Obama to World: If You Don’t Support Obamacare, You’re A Terrorist



Yesterday, conservatives had watched as 25 members of their own party stabbed them in the back making the vote 79-19 in favor of Cloture. Then the vote for the bill to defund Obamacare came in at a predictable split along party lines of 54-44. Two Republicans, including Jeff Flake, didn’t even show up to vote. But that didn’t stop Obama and his administration from shouting to the rooftops that if you don’t support Obamacare, you’re a terrorist.

That’s right, if you don’t support Obamacare, weather you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Tea Party you are a terrorist. Apparently, the move to defund Obamacare and not increase spending is the same thing as “taking the economy hostage” and “negotiating with a bomb strapped to your chest”. They also accused the house bill of  being “essentially ransom demands”, so the House of Representatives kidnapped someone?

The morning started with Dan Pfiffer of the famous white house e-mail letter Free Patriot posted that they sent out moments after Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) started his 21 hour stand against Obamacare. As most people were waking up and getting their coffee, Mr. Pfiffer took to the CNN airwaves announcing that they would not be negotiating with Republicans because Republicans were “negotiating with a bomb strapped to your chest”. Don’t take my word for it, watch the video below:

He added at the end of the video, “Republicans have provided a laundry list of essentially ransom demands of things that were essentially the Romney agenda that voters rejected.” While the verdict is still out on thousands of fraud cases in Ohio (including a woman that was recently jailed for voting 8 times) and other states, we are glad that Obama is so confident of his victory.

Then during the predictable cloture vote, with the Old Guard not wanting to be led by Senators Jim Inhoffe, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and others, Nancy Pelosi popped off that the “Democrats will not negotiate with Republicans, republicans can not negotiate with themselves”. Then she went on to propose a House Bill that not only demands over a trillion dollars in spending, makes absolutely no cuts, but also funds Obamacare. Then she had the audacity to turn around and say the republicans “were holding us at ransom”.

That was not to be topped by the Liar and Chief himself. President Obama took to the stage that night knowing that he had got the Republicans to seal their fate on a strait party line vote by having 25 turncoats to the American public vote for Cloture. Without that vote it would have taken 60 votes to get the resolution off the Senate floor instead of Obama’s yes man Senator Harry Reid getting to strip it with one amendment hand picked by Harry Reid.  Now was the President’s time to gloat and call the 60% of Americans that don’t want Obamacare and don’t want to pay for health care for Illegal Immigrants to gloat. Dan Calabrese from Cain TV reports:

Via Oliver Knox of Yahoo! News, here are some of Obama’s choice quotes from yesterday. How presidential does any of this sound?

“We need you to spread the word. But you don’t have to take my word for it. If you’ve talked to somebody who said, well, I don’t know, I was watching Fox News, and they said this was horrible [the transcript records “laughter, boos”] and you can say, ‘you know what? Don’t take my word for it. Go on the website. See for yourself what the prices are. See for yourself what the choices are. Then make up your own mind. Just make — that’s all I’m asking. Make up your own mind.’”

Or this:

“Some of the tea party’s biggest donors, some of the wealthiest men in America, are funding a cynical ad campaign trying to convince young people not to buy health care at all. I mean, think about it. These are billionaires several times over. You know they’ve got good health care.”

“But they are actually spending money, on television, trying to convince young people that if you’ve got the choice between getting affordable health care or going without health care, you should choose not having any health care. Now, do you think if you get sick or you get hurt and you get stuck with a massive bill, these same folks — they’re going to help you out? Are they going to pay for your health care?”

Or . . .

“You had a state representative somewhere say that it’s as destructive to personal and individual liberty as the Fugitive Slave Act. Think about that. Affordable health care is worse than a law that lets slave-owners get their runaway slaves back. I mean, these are quotes. I’m not making this stuff up.”

Or . . .

“The closer we get, the more desperate they get,” Obama said. “All this would be funny if it wasn’t so crazy.”

Shot at Fox News. Check. Shot at the Koch Brothers and basically everyone who’s wealthy. Check. Insinuation about the mental health of his critics. Check. Reference to slavery. Hey, why not?

There’s also this, which implies that anyone demanding conditions for raising the debt ceiling is akin to a suicidal terrorist:

“What we’re not for is negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest.”

So yes folks, if you are one of the 60% of the United States that thinks Obamacare is bad for the country, then according to President Obama and his administration, you are either a fat cat watching Fox News, or you are a terrorist and kidnapper. Meanwhile, an Islamic Radical Jehadist is laughing.

  • Ethel Ames

    It’s too,too horrible to contemplate.
    Ethel Ames

  • Doug Hayes

    Your title is incorrect, twisted, and revengeful and I’m not a Democrat!

  • anon

    they’re quotes. they’re not making this stuff up

  • Bryan Lewis

    And Richard Nixon was not a crook! Dude, they are direct quotes from the Obama Administration. He’s right

  • GneeRee

    Mr. Walker, PLEASE learn how to spell.

  • Chris Loveless

    Hey Brandon, you misspelled “whether.”

  • Penny

    It this doesn’t make your blood boil, what exactly will?

  • Me

    This is propaganda. There’s no proof of any kind that anyone in the Obama administration said anything of the sort. It was certainly not said by Obama as this bullshit story suggests. It’s just the typical Conservative crap created to cause more anger and fear. Bunch of pussies!

  • Geil

    So Obama is calling over 60% of Americans terrorist? What a scum bag!

  • Geil

    Your delusional! The proof is he did say it and I and millions of Americans heard him say it! Wake up and smell the coffee!

  • Rob

    Do you not have Google? Every quote there is verifiable.

  • jr61020

    He is like a little child trowing a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. What a friggin idiot this clown is. And you all voted for him because……..

  • Me

    Wah, wah, wah. Bunch of babies reacting to harsh words. Grow up people! Stupid remark maybe but not too far from reality. Obama did not say this. Some yahoo from his camp did.

  • Brandon Walker

    What, weather is spelled correctly….lol. (j/k) On a serious note, grammar check did not catch that error. And much like to, too, and two, if it is spelled correctly, spell check does not grab it. I will have to revisit my grammar check settings in word. Thank you.

  • Brandon Walker

    Wrong again Me, check out Yahoo! News and the Washington post. They seem to be up your alley and say the exact same thing that is in the article. Plus there are youtube videos of it. But that’s fine, go ahead and believe what you want, this is America and you do have the right to bury your head in the sand.

  • watchmenlewis

    iv been called worse

  • Nugget

    He’s taking shots at the wealthy yet he is surrounded by some of the wealthiest people in the world! I still can’t understand how anyone voted for this moron……oh that’s right……the machines were tampered with & many voted 8-10 times. No wonder Obama doesn’t want voter id laws enforced!!

  • Debbie Carter Williams

    Stop drinking the Kool Aid. You better start drinking the TEA!

  • JMC

    Wow…you are one delusional FOOL.

  • Scott Pam

    The parallels of Hitler and Obama cannot be overlooked. We are going to be made into scapegoats…

  • Marial Gidney

    How dare him!!!! He can kiss my lily white ass. He is doing nothing short of trying to tear this country apart from the inside out! He’s an absolute idiot and a traitor to this country. He should be arrested and jailed. Tried and convicted–and deported. Along with his gang of eight!!! This country needs a complete overhaul and a get back to basics rule. We have ways of doing this, but no one seems to want to take the perverbial bull by the horns and start the revolution ball rolling!!! If we don’t stop sitting on our butts and thinking that someone else is going to save our ass–soon we won’t have an ass to save. All the Muslims and illegal aliens will have killed us all off and then they’ll be running things.

  • Melody

    The world is going to hell in a hand basket and you stress whether weather is spelled right? lol Some how this does not amaze me.

  • Darlene Joan

    Obama calling Government Officials and Americans terrorists if they do not vote HIS healthcare law in is SICK…He is one demented, determined, aggressive, hard headed, delusional, egotistical CRAP of a President….WE are going to have to vote for HIS bill???? NOT…The majority of the people is our Country are against OBAMA Care> The peoples voices should be heard!! Boehner heard our voices and now the poor excuse of a leader and his sheeple have to listen….LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD..LOUD AND CLEAR!!! And FYI Mr President..I AM NOT A TERRORIST NOR DO I CONDONE SPENDING AMERICAN DOLLARS$$$$ BACKING THEM…you DO ! WHAT DOES THAT MAKE YOU! THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA OR A MEMBER OF THE TERRORISTS?

  • gadsdengurl

    Obama is certifiably nuts… and so is Reid.. we knew that.

  • Joe_USA

    Chaos, and financial ruin for us regular Americans.

  • Divineconnection7

    The obama administration has terrorist working in the White House right now. They call everyone else what they are. They are the terrorist inside, way inside of our country.

  • Michigan_REB

    This from the only known terrorist in our country. This is treason and he needs to be dealt with accordingly. Give him his choice hanging or firing squad. Him, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, McCain, Holder, both Clinton’s, and everyone who voted for Obamacare or votes for the UN sat.

  • Stephen

    If any body are terrorist it is Obozo and the rest of the Liberal Socialist Retards and the fact they are running this country in the ground. So go ahead you Liberal Obummer D8ck suckers thumb that down, you morons. You love it so much then you get it and when it fails which it will I don’t want to hear any whiny sh*t from you.

  • Stephen

    Funny isn’t it since nobody in the govt including congress are getting it and are exempt. People need to wake up and take notice that President Obozo is the Nazi wannabe.

  • Babyboomer1960

    Classic Obama rhetoric! It reeks of desperation to me. I think the man has a serious personality disorder that he lies and demagogues so easily. He’s great at using the straw man argument, the boogeyman scare technique, and he’s simply the best at class warfare. But after five years of listening to the Kenyan King who would be Emperor crying “Wolf!,” is America really listening any more? If the sycophantic dinosaur press weren’t so willing to prop him up, he never would have made it this far. And their efforts seem to have become less enthusiastic and not quite as immediate as they used to be… I’m delighted that Sen. Ted Cruz has gotten so much stirred up among the “little people” of whom the Obama often speaks. That really gets under his skin when we actually stand up against Obama and his efforts. Notice the demographics lately of his audiences wherever he speaks. Seems like he’s most comfortable when surrounded by college-aged people whose minds are still impressionable… That makes sense to me, since I view his intellect as sophomoric at best.

  • Stephen

    Hey ME! Silence, you hear that. Obozo is calling your stupid liberal retarded *ss to wipe his butt. Get a clue moron.

  • Babyboomer1960

    I saw the videos of 2 of the quotes cited above. Yes! He said it…

  • Babyboomer1960

    But wasn’t he the one who, after the Rep. Giffords shooting, called for less inciteful rhetoric? Didn’t he call for calmer discourse? Didn’t he chide America that we’re better than this? Or did those comments merely translate to “Everyone who disagrees with me just shut up! Sit down! Listen to me!” And yes! Obama personally said these things. I’ve seen the video. Or are we supposed to believe that the video is doctored somehow to make it LOOK like he said these things? Really?

  • Stephen

    I could be wrong but I believe it is higher than that. Around 80% The reason I say that cus now The Union people(SEIU, along with others) are against it and fighting it now. They don’t want it either. Even though I say too d*mn bad since your Union voted and pushed so hard to get this idiot re-elected.

  • Eileen Kelley Forster

    I heard all this yesterday from FOX; and am also sick of all their inflammatory speech against Republicans. It is true that they are also speaking to more than 60% of the Nation. This is the most disgusting behavior of any body of supposedly educated people that I have ever seen. You don’t hear this kind of speech from the right, except for the occasional rascal, and I beg you not to stoop to their level. We don’t want to become like them. Every ugly word they put on us is exactly what is true for them. “Racist, terrorist, kidnapper, blackmailer, liar, divisive, ignorant, extremist, slanderers.” They use this speech when they don’t have facts, in order to further polarize the nation. They want a revolt so they can take over with marshal law. It’s up to us to decide whether we want to ride it out, or bring it to an ugly end. Thank you for your article, but may I suggest that you need an editor, Mr. Walker?

  • Eileen Kelley Forster

    They called us Nazis first. (Pelosi) Now they’re mad because we make this more accurate analogy against them. Yes, we can see where this is going…

  • Eileen Kelley Forster

    Sorry, but: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/09/27/top-white-house-adviser-compares-gop-to-suicide-bombers/

    And then: “We’re not going to bow to Tea Party anarchists who deny the mere fact
    that ObamaCare is the law,” Reid declared in floor remarks earlier this

  • Eileen Kelley Forster

    I saw the videos of ALL of them.

  • Me

    Blah, blah blah.Whiners as usual.

  • Yonis Crantz

    Slime, swill, and politics.

  • Yonis Crantz


  • jr61020

    Wow…that was close. I was checking names and you were next on the list. Glad you said something. Just ignore those 5 guys with guns knocking on your door……

  • Blue

    It is time to clean house. Call for an immediate election impeach all there ass’s and start over. Take care of this country dump Obamacare in the trash where it belongs and start over with limiting their pay and spending. Do the math if they we’re paid like anyone else “the Military” who actually provides a service and doesn’t party on our money you’d be amazed how much money would be saved.

  • 914

    You cannot be that stupid?

    Oh, wait. You voted for Obama so yes you can.

  • al707

    you’re right the latest Gallup Poll says 78%

  • al707

    Funny thing about Obama he said Bush’s debt was unacceptable but since he became president his tune changed now Obamas deficit is acceptable

  • Independent Tom

    This petulant child has never behaved like a leader.

  • dbr

    I’m going to have to stop reading this. An author that does not check his spelling or spellcheck before publishing a report is probably just as sloppy in his “facts”‘. I’m going to have to find someone reliable

  • al707

    keep you guns handy, since Obama became president ammunition is hard to get

  • ladagosta

    i have wondered the same thing .. no one i have asked voted for him.. and i have many different friends from many different backgrounds.. just simply mind boggling

  • ladagosta

    i want a poll to find out who did vote and who didnt.. i didnt..

  • ladagosta

    what ever happened to the delusion that we the people count for anything ,, i think that was ruled out over 50 years ago cause in the past 6 presidents only 1 i can think of was actually acting in the peoples favor and he was booted out over a sex scandal.. OMG i would sooner have had him run his term and lower the deficit

  • ladagosta

    well when you point the finger at others how many of them are pointing back to you,,, simple math here

  • ladagosta

    we need to insure that if anything like this was ever imposed on WE THE PEOPLE that those in charge are included in the mix.. definitely .. no exceptions if we live and die by it so should they..

  • ladagosta

    pot calling the kettle black..

  • ladagosta

    look at the spending deficit for each president and see where we lost ground with each Bush in office and Reagan and now Obama it is way out of control. when Clinton got in office he was on the right track but they pushed him out didn’t they.. WHY’
    Our great country should not be in the debt it is in,

  • ladagosta

    The best way to deflect attention when you attack is to claim you are under attack.

    But when the one accused of attacking is getting mauled by the one playing the victim, you can be pretty certain that reality

    is just the reverse. If the Democrates keep spreading the wealth around by taking from the rich and giving to the poor,

    pretty soon the 1% (elite) will own everything.

  • ladagosta

    i couldn’t agree more .. those that want it .. let it become the law and when they end up in jail cause they cant afford to pay for the damn Affordable care and get hit with the tax for not having it and cant afford to pay that then they end up in jail for breaking the law LOL.. well they wanted more laws.. SUCK on it now

  • ladagosta

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-my9hVoGv2M this is not word for word but his weekly address and these are threats do it my way or shut down,, he threatened to shut down not the GOP or republicans the commander and chief did.. forcing congress to pass the budget ,, regardless of the consequences to the public.. he wants this so badly.. why? control.. so many before him tried and he is so close..this is not so much about the budget as much as it is about the affordable care act. because the government is going to make tons of money on this it is always about the DOLLAR and POWER

  • Chris Loveless

    It can happen to the best of us. ;-)

  • Phoeynix


    I have been advised that according to Obama, I am a terrorist! ARE YOU
    F**KING KIDDING ME!!! That is like calling me a lair! Never good for the
    other person!
    I have helped HUNDREDS of Soldiers get back on their
    feet, I have done so much for my country & I absolutely LOVE MY
    COUNTRY & HER PEOPLE! I have taken care of Vets with the up most
    respect & running ragged to make sure they have the best care ever
    while I am around!
    LISTEN HERE you spineless coward puppet, have you
    looked in the mirror lately!!! You have broken over 10 laws that you
    can be impeached for and you have the audacity to call me a terrorist!
    At lease I pay my taxes & I’m a natural born citizen! You are
    harming the American people and bringing down the economy and siding
    with foreign countries with plans of the “one world” with the Queen of
    England! I am not stupid, I know what your puppeteer is up to! Some of
    us aren’t brainwashed by your garbage you try to sell!
    I think what
    you mean to say is the fact that your a terrorist and your pissed that
    us patriots are standing up against your bullying behaviors & your
    not getting your way so you call us terrorist, trying to get our own
    people against us when they should be paying attention to you!
    is the tip of the ice berg for me! I wouldn’t piss on you if you were
    on fire after this! That was the last straw for me!!! I my Country & her people!

  • jr61020

    Why didn’t you vote? I know both choices sucked but you could have written someone in instead.

  • ladagosta

    i voted republican not for obe nobe

  • jr61020

    Then i’ll tell the 5 guys walking up to your house to just forget it. Sorry about all the noise of the helechopter, the spot lights , dogs barking but WE are hunting for obama supporters. Glad to know that you are safe in PA

  • ladagosta

    it is not misquotes it is fact here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOlKOnkUN3k the biggest one in particular is heard about 30 minutes into the speech.. hear it for yourself.. he said this no one else ,, he talks a big talk.. can he walk the walk…

  • ladagosta

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOlKOnkUN3k you can hear the speech yourself and nothing posted on this page is a lie he said all of it..

  • Dale Nye

    So according to Pfiffer, the only real “voters” are those that voted for Obama. Better look back at that election again. Obama did not win almost 1/2 the country over to his dark side. We are also voters. We are also US citizens. While Obama calls those against this awful legislation “terrorists” he embraces the real terrorists and his minions are right there with him. Sorry, Obama, but you and those that are with you are the true terrorists and enemy of the USA and its Constitution. Call us what you will, but that does not change the truth or the facts.

  • Dale Nye

    Are you talking about Clinton? Because he did finish his terms even though he was impeached, the senate did not vote to have him removed. Reagan was three times the President Clinton could have ever hoped to be. The only thing that saved Clintons administration is that he had a republican congress for 6 of the eight years. That is how he ended up with a surplus. It was not his doing, but the Congress.

  • Dale Nye

    His policies have made the wealthy even more wealthy while the rest of us, the middle class, have gone down in income. He has made more people poor however. So with him the rich do get richer and the poor increase in quantity. He has done more for the rich it would seem than for any other class of US citizen and more for them than Bush ever did.

  • Dale Nye

    So you are still in denial that Obama said this? The proof is right there on your computer to see for yourself. So you have to resort to the blah blah blah wihiner defense? That is pathetic. I understand if you are a liberal how you want to deny this, but you cannot except in your own little mind, because it was said by Obama, and that is something that will go into the history books when the truth of liberalism comes to light

  • Vanessa

    When in reality it is Obama who is the terrorist, not just oversea’s but on American soil. Obama is a bully and wants everything done his way so he forces himself onto people. Way to rape the American people you nasty pig.

  • Rick Moor


    Please consider carefully all that is presented. Proofs on multiple levels that everything presented here is 100% true and is happening now.



    For those who don’t want to believe this, the facts back it up.

    OCTOBER 1 marks the beginning of OBAMACARE, and what seems to be an overhaul of the entire US government.

    Many have documented government plans to do forced home inspections to make sure all are signed up for OBAMACARE. It has been PROVEN that OBAMACARE WILL INLCUDE A CHIP. This is the Mark of the Beast, 666, and carries the NAME OF THE ANTICHRIST, just as the Bible predicted…

    A NUMBER OF A MAN, REV 13:18.


    There is no doubt that anything and everything will happen now.

    Electricity and internet will be shut down, but when?

    People will sign up for Obamacare and take the chip or get taken away to the already prepared FEMA camps, and mass killings will begin, but when?

    Martial law and outright war on the people will start in many cities and go nationwide, then worldwide, but when?

    All manner of False Flag attacks and natural disasters will be provoked on the American homeland and around the world to cause chaos and riots and give reason to the the government for forced control. When? Where? How?

    The Capital of the NWO is established in DENVER CO USA

    Everything written in the Bible and these words of Jesus will be fulfilled exactly as it is written…

    Matt 24:21 For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.

    I pray for you and for all humanity… Stay safe and be blessed, Steve

    PS here is a link to make sure you know how to escape or what to do…http://2fletchdr222.blogspot.mx/2013/05/to-tribulation-saints-please-share.html


  • Chris

    Remember the show Jericho ?It is so familiar to what’s happening now !!!

  • gb93433

    “An empty bag makes the most noise.” If you are winning it is best to keep silent. What befits the president? Isn’t his actions an indicator of what he thinks and fears? Certainly his words do not grace the office of president

  • Nichole

    I don’t care what Obama calls me because I know and god knows that I am not a terrorist and I thought this country was suppose to be free why is Obama taking it away where we are pretty much being force to have the Obamacare? This is not a FREE COUNTRY

  • Sandra Johnson

    Oh so that’s what all 800 interment camps are for!!!! If you don’t comply with the Dictator off you go!

  • Steve

    …soooo …now that we’re “terrorists”, is he going to give US guns, jets, and billions of dollars too? …where do I sign up???

  • Steve

    …way to “deflect” from the issues at hand ….yep, I really think you’ve “fooled” us again…

  • Jing Yagunazie

    wow. obama needs a straight jacket. What child is he to dictate to american citizens. Its not your country obama. You do not own it.

  • l.p,

    Well that’s the pot calling the kettle… well you know.

  • Bitch


    Read this OBAMA!!!! Your an idiot

  • barbara

    boy o has po’d the union watch out pres just saying remember kennedy

  • PCpolicesuck

    It’s amazing people are still backing this pathetic excuse of a human. Anyone who is too stupid to realize forcing someone to purchase something (health care) is wrong deserves to lose their freedoms and rights. Anyone who works should be able to spend their earned income however they see appropriate.

  • ladagosta

    so ME are you saying that all the videos of the prez saying it have been edited? unreal..and you say that those on here are conspiracy theorists huh, well i personally do not want any part of this circus act that he is force feeding the public nor anyone that i know personally. It is flawed and poorly designed they have proven that by 43% failure rate with trying to implement the program. missing almost half of the goals to put it in place. that is thinking for you .. every thing may look fine in black and white but putting it into effect is where the problems show up 43% missed marks that means it was not thought out well, they need at least a year to get the bugs out of the design. at least a year work out the problems before they get to the people and we suffer..

  • ladagosta

    more like 100 laws.. but who is counting 1 is enough to impeach. and they are trying but he is one slippery little critter with all his body guards.

  • ladagosta

    i was wondering what all that ruckus was about thank you my dogs need the rest .. safe .. i doubt that much… region III

  • ladagosta

    i am looking to purchase a permit and a hand gun maybe even a rifle,,hopefully before they ban all sales

  • ladagosta

    yes spell check editor does not distinguish from weather and whether but either way people got the message .. this is not about spelling . it is about our rights as humans

  • ladagosta

    when they are calling in foreign soldiers on to US soil that is treason and this alone should have him impeached there are so many violations his office has made against the welfare of Americans this is a very sad sad day in history

  • ladagosta

    freedom is only a delusion, it is a state of mind anymore.. a delusion feeding only those in power via politics ; only the 1% benefit from these politics and laws ; the rest of the country is going to be starved to death or worse annihilated and these laws and actions are truly a forewarning of serious events to follow, we need to base society on merit not on money power and greed. merit only is how our country should be run.. default and set up a new system and see how those with depression fair far better without the stress that this system places on them reporting to work every day of your life to make others rich and those who work poor and at the mercy of the self loathing elite we really should have listened to Jacques Fresco about the Venus project we may be far better off and not have gotten here. Larry King interviewed him in the 70’s a great mind who saw this coming

  • ladagosta

    yes money is the root of all the problems and Jacques Fresco in the 1970’s created the Venus Project which would have diverted this present state .. a community based on merit and not monetary which is all that politics are about the money the power and the control of wealth. had we switched then to a community based on merit the oil mongers and power trippers would not be at each others throats trying to herd in the cattle so to speak.. for shame that humanity has left the planet..

  • ladagosta

    i beg to differ with one aspect and I am not in denial of what is present in todays world it is self evident that Satan has been walking among us. I disagree with the hour upon which our Savior will appear which in the Bible since we are referring to that Quoting the scripture so not to invoke a dispute :
    Matthew 24:42

    ¶ Watch therfore, for ye know not what houre your Lord doth come.

  • ladagosta

    Dale this is the delusion i am speaking of the wealthy increase in their lavish life styles while the working class are subjects to their power and while we live under a monetary system this will never change the only way to stop this is to change the system to merit based and omit money from our system it is that simple but first to over come those which opress and control the majority. then rebuild

  • ladagosta

    it is simple in terms of math you have 95% of the world who are living under the reign of 5% (if that) who hold world wealth. remove the control that the 5% have over the 95% and you have a shift of power. stand up and say NO i will not do what you want a shut down may be the right direction i know it will take the full majority to stand against those who hold elite power but it is about the numbers we certainly have the numbers in our favor

  • ladagosta

    lol i keep hearing helicopters flying over head now.. you have me paranoid LOL

  • ladagosta

    i would only agree to this … if the present system was to remain in check .. it is well known our country is about to declare default we should have back in march but they didnt .. we have hit the ceiling and it is only a matter of time they say by oct 15th we will be forced to default. if we default money means nothing.. wow.. now take the reigns and say NO .. and the majority can and will win there is always strength in numbers at which point the only system that will work is one based on merits not money .. which gives someone else control.. rather merit so rewarding those who are willing and able to do which is not required but which is less stressful and more productive as more people not feeling the need to go to work will be more willing to contribute on a voluntary basis.. less stress happier people equal better productivity and less ill people will be healthier under a merit based community as they will have less stress and feel much better about working together .. of course you will always have those that oppose any system so there has to be some form of system to keep the ones who differ and stray outside of the majority but no money no power and the system will be more people based .. the venus project designed over 30 years ago was created by Jacques Fresco with this in mind

  • ladagosta

    AND THIS IS TRUE EQUALITY ,, not the current system we presently have.. think people the choice really is yours..

  • Rick Moor

    He said watch for the signs and you will know that the time is near. He said we would not know the day or hour, but he didn’t say we would not know the year or month…just saying. Watch for the signs! God Bless

  • ladagosta

    YES and it was worded with no hidden agendas i love when they set a poll up to confuse the public.. this one was flat out to the point.. BINGO.. EAT THAT.. and this is “WE THE PEOPLE” of the USA speaking.. hear us roar.. we are good and pissed off now.. we are ready we are very ready and we see through the politics .. try it again

  • ladagosta

    You need to send them to the comment-er titled ME see below.. he is supporting obe nobe.. or obozo.. get the choppers out and rally them up.. LOL

  • ladagosta

    LOL Sandra yep “off with your head”.. said the red queen.. and you are so very correct in that last sentence.. UNCHECKED . he has so very much power as it is but with this last push … he has us where he wants all of us.. no holes barred.. so to speak .. if we are at the brink of default and the rest of the world follows suit the majority rules which means 95% need to say NO we wont take it any more, we need reform across the board! we need a new system of government based on merit; not on money and yes there are creases that will need ironing but we can not leave money as a means to empower a system as it has brought us a truly horrible end and greed was its demise.. merit is the only way a civilization will survive as it means less stress and more productivity based on willingness to survive and no one but those who contribute the most and comply to the end goal which is survival will be rewarded ..

  • jr61020

    Hahahah sorry about that… was just trying to bring a little funny into your life. But you kn……. wait I hear them too…. no, it’s just my neighbor mowing their grass. Wow that was close..now you have me wondering…wait, there is a knock at my door……..gotta go, there is some people here about a voter ID card

  • ladagosta

    LOL .. not voting anymore.. NoT feeding into the frenzy anymore.. i would like if this new world order was merit based and not monetary which would certainly bring about a real true change but as it stands the ACA is going to be pushed through obe nobe will not have it any other way. the thing is OBE NOBE has lied and I doubt he’s stopping that right now and I will be if this is not yet another mistake the people are going to regret big time next year this time..

  • Peter

    Time for the people to start assembling and preparing. I know I am.

  • jr61020

    Don’t get serious on me now> And not voting is not the answer but the easy way out. And yes, right now obama really sucks and does not seem to have any common sense with a multitude of issues but getting frustrated and throwing in the towel and saying _____ it is not the answer, but you know that already. And yes the man lies like a used car salesman and that will not change. This behavior did not just start when he was elected either. I also assume the health care thing will go down in flames, jobless rate will increase and things might get worse and both parties will continue blaming the other. But you cannot let all the negative crap affect you personally. Things always get better….trust me little girl,,ha( famous last words)

  • ladagosta

    read some of my posts on this page we need a new world order but not the one OBENOBE is going to create..

  • Josh

    What gallup poll. I couldn’t find it. But I did find this one.


    Please cite your references.

  • Josh

    You do realize that Obama did not say that? Not even his constituents. A suicide bomber vest was mentioned.

  • Josh

    Genesis 17:14
    And the uncircumcised man child whose flesh of his foreskin is not circumcised, that soul shall be cut off from his people; he hath broken my covenant.

    I hope your circumcised, Rick. Or you will be “cut off from your people.”