National Power Blackout Drill Set For Nov 13 as Government and Industry Prepare For Attacks

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At this very moment, thousands of experts in both the utility industries, military and various government security agencies across the United States, Canada and Mexico are preparing for an emergency drill. The drill, which will simulate both physical and cyber attacks on the power grid has been set for November 13th-14th.

Our shared power resources are vulnerable to attack and in the opinion of many, destined to be hit. Former Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano described an attack as being, not a question of if, but a question of when.

A blow to the grid that resulted in a shutdown would result in a tremendous amount of chaos, civil unrest and ultimately deaths due to violence and a lack of food and water. Inevitably a declaration of martial law would follow such an instance. The human suffering and condition would have us clamoring in the streets for everyday necessities.

No power means there would be no supply of water, gasoline, diesel, frozen food, fresh food, medicines and communications, as all of these are dependent upon electricity for either their delivery or maintenance.

This will be no small operation. It is reported, in fact, to be the largest drill of its type by several times over anything ever done before. Over 150 companies and organizations have signed on as participants.

The scale of the projected emergency for which the preparedness drill allegedly is to take place is unprecedented as well.

Brian Harrell, of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, or NERC, is the official in charge of the drill. The drill, code named GridEx ll, is said to be designed to determine how governments and their agencies react to the loss of normal supply chains critical to everyday needs.

Harrell, in comparing GridEx ll to previous exercises,  said that the others were based on the expectation that electricity “would be up and running relatively quickly” after an attack.  Now, he said, the goal is to “educate the federal government on what their expectations should or shouldn’t be.”

The industry held a smaller exercise two years ago in which 75 utilities, companies and agencies participated, but this one will be vastly expanded and will be carried out with a much greater sense of urgency.

The electrical grid is an essential part of American infrastructure, but is largely privately held and under private control. This is an opportunity to integrate and share information and expertise between government agencies and the suppliers. Most military facilities rely upon commercial power, so it is therefore a very important component of our national defense.

There are approximately 5,800 major power plants and 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines across the grid, which are monitored and controlled by a hodgepodge of devices installed over decades.

This diversity in control and mechanisms can be seen as a safeguard of sorts, in that there is no one solution to affect a total grid shutdown through a cyber attack, with the exception of an EMP.

An EMP, Electromagnetic Pulse would fry the unprotected components, most of which have tremendous lead times for manufacturing and those manufacturing facilities are also dependent upon electrical power.

An EMP attack could leave the entire continent at a standstill and in a state of chaos for months or years. Former CIA director James Woolsey is working to bring attention to the issue, which was also the subject of a report by the National Academy of Sciences last year.  EMP’s occur naturally, has a result of solar flares, but can also be created through the low level detonation of a nuclear device. A single device detonated over the central part of the United States could have immediate crippling results.

In what may be described as a missed opportunity, the spokesperson for NERC, Mr. Bill Lawrence, indicates in a letter to Paul A. LaViolette, dated September 11th, 2013, that the emergency scenario in the drill does not include a response to an EMP.

Since an EMP attack is one of the greatest threats which exist to our infrastructure at this time, it is odd that it is not being considered.

On the plus side, Mr. Lawrence indicates there will be no actual power interruptions as a result of this drill.

A complete power blackout, for even a short period of time, would have a serious negative impact in just those areas in which we are seeking to safeguard, and on the lives of those affected.

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  • cryingtears4nation

    Why don’t they advertise to the terrorists or say “hey guys, here’s a weak spot in america. Lets take down the electrical grid”.

  • dhodge

    advertise much?

  • Bitch


  • Bitch

    Fu that take down the grid, warn the public before you do it and watch how equipped we will become before it happens, let everyone participate! Im all for it, I would fill my tank, have cooler food and water, a 5 gal bucket for waste and charcoal for my grill… if your gonna try it do it right!!!!

  • Boo’s Mum

    Empty your bank accounts too as they will use these drills as the false flag to entirely shut down the country and then lo and behold the end result will be that banking details are lost and bang goes your money. Make sure you have lots of food, water, candles and warm clothes – one way to get people into the FEMA camps and create the chaos ‘they’ require.

  • Marie Adams

    Actually terrorists and our enemies already know. The ONLY thing keeping them from doing this on much larger scale is that our country has nuclear missiles ready to launch back ASAP if we ever got hit (of course unless this traitor in office gives up that protection also to the terrorists). The horrible thing about this is that unlike Hiroshima, where the nukes hit and killed within a large but more specific area, once the nukes go off over the U.S. and shut us down the radiation will have a much larger area span to slowly drop and the ones who do survive will live with the horrors of radiation poisoning. Even long after it’s cleared out of the air it will continue to poison the lands and water supplies…. I heard about this almost 10yrs ago and everyone laughed it off as conspiracy theories. Now it is only a matter of time trusting these crooked politicians in office to play games with our lives:(

  • American Vet

    Just how long do you think your tank of gas, your cooler of food, and your charcoal are going to last? People have been prepping for this sort of thing for decades and they’re still at it. Those that didn’t prep will be ready to kill for a morsel of food after only one week. How do you plan on protecting yourself and your supplies from the murderous savages that will be roaming the streets looking to take from others? You may be a Bitch, but that won’t get you very far against a hungry mob armed with guns, bats, chains, etc.You won’t last 2 weeks in a situation like that. So watch what you ask for…… just might get it!!

  • Lynnz

    I agree with you.

  • Marine101

    Why don’t they use these efforts to put in solar panels. Instead of being idiots and doing drills about “Pending doom” they could be trying to get major buildings fitted with solar panels and other energy efficient devices. These people only care about losing money if this happened, they don’t want to help… they want to figure out ways to keep making money even if the tax payers are suffering. Damn fools, the lot of them.

  • Thinking4myself

    yeah. this was suppose to happen last year, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before and the year before>>>>>> in fact, FEMA Region 3 was suppose to blow-up October 1, this year!

  • Canvasback

    I was at a yard sale last month and this old couple were selling a bunch of really big cans of survival supplies they had bought back in the 60s to prepare for nuclear war. Same fear tactics, different boogey man.

  • jaws4316

    “A blow to the grid that resulted in a shutdown would result in a
    tremendous amount of chaos, civil unrest and ultimately deaths due to
    violence and a lack of food and water. Inevitably a declaration of
    martial law would follow such an instance. The human suffering and
    condition would have us clamoring in the streets for everyday

    This is the kind of propaganda the Government wants us to believe. There actually was an incident that shut down major portions of the power grid for 2 or three days a few years ago. Major Cities had no power for up to 72 hours. While there was some major inconvenience, and interruption of commerce, and even some instances of looting, there was NOT mass chaos and panic in the streets. Even if a cyber attack shut down the entire grid, the utility companies are competent enough to restore power within a matter of days. The only way terrorists could shut down the power grid for any length of time would be to simultaneously blow up hundreds of power substations, which is probably beyond their capability. Of course, Obama probably wants something like this to happen, so he can have an excuse to declare Martial law and unleash his U.N. Army on the civilian population.

  • Chunkdog1

    Here wee go again. Trying to scare those who are naive, our just plain stupid, by getting them to believe that we will be doomed, without the federal government to step in and save us all.

    Obama assumes that all Americans are incapable of fending for themselves in an emergency.

    The only way an emergency crisis situation, in America, would soon totally out of control, is if Obama, and the other idiots working under him, would try to take control.

    Why in the hell doesn’t this POS just leave us alone? We’ve had enough of him, and his band of morons, constant intrusions into our lives.

    Everything he touches turns to crap. He is the freaking kiss of death. He is a one man clusterf**k, and so are the pinheaded mouthbreathers he chose to be in charge.

    He is truly “King Minus”. Everything he touches turns to mold.

  • Lynnz

    Does that mean they will also lose all my loans too !!! if yes hip hip hoorah

  • Stacy Young

    Oh what a perfect time to implement a false flag event during this process! Be on the lookout folks.

  • Grandma Spice

    I read this morning that one of the regulations in Obamacare give the IRS access to our bank accts. Pages 58 & 59. Also the authority to make EFT actions without the account holder’s permission.

  • Grandma Spice

    Noah was a prepper.

  • Grandma Spice

    You are so right, Jaws. Martial law appears to be the plan.

  • Grandma Spice

    You can’t say that you haven’t been advised to be on your toes. Be vigilant and prepared.

  • Liam

    i dont, cause if it was a well placed computerized attack, whos to tell who done what?

  • R-WOOD

    Obama has the capability to simultaneously blow up hundreds of power substations.

  • jaws4316

    You’re right about that. Obama IS a Muslim terrorist.

  • Phil

    dont let it happen. just like the goverrnment ~ once they shut it down, its gone forever. they are driving us into the darkness – divide and conquer. they know without computers people will have no idea how to ommunicate any more. yo wont know they are coming for you until they are in your town rounding you up.

    run to the hills. send lawyers guns and money ~ the TSHF

  • NukeWaste

    If we had a massive EMP it would be the perfect time to clean house. The only things that would really be at a standstill is the inner city. It wouldn’t take too long before they would revert to farmland after they killed each other off.

  • NukeWaste

    Solar panels are a total waste of money. In an EMP the solar cells burn out. Other than tree huggers using large inefficient power panels to power their Iphones, it is worthless. Solar power is just a toy.

  • NukeWaste

    I remember inner city trash stealing large TVs. What were they going to do with them? No electricity We watched my buddy’s store. We had a sign in the front door. “Looters, please come in. We need more long pork to sell tomorrow.” We were left alone. I guess they didn’t like Soylent Green.

  • jose reyes

    martial law is the plan, to take our guns and undesirables to the U.S. Government!

  • Cindy Luby

    This is a lie. Not going to happen. Liberal propaganda at it’s best.

  • Cindy Luby

    Rick Wells likes to make up stuff.

  • Joanne Long

    Maybe they alreadydid.

  • Phillip Davis

    Time to reclean and oil your arms. Do some practice and restock what you can. Everytime they “drill” we have an attack. Seeing the size of this one and that it is a two day ordeal, I would not be surprised if this is when he goes full speed dictator on us. He has been getting rid of the military leadership that could stand in his way and with the chaos over whether we have a few missing nukes. I see a huge false flag event here. It may just be the starting of a revolt we need to purge the progressives from our government. To all that swore the oath to defend her, your country is calling.

  • toma kay

    Seems like a dry run to exploit even more vunerabilities. With all of us digitally connected and power assisted, without that power, being screwed is an understatement. Plus it gives the government access to impliment it’s self-proclaimed ndaa if they so choose. That would mean were totally screwed.

  • Sarah Wood

    We should all be prepared for a major disaster anyway. It’s better to be prepared, than hungry and cold.

  • Nuke waste is retarded

    Wtf are you smoking???

  • NukeWaste

    I’ll repeat, Solar energy is just a toy. It is very fragile. It has severe toxic waste byproducts. Why would I have to smoke? As for being retarded, I wouldn’t know, nor care. If I folded my IQ in half it would make me a very good candidate to be a libtard.

  • catena

    40 months food,500 gallons water
    lock and load!

  • Ga_Tor

    Okay, this is an EXERCISE! A DRILL! This kind of stuff takes place at the local level routinely all across the nation. From what I’ve read this one of the rare times that this will be a coordinated, nation wide event.
    That said, the main thing I am concerned with, is that government incompetence will rear it’s ugly head and do something really stupid. The feds can’t even field a nation wide health care site so I have little confidence that they can do a major nation wide emergency disaster exercise in other than FUBAR mode.
    Sigh! I’m no doomsday prepper but I have laid enough supplies to last at least a month if things hit the fan. Everyone should have at least a weeks supply of food and water on hand. That’s not paranoia, just common sense.
    Of course I’m checking out Mr. Mossberg, his companions and have lots of supplies for them too…just to be sure. :-)

  • catena

    Obumer is our KING , nothing will happen you got to have people for a KING to control, remember KINGS AND KINGDOMS SHALL ALL PASS AWAY, look at HISTORY,, some thought required!!