David Gregory Says There Have Been No Protests?

On meet the press today, David Gregory said that the opposition to ObamaCare must not be significant because the doesn’t see protests in the streets. Perhaps it is time to accommodate his request. David Gregory is apparently blind?


According to Ted Cruz, Harry Reid has told the House of Representatives to “jump in a lake.” Harry Reid has recessed the Senate and has said that he refuses to entertain any bill that does not fund ObamaCare. ¬†Cruz says that the Democrats have taken an absolutist position, not him. Cruz further contends that even labor unions have stated ObamaCare is destroying their healthcare.

Cruz totally owns Gregory in the interview.

The House, late last night passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) that delays funding ObamaCare. They also passed a provision that would fund the military if the continuing resolution was not passed. President Obama has issued waivers to major corporations  Gregory says that it has been adjudicated and should be implemented and argues that nobody supports Cruz and there are no protests in the streets.

Joe Manchin, a Democrat, says he would support a delay.

Cruz points out that those on the exchanges don’t get the employer mandate unless they are a Federal Employee. Senator Durbin argues that the Senate has a first class health care system, and Cruz agrees. Cruz points out that Senate Democrats have exempted federal employees from ObamaCare. He argues only Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats who are not moving.

Gregory’s argument that people have not taken to the streets does not seem to hold water. There have been tons of protests in the past to protest ObamaCare. However, they have not been recent.

Should we accommodate David Gregory’s request? Any takers?


  • Bitch
  • For My Liberty

    2MIL bikers against America was “recent” 1Million Truckers against DC comes up on Oct 11th….There were ALSO several protests the same day as the Bikers on 9-11….and now someone else is calling for ALL Americans to go to DC on Nov 11th.

  • Maximus Max

    @David Gregory can see just fine. He is just another bitch on a stick pimpin the progressive agenda for a buck. He’d just as soon see the country in shambles as admit everything they have pushed for is all but on fabrications and deception.

    He may soon get his wish too.

  • Gilbert Glaser

    the trucker pussed out ..now going to cry wolf ,like a little Obama baby…not going to D C …bikers have bigger balls I guess

  • RobGoblin

    We skipped that and went right to impeachment of the son of a b,………

  • Guest