Arrested For Brutal Rape, Obama Best Friend Threatens To Reveal Secrets of President’s Past

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Keith Kiyoshi Kakugawa is a 54 year old accused rapist, arrested last Sunday and booked into the Humboldt County Jail in California on suspicion of false imprisonment, sexual penetration by force, oral copulation by force and battery. He allegedly beat and raped a woman. Kakugawa live in Eureka, California, but he went to high school in Hawaii.

Kakugawa was also class mate with another infamous former Hawaii resident, Barack Hussein Obama.

The two were best friends in high school, where they both attended Panahou High School. Obama describes Kakugawa as being “like a brother” to him.

The 54-year-old Kakugawa has found his way in and out of prison, primarily for possession and trafficking of cocaine. He has also been homeless due to issues with drug and alcohol abuse.

Kakugawa has made threats during his down times in the past to reveal some of Hussein Obama’s secrets from the school days. He is said to be extremely bitter about the differences in their lives and how he feels his former best friend has completely abandoned him.

Obama wrote in his autobiography of Kakugawa: ‘We’d fallen into an easy friendship, due in no small part to the fact that together we made up almost half of Punahou High School’s black population.

According to the Daily Mail, “Keith knows a lot of secrets that could prove to be embarrassing for the commander-in-chief if they get out. They are mostly youthful indiscretions, but he would know more about Obama’s teenage drug-taking than anyone. And now that he’s really desperate and facing a lengthy prison stretch, he could spill the beans.”

Kakugawa has also posted on his website in the past regarding discussions between the two of them of Obama converting to Islam.

The alleged victim of this latest incident says she accompanied Kakugawa to dinner and went back to her apartment afterwards. She claims it was then that the assault took place, including punches, being slapped, held against her will and the sexual penetration.

Kakugawa is being held on $400,000 bond and if convicted, faces a lengthy prison sentence.

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  • Jason Hall


  • bepinwv

    I’m surprise Obummer hasn’t appointed him to a cabinet-level position. Criminals tend to associate after all.

  • Marial Gidney

    I agree with you 100%. He would fit right in as Moochelle has already likened the White House to a really nice prison. Maybe Obama can get him to convert to Islam also.

  • WardKendall

    Obama’s agents will make sure that this Hawaiian/Negroid hybrid is found hanging in his jail cell, an “apparent suicide”.

  • Jacob Messer

    Obama’s drug use in high school is a non issue.I wanna know what bull shit he’s up to now

  • Truth is fact, not opinion

    The sad part is that the biggest criminal between the two of them is sitting in the oval office.

  • Jeremy Dankiw

    No matter what he spills, Most will either not believe it or not even care. You could prove anything against this guy and his zombie followers wont even be phased a bit

  • Angel Rodriguez

    You know, I think this guy is full of crap. I’m not an Obama fan, but when someone is a dirt bag, he’s a dirt bag. How dare he try to use Obama’s name to get away with rape, what a piece of crap this guy is. This guy is a dirt bag and they should lock his ass up for a long time. Especially if he is a damn rapist.

  • blueslide

    He is an old Friend of Obama’s By Obama’s Own Admission.

  • FlashCapone

    This is embarrassingly poorly written. Simple grammar and spelling errors make it REALLY hard to take this seriously. Of course, the whole premise is shaky…

  • Evy Rosebrook

    I am surprised he isn’t dead. Most people who can divulge secrets about “O” seem to meet an untimely end.

  • Guest

    10 to 1 your a obama supporter?

  • Dan Bucciarelli

    I see a drone in his future, lol. This sounds very shaky..

  • Glenn Mason

    another liar,if he knew any truth ,he would of been happy to tell every one he knew that Obama is a addict,always a addict,and went for Afghanistan to secure his supply for life for life with the CIA hekp.

  • Glenn Mason

    next week he will be,a overdose of Obama lead poisoning

  • dan3333333333

    Now? He’s running guns to mexico and supporting the drug lords there!

  • dan3333333333

    Obama is doing a rail right now in the oval as we speak!

  • Jeanninne Bassinger

    Give it some time Evy………..

  • Jeanninne Bassinger

    How is it poorly written? Where are the grammatical and spelling errors???? Mr/s. Flash-in-the-pan????

  • aguyintexas

    Wow.. The defender bots are getting really obvious aren’t they?

  • NYC✫1625

    LMAO. I see what you did there. ;)

  • delta4ce7

    In a free society, there can be no room at all for those who are determined to overthrow it and replace it with totalitarianism.

  • Don Pugh

    Angel Obozo is just as big a dirtbag

  • Don Pugh

    you’re a

  • barbqh

    looks like obama forgot to take out this one. give it time.

  • M.j. Zuzich

    It’s a sad state of affairs when wanna’ be conservatives would pin their hopes on a man like this for a vindication of their assertions.

  • Mr_Massa

    I’m no Obama fan, but this is a go nowhere story. This guy is a straight up junkie, no credibility. I think most of us have a friend or two who dropped off of the radar. This knucklehead is no different.

  • Kevin Joshua Dietz

    So the “beans” to be spilled is Obama did drugs as a kid, and is a Muslim? Don’t we know that

  • haggios

    That should be “you’re an.” :)

  • Teacher needs a raise

    What about the victim in all of this? I’m shocked that everyone is putting any kind of credence into what a criminal has to say about Obama in order to make enough money to get out of jail. He’s obviously a hardened criminal that cannot be trusted. Media sources are fools for following this. Again, what about the rape victim? Shouldn’t she be the focus of this crime?

  • Grandma Spice

    I agree. That was my first thought when I read this article. Let’s watch for that.

  • Jeff Getchell

    I’m sure his untimely demise is imminent.

  • Florence Bernstein

    Wonder how much O”B will spend to conceal this canary’s tell-all…

  • steelerfan

    How long before he gets the fate of most Clintonites who had the secrets?

  • MsMadDog51

    Do Tell!

  • Becky McClure

    He will be found dead before he can open his mouth,

  • Sonja R Hovatter

    I forsee his charges being dropped….or he suddenly disappears!!!

  • Kansas Kate

    destroying the Constitution & the U.S., that’s what he’s up to now……making us weaker and putting us in danger, that’s what he’s up to now

  • Kathy

    We know he’s up to no good and everyone is afraid if impeachment proceedings are filed we’ll have riots!! Who cares about the riots? It’s going to happen anyway if he stays much longer and Congress sits on their hands and does nothing!!!

  • yucaipajack

    He wouldn’t be the first person to be ignored by the helper media…bath house Barry has already had his past friends speak out, and no one covers the story. But, after 25 years of sobriety, they can dredge up George Bush’s drinking days.

  • Kate

    It wouldn’t matter what this man said; because “O” can get away with anything ….. He’s protected by all those other crooks, criminals and terrorist in Washington …… When the majority of elected officials are all corrupt then the skies the limit for corruption !!!!!!! UNLESS we walk like Egyptians.

  • TheseGuysMustBeOnBathsalts

    you’re a dipshit

    this is correctly done :P

    have a nice day

  • haggios

    Actually, I have a degree in English Education, and I teach the rules regularly. When deciding whether to use “a” or “an” look at the next word. If it starts with a vowel, use “an.” If it starts with a consonant, use “a.” Since “Obama” starts with a vowel, you should have used “an.” But then, what do I know, right? Be blessed.

  • linlin

    Don’t just threaten obummer tell all his dirty secrets.

  • Linda Sheets

    uh huh… he’ll disapear!

  • gacat

    yep… if not already. Sorry dude… sing if you are gonna sing.. if not.. I hope you like 6 feet under. I don’t think anyone will seriously be able to protect him.

  • GrandmaBean

    Give it time, they probably will find him hanging in his cell.

  • CraxyD

    “Kakugawa live in Eureka, California, but he went to high school in Hawaii.”
    Someone needs a new proofreader.
    I’m in full agreement with Evy though.

  • Frank Padilla


  • Al Gagnon


  • KDOG


  • haggios

    It started as a light-hearted tease, but it brings to mind another point, which is that the left already thinks of us as ignorant rednecks, clinging to our guns and religion, and bad grammar and spelling only convince them of that further. If you want to call me petty, then be my guest, but I was right, and I’m right about bad spelling and grammar making us look ignorant, too. I don’t really care what you think of my statements. I responded to his insult the way I did in my previous comment because I don’t appreciate being called ugly names. And since the original thread was about poor grammar, my comments fit in perfectly with the original intent. But you think what you want.

  • haggios

    Actually, I only found one or two small errors, myself. My comments were responding to someone who was picking at the errors. So I picked at theirs. LOL! And now, everyone thinks I’m just picking the article apart.

  • haggios

    I hope you don’t think you’re talking about me. I’m a Reagan republican. LOL!

  • haggios


  • YadiM4

    He is turning this country into a socialist nation so that the people are totally dependent on the government. He is essentially holding us hostage. He has committed so many crimes, he should spend the rest of his life in prison, but nooooo the fools vote him in for a 2nd term as the President! He is a criminal, people!

  • pamelalipkins

    No one likes a snitch, He made his bed now sleep in it!

  • pamelalipkins

    Because there are so many haters like you. We figure just another lie from the Obama haters. Saddens me to face the fact, the only reason you hate our president is because of the color of his skin.. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Put all your negative energy toward helping someone less fortunate than you. Try it, its a wonderful feeling.

  • Logan Ansede

    expect this guy to dissappear

  • ToughLoveChiefsFan

    Liberals never fail to play the race card no matter how ridiculous it is. Just float it out there. It sure couldn’t be Obama’s policies, scandals, and foreign relations could it? No, of course not. MORON!

  • ToughLoveChiefsFan

    You are known by the company you keep, Angel.

  • Lippits

    In a way I agree. He’s already admitted to copious drug use. The part about switching to Islam (which SHOULD already be well known) however, might open a few more sleepy eyes.

  • Just me

    Except in the case of historical, which would then be “an”. i.e. “an historical monument”

  • haggios

    :). That’s exactly right. Or any other word beginning with “h,” for that matter.

  • Bob

    Pamela, we aren’t so much “Obama haters” as “Truth lovers.” Given a choice between “Obama” and “Truth,” I will take the TRUTH every time. It’s the “Obama lovers” who are delusional…as evidenced by the fact that YOU still feel the need to bring up the color of the man’s skin when, in reality, opposition to “mighty messiah obama” has nothing to do with his skin color…and EVERYTHING to do with his horrendous policies. Incidentally…that “wonderful feeling” you speak of…in your case…is PROBABLY delirium.

  • Bob

    And…Mr_Massa…exactly how much credibility does the prez have??

  • Bob

    You are missing the point, haggios. You should brush up on your definitions of the English words “satire” and “sarcasm.”

  • Cary Davis

    I bet he ends up disappeared!

  • Bob

    As I said…refresh yourself on “satire” and “sarcasm.” TRULY intelligent people understand the inside joke. I think you will too if you stop persisting on being so dog-gone grammatically correct here. Incidentally…rednecks AIN’T ignorant. At least the ones I know and associate with. They might not have college degrees, but you won’t find them “intelligently” signing petitions to repeal the second amendment, legalize “retroactive” abortion or add birth control chemicals to community water supplies.

  • luchia

    Soooo you’re saying that junkies don’t tell the truth. That’s what obammy is counting on…the reputation of this guy being a junkie. But, obammy was his friend and I’m sure they both got high. If you search “youtube” you’ll find pics of him smoking pot (that is if the vids are still there)



  • D.J. DelliPaoli

    Lighten up Francis.

  • Roy Carey

    he might end up like some of the other skeletons in barry’s closet if he goes to talking about his past…DEAD…

  • Winston Smith

    He has to be lying. Nobody remembers Obama, not this guy, anyone in the colleges he attended, nada. See you can’t remember a mole because their past is an enigma. Wouldn’t one think that by now someone somewhere would have seized their 15 minutes of fame by blah blahing about how they used to remember hanging with Barry or was asked for a date by the future President, etc. And Obama has written how many books about himself? Yet no one has written one of their own to colaborate or refute the claims made in his books. Seriously, people will write entire blogs about the piece of chewing gum they picked up off the sidewalk that was spit out by some movie star….think about it.

  • haggios

    Bob, trust me when I say that I know from rednecks, as they say down here. My hometown, down near Ft. Bragg, has 441 people, most of whom dropped out of high school at 16 to go work on their daddies’ farms. We thought it was nothing to drive to school in your pickup, with your hunting rifle in the rack in the back of the cab. I know full well all the practical applications of the word “ain’t,” which is not as big a sin as people think. (Gasp… heresy!) I understand sarcasm and satire very well. Ten years in the military, which I did, will teach you that on the graduate level. (LOL!) I was just merely pointing out that some of the people criticizing the author’s grammar had grammatical flaws of their own, or in the words of my Master, judging someone else’s mite in their eye, when they have a mote in theirs. In other words, I was using sarcasm. But some of the people on here did not understand what I was doing, and began calling me nasty names, at which point things took a more serious turn. Can we please just let it rest?

  • JOE

    He’s busy praising Islam and his ability to recite from the Quran is astonishing for someone who “claims” to be a Christian. And you will never hear him say, “Merry Christmas”, but he has no problem wishing his fellow Muslims “Happy Ramadan”-POS in our White House.

  • For My Liberty

    We are “Doomed” because of idiots like you. OH, and the ONLY reason Ovomit won–NOT by a landslide as you call it…is because Conservatives got pissed off and STAYED HOME…

  • haggios

    Actually, I understood your point quite well. What you don’t understand is what this lady means when she says, “DROP IT.” I will not respond to you further, as I see arguing as a waste of my time and yours.

  • haggios

    LOL! That was a great show, wasn’t it? But the real irony here, is that my name actually happens to be, you guessed it, “Frances.” :D

  • Lisa Costa

    YOU are the racist. YOU voted for him based on his skin color, and nothing else. YOU are the one who brings up his race every chance you get. I have many black friends, I even have black relatives, it’s Obama’s policies and shitty ghetto attitude that sucks. But it couldnt be that, right?? It just HAS to be due to the color of his skin. YOU are the damn racist.

  • Lisa Costa

    He could eat a baby on live tv and his Obamazombies would cheer him on. Give up trying to wake up those who are blind, for they refuse to see.

  • Tom Davis

    @pamelalipkins I very carefully read every word in each of the comments – twice, just in case I missed something… and the only racist comment I can note on this entire page is yours. I’m frankly offended in the extreme and suggest you take part in diversity “re-training”. I don’t hate Obama because he’s black. I hate him because he’s a lying, smug to the point of sanctimonious, arrogant thief, stealing the American dream from our children – yours included.

  • nanap

    This guy is incarcerated and he is threatening to reveal Obama’s secrets? Not too smart if you ask me. That could put your life on the line if you truly had anything to reveal and I wouldn’t doubt it. I am sure there are a lot of secrets.

  • Christina_bdba

    I don’t hate him for his skin color I hate his polices and what he is doing to America you freak.Wake up.And what would a liberal know about giving when conservatives give 100X as much to charity as you do?

  • Sonyjia

    It is not the color of his skin. It is the content of his character. He is a liar, a narcissist, a racist, a racebaiter, a divider, and he is not qualified to be President. The whole presidency is a sham. He has no respect for America or Americans. He hates us, he hates our flag, our culture and our laws. I could go on. The least of our concerns would be his half blackness. That isn’t an issue for anyone except for ignoramouses like you. So save your stupid commentary if you can’t contribute anything intelligent. Always having to go to the same old tired assinine remarks. Pathetic.

  • Christina_bdba

    Grammar Nazi are the bane of the internet and thought very poorly of.Is this your first day online?You may want to check that before no one online speaks to you.

  • bodica

    He only got into office because of the color of his skin, and the meme – ‘wouldn’t it be great to have the first black president, ‘ except he wasn’t black, , wasn’t american, isn’t qualified, isn’t eligible, is president in name only, and was completely devoid of character and integrity.

    The lies are all from Obama. Wake up already.

  • Mona King

    The color of Obuma’s skin has nothing to do with it. I’m sick to death of liberals playing the race card every time someone says something negative about the worst president in the history of America.. I happen to be black, and a lot blacker than Obuma is.

  • haggios

    Ummm… that would be a “no.” I have been online since 1994. As for being thought badly of, I’ve never given a crap what anyone thought of me, so why should I start now? As for no one speaking to me, I have nearly 900 friends on facebook, and hundreds more in real life, from my military career, my college days, and my hometown, so no, I’m not worried about that. You should be, however, if you constantly take it upon yourself to correct the manners of others. What’s worse than a grammar Nazi? Someone who thinks they’re Miss Manners.

  • Wayne Wilhelm

    If he was threatening to spill he beans about something he knew about Hillary Clinton, I’m sure he’d be dead by now. With Obama; well, Obama will likely just give him an important position in the Whitehouse.

  • Wayne Wilhelm

    How many thousands of rapists did Obama set free on the basis there wasn’t enough federal funding?

  • Wayne Wilhelm

    When John Kerry found out George Bush had been tested with a higher IQ than John Kerry, Kerry declared that he was probably still drunk from a drinking binge the day before (Kerry trying to explain away his lower IQ.)

  • Wayne Wilhelm

    It’s a sad state of affairs when Democrats refuse to impeach a member of their party regardless of how many crimes he has committed against the country.

  • yucaipajack

    I guess that says it all…drunk or sober, Bush was more intelligent than Kerry.

  • Wayne Wilhelm

    He might confirm something such as Obama declaring he was no longer a citizen of the United States; that his parents had denounced his U.S. citizenship and declared him to be a citizen of Indonesia. There is already evidence Obama filed for admission to Harvard as a citizen of Indonesia.

    Its also possible Kakugawa may have witnessed say, Obama selling Cocaine to elementary kids, etc.. We simply don’t know atm..

  • Kathy McAlexander

    I just read about page 107 of the Obama”care” Bill……Look up the word Dhimmitude. You can look it up on Snopes. Very Scary, and the what the Sneaky SOB is getting away with. Next thing you know, it won’t be guns or pocketknives in the schools. The kids will be armed with machetes, and hacking heads off our kids and teachers!

  • pj4me

    Ohhhh puhleeeeze! Give it up! That statement is trite, been used by you lefties for much too long: “The reason we hate the president is because of the color of his skin?” LOLOLOLOL First place, we don’t hate the president, we hate his agenda for America. Second place, most of us wouldn’t care if he were blue, as long as he KEPT HIS OATH to defend and protect the Constitution and America. And how about this one? I HATE PELOSI AND REID. They’re WHITE. I’m white. So then I hate them because of the color of their skin? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL I HATE THEIR AGENDA! I HATE BOzo’s agenda!

  • pj4me

    That’s what the liberals just can’t get knocked into their thick stupid skulls — that Obama doesn’t favor them just because they slobber on him — he’ll throw them under the bus and back over them numerous times just as quickly as he will those who oppose his agenda. So lefties of the world? It’s just a matter of time! You’re GOIN’ DOWN! just like the rest of us.

  • pj4me

    And isn’t it sad that this great Nation is headed into the abyss because ignorant people voted for BOzo JUST because he’s black and no other reason! That is VERY very sad!

  • ItsTrue

    I don’t typically follow politics closely because it’s mostly BS, and presidents are just figureheads without as much power as people seem to think, but the majority of the comments for this article are just calling Obama silly pet names and calling him a criminal. I know everyone hates the fact that he has accumulated a shit-ton of debt in addition to the shit-ton of debt accumulated from the Bush era, and Obamacare is not very popular either, but what exactly are these crimes that he has committed that I seem to have missed?

  • jr61020

    This guy must reall be stupid. He should have spilled his guts then disappeared for good. If we hear of him wearing cement shoes within the next couple of months do not be surprised

  • Mr_Massa

    No Luchia, I didn’t state whether or not junkies tell the truth. I don’t have a problem with you disagreeing with me, but don’t tell me what I am or am not saying. Junkies will also suck a dick for a fix or money. There’s literally thousands things they will say or do. I don’t think Obama has a concern about this, this guys criminal record is pretty much proof positive. So he smoked pot? I know plenty of people that do. I say legalize it, its the only one that I know of that doesn’t turn you into an addicted psychopath…

  • Mr_Massa

    I didn’t say how much he does or doesn’t have. He’s a politician, they’ve been lying for thousands of years…

  • Mr_Massa

    What’s even sadder is that people like you still think it’s about being a Republican vs. a Democrat thing…

  • david b cordick

    Obama learned that lesson about making people dead, from the Clintons, their past is full of people that were a threat to them meeting a fatal occurrence. I cannot believe that so many people in this country still approve of Obama, and after all that has been revealed about the Clintons, he is a liar, and so is she. and its been proven time and again. but the ignorant still worship these ass clowns

  • John Mikac

    I hate these articles..Why doesn’t a Republican, Conservative, or Tea Partier that has deep pockets bail his ass out if he has the right goods?

  • RightUnite

    Yeeeah, anyone want to wager that he’ll meet an untimely demise while in prison?? Anyone???

  • Terry Adams

    we don’t care that he is half white. we care that he isn’t what he says he is and doesn’t seem to support our country or our soldiers. he is not American black (sorry) he is a Muslim.

  • Gregory Lesniewski

    I hope this guy “sings like a canary” and tells EVERYTHING! Then, let’s see how many more lies Obozo will tell!

  • Terry Adams

    someone is racist here and it’s not us. this is what this admin wants to do… divide our country so they can have more power. we need to be smarter than that and understand we are all Gods children

  • Bill Stagemeyer

    Leave a message…Benghazi where for of our people were killed ,ambassador Christopher Stephen’s was dragged through the streets and tortured before being killed. This was to be a set up kidnapping so Obama could come to the rescue but two navy seals did not stand down,this scandal along was worse than Nixon’s Watergate..then there is the downing of extortion 17 helicopter that killed 15seals involved in Osama bin laden death..there are almost 100 of these scandals Obama is involved in…and growing

  • Terry Adams

    AMEN! American blacks have become what they hate the most. it is sad.

  • Terry Adams

    he isn’t black! he white and Muslim!!! his wife is American black.

  • Terry Adams

    I do believe he is still on drugs

  • Terry Adams

    he only supports the brotherhood

  • Terry Adams

    I blame the government

  • Ann


  • Sandra Kathryn

    @ It’s True – By your own admission, “I don’t typically follow politics closely”, so I don’t think you have grounds to suggest, even obliquely with sarcasm, that there are no crimes. In my opinion, you should research the crimes instead of asking here, and presumably expecting, the rest who DO spend their time accumulating the facts, to fill you in and get you up to speed. You missed them because you don’t typically follow politics.

  • Nate

    It’s really sad when people like you play the race card as if Obama isn’t doing anything wrong here. Bush was an idiot for sending us to war to Iraq and now Obama is doing the same thing. Obamacare is a joke, i mean who cares if you don’t want health insurance when you don’t have a job or can’t even put food on the table. Of course there is so much ignorance in this world that it does spawn haters. It’s not haters people should be concerned about but the knowledge. Our technology is being suppressed by money and have ridiculous laws. People get pulled over from a busted taillight, possibly wasn’t even noticeable yet or didn’t know you could get a ticket from that. You don’t learn that in school or a bunch of other so called meaningful things in life but we certainly will teach crap in schools. I blame myself and others for this atrocity and i am still wondering why nothing has been done about high gas prices. People don’t hate Obama because he is black, but they hate him because our country is falling apart. And maybe things would be better if our nation stood up for a better economy or trying something different that doesn’t cause others to whine and complain over.

  • Kevin Joshua Dietz

    With all due respect, are you aware that depending on the variation and capitalizations, as well as the positioning in a sentence, The United States of America has 13 definitions? Certain positions in the government have to expatriate in order to fulfill their duties to truly private citizens, and that being a U.S. Citizen is not what we generally think it is.

    All that being said, don’t we already know he’s not a citizen too? And if it mattered as much as we all hoped it would (me included), wouldn’t the issue have been rectified by now? As for the cocaine selling to kids, if there is not actually reason to specifically say that, I’d urge you to be careful my friend. Making random assumptions harms your thought process for seeing the truth, not to mention, opposing viewpoints can easily justify throwing your entire viewpoint out.

    The game is not what we think it is. We need a solid foundation of people who can get past the most basic stances when it comes to what to do. Otherwise we get stuck in a clouded rut of misinformation which is exactly how they’ve distracted us in the first place

  • don cornholious

    Obummer has been raping the USA for years. The only way to stop him from raping the American people is to throw the Koon a basketball.

  • James Richey

    This Guy Will either Disappear from the face of the Earth OR be Silenced by the government IF what he says is TRUE.

  • M.j. Zuzich

    Wayne, impeach Obama for what? I keep hearing this theme but if substantive charges could be preferred, why has the House not put them to paper and sent those papers on to the Senate? I’m willing to concede that I may have missed something but, both of those questions still remain.

  • M.j. Zuzich

    OK Mr_Massa, if it’s not as you describe it, what is the point that you’re trying to sustain?

  • Jeryl

    I agree with you 100% Sandra. ItsTrue needs to do research on the things that are going on in our country.

  • Jeryl

    You’re right! Pamelalipkins needs to wake up!

  • adam

    Politics isn’t ‘politics’. Politics is the difference between slavery and freedom. The world is in a much more fragile state than you’ve been led to believe. Right now, just a few thousand or even a few hundred miles away, someone’s life is being completely shattered by politics. Whether it’s the decaying ghost town of Detroit – the septic rubble in New Orleans, mass murder in Africa, international manipulation by Israel and the US. There are people dying. Innocent people are being killed right now, because Americans have not put a stop to our President, who is literally terrorizing the world, and then paying the 6 media companies that run 90% of our information, to simply lie to us. There are people who think for themselves which find it very easy to see what’s happening. But the uninitiated, you, unfortunately are the majority in this country. There are more people (a lot more) content with not caring, not following, perhaps because they think ‘it’s mostly BS’, but these people are exactly where the government wants them to be. Docile, obedient, and ignorant. You have much to learn about the world, about reality. And it’s very easy to find, if you ever care to look. Don’t ask for proof – find it. In the Age of Information ignorance is a choice.

  • adam

    LoL wow Pamela! You have won my BOOBY Award today! Congratulations! You’ve won the award today for your astonishing display of irrationality and total abandonment of logic! You chose to replace those things with false presumptions! There is nothing in Mr. Dankiw’s post that indicates whatsoever that he is racist, yet you still use a logical fallacy (ad-hominem) to attempt to ‘make a point’! And your little jargons are cute – I sure do love how society teaches the ignorant to interact with information that conflicts with their own beliefs! Such a great display of artificial humanity built by an immoral society everyone! Let’s give her a round of applause!

  • JoeThePimpernel

    Ron Brown’s body lies a mouldering in the grave…

  • Filomena Lombardo

    Because the population of the lazy Americans who want to skate thru life without working for what they get would rather continue to kiss their collective asses than to work for a living. It’s called depraved indifference. It’s called PITIFUL. It’s what “they” want America to be. Because the more dependent America becomes on government the less of a voice America has.

  • Filomena Lombardo

    (1) Obama campaign crimes.


    (2) Obama secrecy about all his records prior to his campaign.


    (3) Obama‘s dream to “fundamentally transform” America including his deep resentment and disrespect for the U.S. Constitution.


    (4) ACCORN and other criminal organizations established and sponsored by George Soros with an open declaration of taking over and destroying American government and capitalist system.


    (5) Obama Judiciary and their crimes.


    Congress and Obama agenda of Health Care Reform, a euphemism for
    seizing control of one sixth of US economy, enslaving the population,
    and destroying the Insurance industry.


    Congress and Obama agenda of Cap and Trade Bill, designed to destroy
    the Energy industry, and which will affect every single aspect of
    American life and destroy the American Industry. This is done under the
    pretense of immediate need to scale back our standard of living in order
    to Save the planet from the nonexistent global warming.


    (8) Obama Adminstration cabinet and other administrative appointees who constitute the ‘who is who‘
    roaster of the extreme American Left. Each one of these harbor a deep
    resentment and hatred for everything that is good about America. A lot
    of these appointees are ‘czars‘ who are appointed without any Congressional oversight and approval required by the Constitution.


    (9) Take over of American Automobile industry and giving its control to Obama‘s
    closest allies—the Unions. Both GM and Chrysler were literally robbed
    from its shareholders at pennies on the dollar and summarily transferred
    to the Unions.


    (10) Take over the Financial sector, Wall Street


    (11) A nearly trillion dollars of taxpayer‘s
    money spent in pork bill called The Stimulus Package. Most of the money
    spent under this bill has gone towards pay-backs to Obama‘s and Democratic Party‘s
    supporters and donors. As a very welcome side-effect, they reap the
    benefit of further bleeding the American economy and spreading misery
    and mayhem. (Upate: They are already in hot pursuit of the THIRD
    Stimulus Package)


    (12) The next big item on Obama‘s
    agenda is Amnesty for illegal immigrants. This they are posed to make
    into law in first couple of months of 2010, so that they can exploit a
    ready-made block of 20 million new voters who will vote for Democrats.


    (13) The FCC is busy promulgating rules under the deceptive heading of Net Neutrality Rules,
    which will put the Internet under direct control of FCC and federal
    government. Besides that, the congress is working on legislation which
    would allow Obama to arbitrarily takeover and control the whole flow of
    information on the Internet in case of ‘National Emergency‘.


    (14) Guess what, folks? He already has declared a national emergency under the phony disaster of Swine Flu Epidemic.


    (15) Obama is poised to commit America, by way of international treaties, to blatantly Unconstitutional ‘international laws‘ limiting ‘carbon emmissions’, reparations to underdeveloped countries just because we are developed, banning citizen‘s
    right to bear arms, and curtailing the First Amendment which gives
    American the freedom of speech, thus surrendering American sovereignty
    to United Nations and International Courts and other such criminal
    organizations. With constitutional requirement that senate should ratify
    such treaties, it will be somewhat difficult to carry through, but he
    is already preparing the groundwork for these.


    Obama administration and the Leftist majority in the Congress are
    adamantly denying the significance of recently released smoking-gun
    evidence of mass-scale manipulation of climate data by ‘Scientists‘
    whose reports were used by IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel for Climate
    Control) in crafting the abomination Kyoto Protocol for redistributing
    the wealth of the Western Civilization to ragtag beggar nations of the
    world, and subjugating American Sovereignty to international thugs. In
    effect, the Obama response to this biggest hoax in the history of mankind, is, SO WHAT!? Consequently, while previously Obama was not intending to attend the Copenhagen Conference, where the next ‘Kyoto Protocols‘ are to be hammered out, immediately after the ‘Climate-gate‘
    hit the fan, Obama obstinately declared that he WILL attend the
    conference and commit the U.S.A. to draconian redistributional and
    global government type scams. The incredible hubris and arrogance in the
    face of their own duplicity and treachery is mind-boggling.
    Furthermore, recently yet another hoax has come to the foreground. It is
    called NASA’s Climategate.


    Total inaction towards the rapidly growing threat of a nuclear Iran and
    its implications to our only real ally in the world— Israel.


    (18) Suspending the use of the phrase, ‘War on Terror’ and replacing it with ‘Overseas Contingency Operations’. In general Obama‘s
    attitude towards the greatest threat to America and the world since the
    Soviet Union has been that of total appeasement and inaction. One can‘t
    help but wonder whose side is he on. It is rather obvious that he is
    not at all interested in defending America against this international
    threat of Islamic Jihadists, who have formally declared a war against


    (19) Unilateral, unconditional shelving of the Missile Shield for Eastern Europe. Who is he helping by that? You got it. Putin’s ‘back to communism’ Russia.


    (20) Dithering about, and gross neglect of, the Afghan war for nine months, and ultimately adopting half-hearted half-measures in an attempt of political act of eating ones cake and having it, too.


    His desire to establish “a civilian security force” of might comparable
    to that of our Military. Does it remind you of Hitler’s Brown Shirts?
    It should.This dude is preparing for the inevitable —anti-Left


    (22) Reducing controls over transfer of missile technology to China

    Most readily, frequently, hamelessly lying president in the history of
    the nation. (And yes, Joe Wilson should’ve recieved the Nobel Peace
    Prize for having courage to call a liar a liar on his face.)

    is hardly 10% Obama’s crimes against america. We will keep adding to
    this list as time passes, but we must admit, the Enemy acting so swiftly
    and his hurricane is so sweeping that it is almost impossible for a
    single organization like ours to keep a compete database of his
    transgression, and keep it up to date.

  • Noah Won

    Obama has done enough out in the open for all to see to make anything from his past anecdotal.

  • sherry1053

    The “Kill List’ Continues…

  • ByeByeUSA AsWeKnowIt

    No matter how much I hate obama, this guy has ZERO credibility and is just a distraction.

  • ibelieveinfreedom2

    It won’t matter, people only hear what the want to hear. obama will ‘get rid’ of him and/or the media will ignore him. Besides, why would he wait until now to divulge this info when he could have done it 6 years ago. He is only using his knowledge as ‘blackmail’ and in the process all his claims will lack credibility.

  • animalaura

    One of two things will happen. Either he will be hired to work in a high position in the White House, or he will end up in a bad car wreck over a cliff or into a tree.

  • Bitch

    I must have missed the comment about his RACE? Pamelalipkins you are an idiot

  • mike

    Secrets from his high school days? Big deal. College years maybe, but post college to now, we all would like to know how such a lying, treasonous SOB could get to be president, twice!!!

  • sammy

    Talk where is the meat?

  • Carl Mayo

    he’ll be “breitbarted” soon

  • Michael Edwards

    He won’t live long making those kinds of threats.

  • Charles Roberts

    i’m not an american but have many american friends. i don’t see color as i am color blind. i have no agenda. what i do have is; a want for life, freedom and the american way for all. you guys had such great ideas. now they are but a memory. i have read, and with this box here more then ever… as far as i can tell, from what i’ve read, america was blinded when she lost her last great president JFk and as of yet has not regained her vision. all that were involed in the cover up got away with it. that showed them it was game on. then bobby another man that didn’t play ball. it shows, they gave thier lives as any military man does for life honor and freedom. but another cover up… instead of leaving no stone unturned… america turned the other way to watch what the left hand was doing. sadly it has fooled many. thats when they gained the most ground in america; the last free stronghold that many good men/women have and will died for. words drown america now… they silence outcast and kill. they aren’t useing bombs to destroy america they are useing words. words that are written by men to twist and muddle the ideas of your fore fathers. they are sneaking in useing words that most cant understand my self included. in the end words only have the power given to them by those that speak them, so lets dust off a few old ones integrity, honor and truth. they were good enough to build your fine nation.
    we are many they are few.

  • diane

    You are one of the ignorant that obama loves. It has nothing to do with color. Don’t you dare tell me why I despise this president & his administration. Why do you hate this country, but you do if you go along with the scum administration that doesn’t believe in our constitution, our freedoms jobs etc. It doesn’t even take a lot of research, everything he does is not for the people. Do you think because you love him that it will make a difference when he accomplishes his agenda. It won’t, he just needs you & the others like you, who have no clue, & then you are disposable. If he were white & doing what he is doing I would feel the same. Liberals are making this a race thing following his example.

  • Patricia Hanthorn

    It has nothing to do with skin color. Facts are facts, lies are lies, fake people will always be fake, arrogant people always arrogant, power mongers always power mongers and the list goes on for this man. Oh, he has given more to some….Obama phones, food, shelters, insurance and the likes of it. I say get off your lazy butts and get a job and pay your way. Everyone can do something.

  • Patricia Hanthorn

    Division is his greatest wish and the major part of his Agenda because it weakens the country and makes them dependent on government. Remember, United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

  • Patricia Hanthorn

    How about Dr. Ben Carson, he is awesome and read what he and Allen West write about Obama and what he is doing to our beautiful country and the hatred he has within for America and her people.

  • DLH

    No, Obuma will silence him as did others …

  • ItsTrue

    And I don’t think you have the grounds to tell me how I should ask my question. I’m obviously a bit skeptical of these crimes because of what I admitted in my first post, which is the same statement you seem to love reiterating. I don’t follow politics closely. That and the fact that I know the media typically skews information. Hell, if you told me any president was involved in a crime I would be initially skeptical. If I was old enough during the Watergate Scandal I wouldn’t have believe Nixon committed any crimes before the evidence came to light. People shouldn’t just believe what others say without evidence. I plan to research more on these scandals, because now I’m interested. But I want to get the opinion of the people responding to this article. If you have a problem with it, you can just ignore me.

  • ItsTrue

    Thank you, Captain Obvious!

  • ItsTrue

    Thank you for your informative and on-topic response.

  • ItsTrue

    pol·i·tics noun plural but singular or plural in construction ˈpä-lə-ˌtiks

    : activities that relate to influencing the actions and policies of a government or getting and keeping power in a government

    : the work or job of people (such as elected officials) who are part of a government

    : the opinions that someone has about what should be done by governments : a person’s political thoughts and opinions

    Full definition of POLITICS:

    1a : the art or science of government

    b : the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy

    c : the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government

    2: political actions, practices, or policies

    3a : political affairs or business; especially : competition between competing interest groups or individuals for power and leadership (as in a government)

    b : political life especially as a principal activity or profession

    c : political activities characterized by artful and often dishonest practices

    4: the political opinions or sympathies of a person

    5a : the total complex of relations between people living in society
    b : relations or conduct in a particular area of experience especially as seen or dealt with from a political point of view


    As you can see, there is quite a few definitions to the word. But if I remember correctly, my post was asking about the crimes of our president, not about the state of the world. But the fact is that you hit the nail right on the head, the media does lie to us. The Government lies to us, presidents lie. Politics are full of liars and empty promises, and we will never know what is actually going on behind the scenes. Special force troops are constantly sent of Top secret missions all around the world to do whatever our government tells them to do. America is always involved in the political affairs of other countries, whether we like it or not. People are always dying, cities are destroyed and people all over the world are affected by these actions, but no matter what, they are all blamed on one man, our political figurehead, our president. I’m not asking for proof, because frankly nobody on this site can provide me with any proof, but I want to hear their opinions, which is why I asked the question. And why do i think it’s mostly BS? Because I can educate myself all I want on these issues, but the fact of the matter is that it’s coming from someone else who just heard about it, or its coming from the media. We may be in the Age of Information, but sometimes the information is false and you gonna have a tough time sifting through all the lies to find that grain of truth. So its not that I don’t care, but rather I don’t feel the need to always put my focus on matters that are out of my control when there are other issues that are more important for me to focus on. I think for myself and you’re sadly mistaken if you think you know everything that is going on with the government. In the end, you just know what the government and the media wants you to know.


    What’s amazing about this story is the fact that Obama hasn’t appointed him to a high position in his government OR had him silenced FOREVER.

  • Anna Fabian

    he has taken our country down the rabbit hole with a lot of ignorant ppl cheering him on!
    it does not have a darn thing to do with race…i do not like his white side either!
    it has to do with all his constant lies, lack of leadership, all the scandals,especially benghazi and leaving 4 americans to die!
    Fortunately one lived but i am sure they wish he had died too.
    he has divided our country like it was in early 60s and thugs are running the streets killing ppl white and black with no consequences.
    you cannot convince me “bho” is the problem by example!
    the only thing left for us to do is fight back and put the liberals out of office.
    take back our country!
    let our leaders that are fighting for us know we are with them!
    god help us all and god bless america and our troops!

  • Anna Fabian

    i have preached this so much, i need a pulpit! Lol
    united…the strongest will prevail!
    we have to work together and get these miserable liberals out of govmt!
    Otherwise…it will not be good!
    i am very concerned for the next generations!
    We have to protect them the same way the generations before us did!

  • adam

    Just so you know, most people who know what’s going on do not blame the president. Most of us believe that the president is a puppet who’s agenda is handed to him as he is indoctrinated into the club. The reason we yell treason is to try to wake people up. We tell them about our past and they make jakes about tin foil hats, so maybe they will understand if they see that the president is breaking the same laws that they are bound by, but more importantly, to stop thinking that it is irrelevant to their lives, because it’s absolutely not. You can choose not to follow politics because it’s BS, but the encroachment of freedom anywhere is the endangerment of freedom everywhere. That means you can not care all you want, but the tyranny will still show up at your door, unless as a country we can unite.

  • Marine101

    Dude, I’m black and hate Obama. There is quite a few black people that hate him. Sorry, but playing that card with black people on the Conservative side is pretty dumb. If you LOVE him so much, log onto another page that kisses the a*s of a f**king traitor. Let me give you some insight, the color of his skin is not an issue, it became an issue when people made it one. I bet you voted for him because of the color of his skin, and not what he said. He made promises, his whole campaign centered around “Hope and Change” and what we got is a government shut down, the highest debit ceiling that Americans have ever seen, amnesty for Illegals, a lack of American values and disregard for American traditions, a love of men wearing dresses i.e. Muslims and ties to terrorist organizations, and he tries to cover all this up by blaming one body of people… Republicans. Get off the band wagon and wake up! Right now America is at war with it’s own government and people like you fail to notice. -Marine Veteran

  • ActinUpinTexas

    Accidents happen…. Grandma died at the right time too. No white relatives exist on mom’s side. No one cares anyway… did you not understand the President when he declared… “I WON”

  • Princess Pi

    NOT THE RACE CARD AGAIN!!!! Just because someone disagrees with his policies does not mean they are a racist. How hard is that to understand. And before you go calling me a racist,my favorite doctor is black, another one is Hindu, and one is Hispanic. So stop with the race card. Nobody believes it anymore.

  • cavebear

    ok as far as the Obama phone are concerned I know some people don’t like that others need to communicate in this day and age, but the program was around before cell phones and Obama only added cell phones since he was in office.
    unlike many people who are abusing them I have had the same phone and number for the last three years and have a part time job and am now back in school and the phone (very basic, no web) helps me to stay in touch k and school.

  • lizzitish

    What is Hillary’s bloody trail up to, now…38? All for the same reason.

  • lizzitish

    Yup. How convenient Grandma died when Oblamma went over, all by himself, for her “birthday”. I imagine Oblamma cleaned out her home, too, of all the documents about the “life and times” of the fraud in the white house. I would not be surprised if he had murdered her, himself, and maybe even, his mother, too.

  • lizzitish

    Try checking out Clinton’s bloody trail. There are all kinds of articles about that on Google.

  • yahgirl

    that like four or five people that knew him in Chicago where killed before his first election….and they knew some things…one lived and wrote a book

  • yahgirl

    it amazes me how a bunch of Libs are now trying to erase their past racism by calling others a racist…but yet I support most of what is being said on these comments and you can say im racist but that would be kinda hard to hate myself since im mixed with the same races as your God “O”.. now don’t get it twisted hun I am not found of everyone on the right but Mr Cruz is a major favorite of mine and he speaks the truth….and Obama is a criminal black white or pink

  • yahgirl


  • had enough of obama

    he’ll be dead before you know it.. I wonder when all those to blind to see all of the crimes obama has committed will come on and take up for him…. there’s always one that shows up and its your raciest or ya’ll just don’t understand him. Some professor is going around saying the government shut down because of the color of obamas skin color. gee all you have to do is look at the quality of people this man grew up with, and ones he protects… wonder if they let his grandmother know he was the one killing her off before they did his dirty deed for him. Wonder if its a real death certificate? why are there no relatives left on his mothers side to tell the truth. his African grandmother swears he was born in that kenyan village and she was there, why would she say that if it weren’t true.

  • had enough of obama

    can’t blame bush forever, obama said if i don’t fix it in my first term i don’t deserve to be reelected. he has made the debt worse NOT bush. obama is going to have to take credit for his own work and stop blaming others. Hes good at that the wrong he blames mostly republicans and the good he takes all the credit for when he doesn’t know what he is talking about. what crime you ask how about fraud, submitting false documents, murder of innocent people he left to be slaughtered, the list goes on and want to know more? read his own book and find all the lies he told in there, look at all the people that have bad accidents that know him and his buddies bill and hilary.

  • had enough of obama

    shot i wish i had read your post before i gave him a few examples…

  • had enough of obama

    racist? want to talk racist? most blacks voted for him because he was 1/4 black!
    the color of his skin is why he was elected in the first place, that and all the voter fraud.
    Every time a non-black says anything negative about obama blacks call them racist!
    what hypocrites!
    they vote him in because he is black and call the non blacks racist.. wow.
    I don’t care what color his skin is if a 100% white man did the things obama is doing I would want him fired and punished for all of the crimes he committed while in office!
    I too have many black friends and many black relatives and they know i am not racist. the thing I am, is intelligent and I can see this man is not doing anything that is good for this country or the people in it!

  • nickeldoor5

    He will either be released or end up dead. I don’t believe Breihart died of natural causes either. Look at how many has died that are connected to Obama.

  • Robbin Banks

    This must be a hoax because Obama was a foreign exchange student, his real name is Barry Soetoro. They are just using this to make it appear he really was from Hawai

  • Divineconnection7

    Anybody that does know anything about obama is dead or paid off.

  • Divineconnection7

    And voter fraud.

  • Dirty Steve

    I was going to say something about the life expectancy of this guy but then I read the posts of the others and decided I had nothing more to add. Everyone knows this is a dead man.

  • Jonathan Lynch

    It won’t be published if it happens ! O’ will make sure of that.

  • Buddy Hart

    presidential material

  • Claude Lynn Hayes

    He’ll be dead soon. Obama’s hit quad is no joke.

  • O2say

    maby Obama will go his bail? set the target loose?

  • Sonny Of The Meek

    He will be PARDONED by his Bro Obama as we have seen past Presidents do. Remember the kid shot by one pardoned in Calif.When our President with friends now working on Campus from Weather Underground it is to be expected.

  • John Jett

    Democrat Voters could care less what crimes Obama committed or commits now. Democrat voters are corrupt citizens who elect corrupt politicians. This country will always be fouled up as long as Democrats and Democrat voters exist in it.

  • Kuro

    Bush DID make the debt worse. Especially during the final 2 year of Bush’s term when the deficit started to skyrocket. The large increase during these final 2 years was mostly due to the recession. But the deficit overall has been increasing since Bush took office.The only surplus in recent years was during Clinton’s final term.

    Sounds like you should do your research as well.

  • Bob

    Good point, Sir.

  • Bob

    Thank you for your reply, although I wasn’t actually “arguing” with you. It merely appeared to me that you were making too much of the incorrect grammar, when it appeared to be intentional…to drive home the point. Sometimes I think we all have a tendency to miss the obvious, and I thought that was your error. I apologize if I was in any way offensive.

  • Mr_Massa

    Thanks for acknowledging that :) lol, I wasn’t disagreeing with you…

  • wyllow

    Yet people like you, will give Obozo a pass on ANYTHING, simply because he is black. And really, you show your intelligence with the simple use of the word “hater”.

  • wyllow

    Muslim isn’t a race. Islam is a political ideology hellbent on destroying the world, but it is not a race.

  • B.

    Okay, for all of you that have left a post here, let me set the record straight and give you some insight into this guy’s frame of mind. Keith Kakugawa did attended high school with Obama in Hawaii; they were friends; however, not best friends like Keith claims. Barack disassociated himself with Keith years ago, especially after Keith went to prison. I have had Keith on my show numerous times on “Out Here in The Redwoods,” so I have gotten to know him pretty well. I can say besides being a raciest, he is a very bitter person. He wrote a book called the “Tale of Two Brothers.” I think his feelings towards Barack is both one of fondness and another of envy. I have my own personal opinions about Keith, and at the moment, I feel that if he get’s convicted of these crimes, he needs to go away for a long time.

  • B.

    I so agree with you Its True. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there are so many unfounded facts here.

  • Guest
  • B.

    While your pointing fingers at Obama Bill, here’s a little article you might want to read Bill.

    I am not saying Obama is clean or dirty, I am making a point that there have been other presidents that have dirty hands.

  • B.

    Yes the media does skew information and tweaks statistics.

  • B.