is a long trail of back and forth emails discussing the exemptions and the process for getting them done.

So what happened to make Reid want to expose the vacillating Boehner?

Reid is taking heat now in the national finger pointing over who is the bigger man and who really is responsible for the shutdown of government that isn’t really a shutdown. Reid wants to make Boehner look like a hypocrite for originally privately supporting Congressional exemptions but now being publically opposed.  It’s a strong argument that shows Boehner, in fact, is a hypocrite. Reid is too. They both are career hypocrites. Unfortunately, that knowledge, in and of itself isn’t going to be of much benefit at this particular moment.

Reid also wants desperately to win. His frail little manhood is threatened, and from Harry’s viewpoint, his manhood is a “vital national interest.”

His leaking chief of staff, David Krone, told the National Review Online in a statement, “Every time one of these anonymous Republican aides takes a look at their paycheck, I hope they remember it was Harry Reid who protected their employer contribution.”

Krone and Reid are missing so much of the point. The issue isn’t simply that they exempted themselves and their employees from obamacare, it is also the deception that goes on daily against “we, the people.” They misrepresent publicly what they are doing in private negotiations.  And what they are doing in the shadows serves their own interests first, often at our expense. That should have us clamoring in the streets.

There is even a revelation in one email of how plans were made to disguise a proposed meeting between Democrats, Republicans and Hussein Obama over self-serving Obamacare exemptions as a discussion on immigration reform.

Imagine, getting their own sweet deal healthcare plan is so important to these legislative hacks, that they are willing to advance the middle class-killing amnesty bill as cover for their own selfish financial benefit.

Harry Reid and John Boehner, along with most of the other players in the rat infested game that is DC politics need to stop pointing their fingers at each other. We, the people are pointing our fingers at them.  And we aren’t using our index fingers.

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