Judicial Watch Founder Announces Date To Overthrow Obama and End His “Reign of Terror”


Larry Elliot Klayman is an American attorney and activist. He is known as the founder and the former chairman of Judicial Watch, a public interest and non-profit law firm, which became publicly known most because of the initiation of 18 civil lawsuits against the Clinton Administration and an unsuccessful lawsuit against Vice-President Dick Cheney to obtain information about the White House’s energy task force. And He is NO fan of current U.S. President Barrack Hussein Obama.

In commentary earlier in the week on his website

, Klayman wrote that, “Last Wednesday, the great usurper, Barack Hussein Obama, after having been indicted by an Ocala, Florida citizens’ grand jury, was convicted by a people’s court of defrauding the American people and Floridians by proffering them with a fake birth certificate.”

And his plans to act upon this conviction? Why, Esquire Klayman has called for a march on D.C. to throw Obama out of office, forcefully, and he’s set the date to do so for November 19.

“On November 19, 2013, a day that will hopefully live on in the history of our once great republic,” Klayman wrote, “I call upon millions of Americans who have been appalled and disgusted by Obama’s criminality – his Muslim, socialist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-white, pro-illegal immigrant, pro-radical gay and lesbian agenda – among other outrages, to descend on Washington, D.C., en masse, and demand that he leave town and resign from office if he does not want to face prison time.”

Klayman is calling for millions of people to march on D.C. on 19, November and peacefully shut down the city. He has invited “victims” of Obama’s “reign of terror” to come and speak of the atrocities Obama has committed upon them, even leading so some of their loved ones being killed.

So, nearly 80,000 bikers made waves in D.C. on the anniversary of Sept. 11, and truckers are planning on shutting down the nation in a three day, voluntary strike in the near future. Will the troops of American citizens rally to Klayman’s calling? Enough required to “peacefully” shut down the city? We’ll see on 19 November.

  • Jonathan Wild

    I agree he needs to go because of of his foreign policy and violations of the constitution but him helping gays and him being Muslim has absolute no relevance. Ruins all your credibility. Makes you or the Ocala people look ignorant and morally fucked up in the head. Freedom should be for everyone not just select few, that’s how dictators like Obama Get Power. Think before saying ignorant shit like that. Church and and state must remain separate at all cost in order for freedom to prosper.

  • Alvin

    He is Muslim and for all the people that voted elected him because the color of his skin SHAME YOU !!!

  • We_Have_Become_Complacent

    A lot of people are going to agree, but like i’ve noticed on here, on twitter and on Facebook….everyone gets mad and posts about it…instead of actually doing something about it….funny because when we went through the revolutionary war…they didn’t have Facebook, Twitter, or internet, hell they didn’t even have a phone. Receiving information took long periods of time and some how they were able to defeat a tyrant 3,000 miles away. Today we have all sorts of new technology, ways to get information faster than by horse and rider. Our tyrant lives in Washington DC, a hell of a lot closer than the last tyrant we had who lived in England,and yet we cant seem to up root him from office? I’ve asked time and again to different people and sites…when were we going to draw the line? At what point do we all come together and say enough is enough? There is your answer right there…some people have a different line then others. Some of us were sick of his BS when he was in his first term campaigns, some of us got sick of him after he tried to take our guns away. Some of us even after all that still haven’t quite figured it out…..God save us because most people are just going to sit here and continue to take it. We as Americans have become complacent.

  • Do What’s Right

    Johnathan Wild, you need to learn a little more before you speak. Homosexuality is a hidden fact in Islam. Many young boys are raped by the adult men because it is forbidden to have sex with the women. Thus, allah says you can sexually assault a young boy and it’s ok, but touch a young girl, not your wife and off to Hell they will go. How do you feel about child brides? Did you hear about the 8 year old little girl that was forcibly married under Islam and raped to death by her husband on the first night of their wedding? Like I say, learn before you speak.

    As far as Freedom, Church & State .. again, you have been sipping the Koolaid. Where do you think that Freedom came from to begin with? America was founded on Biblical principals that recognized and demanded the very rights you refer to. All Americans have enjoyed that “freedom” since America was founded. Now however, people have gone far beyond demanding freedom, they demand special sexual rights and treatment because they are deviants. The are deviants because they have low morals. They have low morals because they are Liberals. Liberalism IS a mental illness. Look at where America is now, it’s had 20 years of Liberalism. Your argument for separation of Church & States is founded on liberalism, not facts. Liberalism demands rights above all others, exactly what the homosexual community, atheists and the like are doing. The demand everyone respect and honor them yet they REFUSE to honor another persons beliefs if it doesn’t make them happy. Freedom is supposed to be for all, not just the select few immoral groups to shove their agenda down the throats and minds of America and the world.

    Your choice of profanity would seem to indicate your argument was too weak to have an intelligent one. Sorry.

    Church was removed from the government and schools and look what we have now. Muslim president and staff that “hate” non-muslims”, “black” youths murdering in the name of color because they do not think murder is wrong or there is a GOD that will punish them. Look around you. American people are without hope these days because they see no reason to hope. Why? The one thing that is true, they are being taught and told is a LIE. You may be an atheist, liberal or homosexual, it doesn’t matter but we all will face GOD one day. You can abide by a far higher moral standard or live in the slums. People look up to things of value, not down. Why don’t you come up instead of trying to pull others down to your level?

  • Melissa Loughner

    I would if i could AFFORD the trip and the time off

  • Rupert J. Cahill

    I have been listening to this for so long now. Never going to happen.


    Lets hope and pray it happens soon or KING OBAMA will still more of our money and have us all killed !!!!

  • John Wolf

    That is why they invented Facebook and Twitter..

  • Radio Free America

    Obamacare is Bad Medicine!!! Spread the word to Join @Breaking_Obama to stop this and Repeal it by Opting Out Obamacare will fail under its own weight! Join us at http://www.Facebook.com/BreakingObama & at http://www.BreakingObama.com and share this and Join our event ONLINE!

    Spread the word and Join the Movement today! If Congress will not Act and The Dictator In Chief will not Listen to us we must do as our Forefathers told us and Stand Tall against Tyranny! We can make Obamacare Collapse under its own weight and force it to be repealed simply by choosing to Opt-Out from it! Invite all your Friends to join us in this fight! America must be saved!


  • Janis Clapp


  • Tashina Evans

    I have been doing alot of research about why Obama is still in office after all the mishapps that go’s on,I mean look at nixon he was caught wire tapping a single hotel room and he was impeeched or resigned,either way this is what I found..Obama has 3 aliases and his true birth name is Harrison J Bounel,his adress then was 5046 S. Greenwood Ave. in Chicago .. Now this all stems to the Freemasons and if you research them on anything(youtube) you are going to find yourself facing some deep,dark scary stuff..Anyways they put him in power because believe it or not they own the world right now,Walt Diseney ? A 33rd degree mason who has been putting subliminal messages in all his work,especially for sex and homosexuals..I is all apart of the New Worl Order,I do not think that there is nothing we can do,The illumanati is also apart of it through the music and film industry..It does sound crazy and far fetched but I gaurantee that if you start researching some of this it will blow your mind..

  • sickoflibs

    I think a lot of it is because what ever moves we make, it will be scruntized by the NSA. The NSA is not for muslim’s to keep them in check. It is for Law Abiding, tax paying Americans. To keep us in check to bow down to our new king and dictator Obama. I don’t know what Obama had on those 25 turncoats who voted to keep funding Obama care. that is all I can to explain them turning their backs on us.

  • Al Gagnon


  • Cate Wines, Ph.D.

    The words “separation of church and state do NOT appear in the Constitution. The language is as follows:
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….”

    So few people have any idea of what this amendment is stating. Johnathan Wild can count himself among those who don’t have a clue.

    If Obama was ousted, we would be left with Biden. Not a pretty picture either.

  • Desrtvet

    I don’t think we’ll survive and “Representative” Republic till Nov 19……..

  • Messenger

    I for one support this movement and will be there to see it through!!!

  • Sarah Uff

    As much as I would love to do something like this, I am what is considered “the working poor”. I don’t consider myself this at all. I go to school at night and work all week. These rally events are never on the weekends when someone who is working and can’t afford to take off, (the gas to get there and back alone practically breaks the bank for the month) might try to go. I support everyone that goes! I will cheer you on!!! I will pray for success! Please don’t think that just because we can’t be there, we aren’t there in spirit! I sign as many of the petitions as I can find to back everyone in this fight!

  • Alicia Pelham

    Excellent and well said!

  • Texaswede

    You can’t afford to not go!

  • Nikki Wallace

    Very eloquently said, more should educate themselves before they voice an ill informed opinion.

  • Awaken

    Marshall Law will be in affect before this Rally happens. I am thinking it’s a tad bit to late for this now. We should have gotten off our asses months if not years ago. Our minds and spirits know what we should do but our lazy asses make excuses why not to do them. The Illuminati really know their stuff. They are the ones that made us complacent.

  • Frustrated English teacher

    Sorry to be punctilious here, but Marshall Law is something instituted by a lawyer named Marshall; Martial law is law imposed by military forces. Biblical principals are people who run schools and must constantly look over their shoulders to be certain the law is not after them for living their lives by the Bible. Biblical principles are those we should be following because it helps create a civil society. Its civility is what enables all people to be allowed to express their opinions and not be executed for improper thinking and speaking.

  • Cynthiac

    I hope this happens and millions of Americans are there demanding he be arrested and put in prison, they don’t have enough police to arrest everyone and they won’t start shooting because then even the Liberal media that never lets the public know any of the illegal things Obama does would have to report it. It is time to take this country from this illegal muslim and let a real leader TRY to fix everything he has screwed up, although it will take years to do.

  • Amy Kotner

    Even worse, he is an Alinski-ite

  • Frank

    He’s Anti-Constitution, and that’s all that matters.

  • Scott Etec

    very good, would have accepted it without the christian undertone, but good job.

    i’d rather have a country full of Christians than straight idiots.

    i am not atheist and believe all forms of organized religion can lead to political and mental control.

    most people here got the good and left out the bad with Christianity so that is a safe call i guess… just don’t drink the holy water that stuff is full of bacteria. =)

  • Scott Etec

    yea it was a way to let dumb people online and have their voices heard to get in the way.

    i remember dial up… you had to understand protocols and drivers just to connect a modem.

    now you don’t even have to double click and you can post about some crap you want to buy… =(

  • Scott Etec

    you are saying ignorant shit as well, he is the one who mentions muslims and has special foreign political connections based on religious traditions…

    that is not honoring separation of church and state right there…

    just like a liberal to wanna call everybody else racist or ignorant without hearing their own words…

    we didn’t make it about gays and muslims… HE DID!!!!

    only religion in america barred gay marriage… there was no law… no law against it, no need for a law for it… this is america… no law? = FREEDOM.

    get it now?? he is bringing these personal issues to the table when it comes to passing laws and that plays on the emotions of people like you, who fit into one of the special interest groups.

  • Scott Etec

    states would have honored a same sex union… but the church is what called it marriage in the first place… it was a sacrament…. to force them to allow something to break sacrament is not allowing them freedom of religion….

    does any of this make any fucking sense yet bro??

  • Scott Etec

    you can’t force the controlled to give up their religious masters… but you must also allow the free minded man to live in peace without impositions from authority which he can not respect.

  • scorpion

    Go live in Iran with the Muslims,then you can speak with wisdom!

    If you survive!

  • Ignorance these days

    Because people are lazy now and they want everyone else to do things for them, no matter what it is. They want to bitch and complain, yet sit idle while it runs rampant over them. Me personally, I will be doing whatever I can to support this and get out there and hopefully get this tyrant out of office.

  • Ignorance these days

    I hope you’re not serious…lol I remember dial up as well and the only thing “difficult” about it, was how to NOT lose connection when you received a phone call. Wasn’t much to connect a phone line to the back of the tower. lol

  • linlin

    I hope everyone that possibly can will join in this. We must get this criminal out of our government. Protect our Constitution and the American way of life. Ban the islim crap, Deport all the illegals no wmatter which country they crawled out of and deport their illegal children with them Save America for Americans and for those who are working and trying to become citizens. We do welcome all naturalized citizens because they are learning english and want to be real Americans.

  • Michigan_REB

    Obama sounds just like Biden without his TelePrompTer they are both dumb as dirt.

  • Scott Etec

    that wasn’t very difficult if you entered *66, or whatever before the dial up number to disable call waiting…. must have had money to not have to build your own shit or understand it… good for you… cookies are in the back.

  • Scott Etec

    i knew how it worked back then and still do, i guess my point is not valid because dumb rich people have always had internet.


  • Scott Etec

    and radio stations, and newspapers, billboards and magazines….

  • Cate Wines, Ph.D.

    The potentially most powerful group in this country could be military veterans. Imagine if all the vets went to DC. As for the rest of you, remember your body armor.

  • Bill Carpenter

    Glad I’m not the only grammar-nazi on here…it was making my eyes all twitchy.

  • Tin

    Truth of the matter is, even in a full scale revolution, a vast majority will sit by and do nothing – even if they agree with what is being done. We say this is the land of the free and home of the brave – the brave being 10% or less of the actual population. While an additional 30% may be supportive and in favor of the efforts of the active 10%, 60% or more will do absolutely nothing at all due to fear or a general lack of concern. God Bless that Brave 10% willing to put their lives on the line for the 60% cowards.

  • Munson322

    Who gives a fuck about dial up internet??? We have an illegal Muslim in the White House in case you didn’t notice. Go back to Topeka where people still care about internet speeds and always being right.

  • ziggyzoo29

    I myself have done the same research and found what you just said to be true. The film and music industry talk about it very openly, yet no one seems to catch on thou. They are all involved in homosexual acts and satan worshiping. They wear the symbols openly and proudly, they believe if they follow satans beliefs they will return to earth again. The rich world wide aka illumanati are all involved. What they have in store for us is a world’s cleansing. Get rid of all who do not agree with their practices and who are not rich. Have you read up on the trains they have stored with shackles to transport us to the FEMA camps. Our military bases and jails are ready to keep us hostage, and there are caskets that will fit 4 persons each to bury the dead. Colorado Airport has underground facilities for these rich to live in and are guarded by armed men ready to kill anyone who isn’t supposed to be there. People would rather bury the heads in the ground than care about what and when this will happen.

  • plb5678

    It only takes a committed 5% to start a revolution. Let’s be the 5%.

  • SomeGalNTx

    It may not be that they are lazy! Many are are working two jobs, just to scrape by. They would LOVE to have the time and money to participate or even money to donate to those that will and are, but they just CAN’T manage it.
    Try to not cut all with such statements. Working hard is no crime while cheering on the sidelines is no crime!

  • fletch1229

    I am a free mason and there is no way we put him in office. He is in office be cause he is black and was able defraud the voting system remember Acorn? This man is a traitor and all free masons feel this way.

  • fletch1229

    Huh? You are crazy. The square and compass are the symbols you refer of. There is no satanic belief in masonic teaching. It is bible taught and the building of king solomons temple. What research are you doing? It is obviously wrong.

  • Cjd

    Martial law

  • CJD

    there is no such court as a citizens court.

  • Tashina Evans

    Sorry, then he is an imposter mason,he has the freemason ring and he does that handshake with the thumb on the knuckles,That nuts though

  • Tashina Evans

    Yes,I have been researching alot and making sure I stick with the facts,he will not get out of office because the elite have put him there for a reason,New Worl Order,,One goverment,one religion and if you do not comply then they have fema camps for people like us,,I have been trying to open peoples eyes and warn them,they want the worl down to five hundred million,look up HARRP,all these disasters are not a coincidence…

  • guest

    November 19th may be too late.

  • Tashina Evans

    it is very much real and there are freemasons that maybe do not know because they have done alot of good to people like the shriners,but there is a dark side…they are starting to come out now,I do not mean to offend you fletch but it is the truth

  • Lynnmaw

    Surely you jest? You can’t possibly be that ignorant or stupid? Dial up was plugging your phone cord into your computer modem…voila…connected, except when you were on the phone.

  • critter

    Haven’t the veterans all ready done that? Hence, VETERANS. Maybe you could push one of their wheel chairs. But, you would have your body armor on watching it on TV. I’m sorry, you may not have meant that the way I took it. My husband is a 20 year veteran, we moved literally all over the world, gave up opportunities, that probably would have made our “retirement” nicer, because we, my family, believed in this country. And looks what’s being done to it. He now works in a feed store, so we can afford to feed the animals that has been our dream to own. I’m just a little touchy about veterans.

  • Jay Holm

    Will this actually OUST Obama??? Without national chaos/riots hopefully!…Should be interesting. ..



  • linlin

    If I can walk by then I will be there, But I’m afraid that I won’t be well enough. Hope everyone that can possible get there will be there. The Bikers made the first step, now the truckers are stepping up so the third step is that all Americans who possible can will be there on ?? The next part is up to all Americans. Help us take our country back and get this criminal Obummer out of office.

  • pamelalipkins

    It amazes me at the energy and ignorance put into hating our POTUS. If these same people put all the time and energy into a cause that matted like helping the poor, sick and disabled where would the US be? Hate is like a disease eating away at your heart. Obama is doing what he thinks is best for the people. He is not who you need to run out of Washington. It is the ones who opposes every move he makes. I will let you figure out who I am talking about. They have you with blinders on saying Obama is anti this and anti that. Actions speak louder than words. He is for the people. He wants everyone to have a piece of the American pie. So channel your energy in a direction that will help some have a better life. He is half way in on his second term so obviously he is where the people want him. Now the 1% are living better than you or may dream. They are sending misinformation to keep you fooled so their swiss bank account boat will keep sailing. Again Obama is not your problem and he doesnt want your guns. He is just questioning why you need an automatic weapon with 50 rounds.. Educate yourself, dont just agree with the one making the most noise.

  • http://hbeeinc.com/blog Paul Day

    BWHAHAHAHAHHA! Good luck with that, Sparky!

  • Laurie Anderson

    I am sure that if the need arises, your husband, if able, would be standing right there again.

  • Daniel

    You birthers sure do love to set yourself up for disappointment.

  • Cate Wines, Ph.D.

    I’m very touchy about veterans. I was a nurse during the Vietnam War and spent most of my career working for the VA, with PTSD vets, which I considered an honor and a privilege.

    No, the vets have not already done that. Different groups go and different factions go, but if all living veterans formed a single group and used the inherent power in such a group, they could accomplish much.

  • pj4me

    It’s not NICE to fool We the People! It’s a great concept to end BOzo’s reign of terror, but we know it’ll never happen. Talk, talk, and more talk, for the past 5 years. We have 3 nightmare BOzo years to go, and America will be burned to the ground by then, and the media will still be talking about impeachment and ending BOzo’s reign of terror.

  • pj4me

    Even EGYPT throws out their dictator. What the heck is wrong with America? the greatest Nation on earth? If we are, why are we still sleeping while we allow the destroyer of America to continue with his intentional rampage of our lives and our blessed United States of America? Once we lose her, we’ll NEVER get her back! BOzo and his Democraps will make sure of that.

  • pj4me

    Do What’s Right” . . . because it is forbidden to have sex with the women. . . .”

    So, how is it if the Muslims are forbidden to have sex with women that they are exponentially breeding more of them? LOL They’re everywhere! Can’t grow a population if you can’t procreate.

  • pj4me

    And even worse, they did it a second time.

  • lilroach420

    lol “tried to take our guns”. can you sound any more cliche?

  • Raymond Andrews

    Obama is doing what he thinks is best for Obama. And you call us ignorant. Since it sounds like you need to educate yourself, here’s a little education for you. Automatic weapons have been illegal since the 1930s unless you have a very special permit from the government. The so-called “assault” weapons are semi-automatic which means you have to pull the trigger once for every bullet that leaves the barrel unlike automatic weapons which continue firing as long as you hold the trigger down or until your magazine is empty. I question why a person needs a car that can go over 200 miles per hour (Corvette ZR1). Do people realize (or care) that many more people die in vehicle accidents than are killed by guns?

  • Raymond Andrews

    For me, the birth certificate issue no longer matters. There are so many other ways he has bent the American people over his desk and fucked us that the birth certificate issue doesn’t really matter. He hasn’t even had the decency to give us a voucher for a free meal at McDonalds.

  • BAllen

    Tashina, do you actually know any Freemasons? I’m talking about AF&AM or F&AM… I think that if you spoke with any of them they would ALL be laughing hysterically at your allegations of world domination. *Who are you referring to wearing a Freemason ring?

  • Tashina Evans

    Ok you believe what you want to,I am not going to argue with you. The Freemasons own this world and what goes on in it,look it up,go to YouTube and look up Freemasons illumanati,,you will get all your answers…Freemasons call all the shots bottom line that is why Obama can get away with anything,Freemason s are an occult but they portray kindness, brotherly love

  • dhodge

    Uuuum… you may want to read it again.

  • BAllen

    And likewise, you will believe what you want to. I just hope you can realize that youtube IS NOT the place for answers. I’ve researched what google, wikepedia, and youtube have to offer on the Freemasons and I have to tell you… the great majority of it is pure, unadulterated male bovine scat. I’ve been a Freemason going on 7 years now, I’m very active and have yet to receive the ‘memo’ on our world domination plans. And the last I checked, a goodly portion of Freemasons I know are NOT supportive of the liberal/socialist agenda. We are apolitical, non-denominational and have no influence in the public arena. It is very offensive that you you refer to us as a cult. I can leave at anytime (as many have) and there are no repercussions. I suggest that instead of getting all your information from the computer you get out and make contact with a Masonic Lodge in your area. I’m sure that you will find that the men, women, and children involved will be very open with you and endeavor to answer all your questions.

  • Butch Mervar

    I would like to see Judicial Watch or another “like” organization, to sue the administration in federal court over all of these exemptions which Obama has issued. How can he just arbitrarily exempt organizations and individuals from the ACA? Isn’t that essentially a line item veto?? A power which he does NOT have….

  • Tashina Evans

    I am sorry I offended you and I know that there is a lot of good Freemasons but my nephew was approach end by some because he is young and strong and one warned him about getting gold and silver amongst other things. I know YouTube has things that are untrue but a lot of things are..look at the rappers like jayzee they are Freemasons and throw up the signs and they talk about all this freely

  • BAllen

    Apology accepted Ma’am, thank you. Whoever approached your nephew was NOT a Freemason. Freemasons don’t recruit. And I’m very familiar with rappers, JayZ especially. I have never seen them “throw up” signs that have any meaning to me as a Mason. Just please remember what I said earlier… , I’ve seen what the internet in general has to say about us Freemasons and it’s mostly crap. Same goes for the Discovery, NatGeo, and History channel.

  • Melissa Loughner

    Kinda hard to when i have billsup to my neck and supporting three kids and my work is very short handed causr ppl apply but when they get hired they work one day smh i k.ow i need to go but im stuck in a hard place right now :(

  • Texaswede

    Sorry to hear that. Hope things will turn around for you very soon!

  • pduffy

    Sue in federal court? It was the federal court that upheld barry-care as ‘constitutional’. The black robe society is totally corrupt. That’s why they wear black robes, and not white. The righteous wear white. The black robes do what those that appointed them want, the corrupt politicians. They rarely if ever strike down laws made by congress because they are working in concert to deprive the people of their rights. Suing in federal court will have no effect on barry. They won’t even allow the evidence of his birth fraud to see the light of day, why would they stop his ‘signature’ law?

  • Halo

    Have you read Gramsci passive revolution ? synopsis: Take over media, schools, and demolish religion.
    Have you read Alinsky Rules for Radicals? BO funded, taught it and lived it as a ‘community organizer’…Hillary wrote her thesis about it…they have accomplished a lot to date….Obamacare is indeed only a glitch in the endgame, which is the utopia of communism. http://www.crossroad.to/Quotes/communism/alinsky.htm
    Maybe the only way for Americans to understand what’s going on is through a Mel Brooks-like musical production: The Gramsci-Alinsky Fiasco….gotta entertain the troops!
    …It’s Cuba all over again! Kudos to this action on November 19…