Russian Designer Drug Hits Arizona; Eating People From Inside



There is a new designer drug that has made its way from Russia that doctors are saying made its way to Arizona. One main drawback of the drug is its literally eating people from the inside out!

In Russia the drug got its popularity as being three times cheaper then heroin users had similar effects to heroin. They took codeine mixed with alcohol, gasoline, or oil and mixed it together into a cheap designer imitation of heroin and just as addictive. They inject it strait into the blood stream just the same.

When the one vicious side effect came into the emergency room in Russia, they named it Krokodil (Crocodile in English) for the scaly scabs that covered the persons body like the scales of a Crocodile.  Soon doctors began seeing more and more cases in Russia. But the drug also had more and more damage to human tissue as it literally ate the human body like a flesh eating bacteria. Here is a photo obtained by CBS affiliate channel 5 in Arizona.

Krokodil 2

This drug can be found in some spots of Mexico where the drug trade has become a war zone for boarder states of the United States. They can be found on Youtube videos that will not be shown on this site due to the extremely graphic nature of their content.

While many would say that this is not our country’s problem, it just became our problem. According to, an Arizona local news station, the first two victims of this drug have arrived in an emergency room here, State side.

Although two cases is not that big, one needs to only point out Time Magazine’s look at the cases in Russia.

It seems to have first appeared in Siberia and the Russian Far East around 2002, but only in the past three years has it spread throughout the country. Since 2009, the amount of krokodil seized in Russia has increased 23-fold, according to the head of the Federal Drug Control Service, Viktor Ivanov. In the first three months of this year alone, the service says, it confiscated 65 million doses. “As recently as five years ago, there were only one-off instances of catching this drug,” Ivanov told a meeting on April 18 attended by President Dmitri Medvedev and other top officials. Medvedev then turned to his tablet computer and searched the Internet for krokodil. The search engine gave him a list of recipes and instructions on how to cook it. “What does this mean?” he demanded. “Most people are not just looking for what desomorphine is, but how they can use it.” Two of the governors at the meeting then informed him that krokodil accounts for about half of all addictions and drug-related deaths in their regions. In some provinces, Ivanov chimed in, it “has practically pushed out traditional opiates.”

Predictably, it has spread the fastest in the poorest and most remote parts of the country, like Vorkuta, Pavlova’s hometown, a former Gulag prison camp about 100 miles (161 km) north of the Arctic Circle. The winters there last eight months of the year, and as Pavlova recalls, the young people are in a constant state of boredom. Most of them drink and few of them work, the same as in hundreds of towns and villages across Russia’s frozen north. Besides her, Pavlova says there were about a dozen krokodil addicts she hung around with, including her brother. “Practically all of them are dead now,” she says. “For some it led to pneumonia, some got blood poisoning, some had an artery burst in their heart, some got meningitis, others simply rot.”Read more:,8599,2078355,00.html#ixzz2g1swaAjc

Think about that for a second. From the time the first case walked through the door, to the time they confiscated 65 million doses was less then 7 years.

The big draw of the drug is it seems to the unknowing drug user that it is a cheap alternative to heroin. They inject the poison into their bodies along with the codeine unknowing that they injected anything harmful feeling the same high they get off the heroine. Unknown to them, the fuel source (red phosphorus from match tips, hydrochloric acid, gasoline, diesel, or grain alcohol)  starts to eat their body from the inside out rotting tissue, flesh, and muscle. Their life expectancy from their first use is only three years.

  • Marc Roffman

    Well since death results in an average of three years doesn’t the problem solve itself? Look let’s be realistic, people that inject this stuff into their bodies do so of their own free will.

  • Annette

    Even my 17 year old daughter realized that! Cleaning up the gene pool.

  • Karen McKee

    your right ,but not knowing that its poison, and going to kill you , most people would say no. Depression is a sad affair

  • White Trash

    Red Phosphorus come’s from the back part of the matchbook.

  • Kyla Willis

    Please quit putting the formula to make all of this crap into news articles. I understand trying to make the point of how easy it is to do, but it just spreads the mess further and faster. It doesn’t matter how bad it is or what it does to someone, the idiots will still try it out anyway.

  • MichaelGuy

    The government extorts tax money from the productive, then gives the tax money to addicts. The addicts , who do not have to pass a drug test to get entitlements, give your tax money to gangs, The gangs take that tax money and buy illegal and imported weapons ( giving the government an excuse to disarm the law-abiding public). The gangs also buy off the cartels. The cartels in turn take the money and bribe our police agencies and politicians, The dealers are rounded up periodically to create the billion dollar criminal justice system with untold agencies and prisons. And to supplement this our government lets UN diplomats import drugs guns and every vice with immunity and impunity. The patron saints of the GOP are Pontius Pilate and Neville Chamberlain, If Republicans are not Tea Party endorsed they are complicit, compliant, capitulating useless wimps who lack the courage to oppose the Bolshevik Socialists Democrats

  • Brandon Walker

    yes White Trash, it also comes off match heads from self strike matches. That’s not the point of the article. The point is that our teens and children may be in danger and to talk to them before it is too late.

  • Jay

    Alright, I heard about this drug years ago. Russia has one of the highest, if not the highest opiate and heroin addiction rate seeing as it borders the middle east where the poppy plants are grown and most of Russia’s border isn’t guarded. Opiate addiction is big here. But what you said about people dying before it can proliferate was it ignorant. Obviously you dont know the first thing about drugs or the drug trade. Have you ever heard of a manufacturer aka a “cooker”? Not everybody thats in the drug business does the drug, especially with Mexican drug cartels. They are professional drug runners who go by the old adage “dont get high on your own supply”. Even in Russia most heroin addicts wont go near this shit. It scares them and for good reason. Its the desperate ones that do, and if you dont think that desperation exists with American drug addicts, open your eyes. Life expectancy might be longer with heroin, but look at Harlem back in the Vietnam era. It tore through that place with vengeance. Or meth. EVERYBODY knows of the dangers of methamphetamine, yet its gotten a foothold in our country. People better hope the same doesn’t happen with Krok.

  • jay

    Most ridiculous comment on a subject ive seen all week

  • Brandon Walker

    Marc, while I highly agree that most users inject stuff of their own free will, I would also like to point out one other factor, peer pressure. Stuff like this wasn’t around when I was a kid, but some things were. I watched many a friend smoke a cigarette, a joint, lick a stamp, or swallow a pill because it was the cool thing to do or “here this will make you feel better”. What about those folks. That is what I’m worried about, not the major users. And Annette, thank you for being responsible and talking to your kids.

  • Stranger

    A few ingredients is hardly a formula.

  • Stranger

    stopped reading after “entitlements”

  • Patrick Jeffries

    Red phosphorus, hydrochloric acid, camp fuel and more toxins have been used in some meth making processes for decades in this country. And although certainly not good for your health there is no rotting from the inside out going on in addicts…..even IV users. Im just saying.

  • Caleb

    I can’t wait to pay for these peoples Health Care!

  • Obummer

    Maybe they think there body is a combustible engine?

  • Tarah Obaidy

    Maybe its just a freaking conspiracy, Patrick. I think what really sucks though is what if it looks like heroin too? if its cheaper don’t you think people would lie and say that it was heroin?

  • Brandon Walker

    On the Facebook page American Patriot, in the comments, some people put the youtube videos from Russia and Mexico….just warn ya if you have a weak stomach.

  • Angermanagement

    Well I suppose if you play you have to pay! Knowing the consequences, ok ! Remember the AIDS thing getting started, about the same thing except this is not spread to the innocent.

  • Jim Turner

    To the author: If you want to be taken seriously, it would be good to know the difference between boarder vs. border and the proper usage cases for then vs. than.

  • Maureen Laslie

    btw major users are still someones son, daughter , mother , father and have families that love them so all of you with your sorry ass attitudes better watch out, Karma has a way of catching up with the ignorant ….. and this can happen in anyones family … so keep talkin.

  • Ольга Орехова

    read about it …Every drug was created for curing

  • Jab Artistry

    If it does Im going boondock

  • Jab Artistry

    If this hits my town…. Boondock Saints 3 #nuffsaid

  • kelly wilson

    being one blessed to get away for the garbage after 36 years, all i can say is God’s mercy on your souls for your judgement and inhumanity.

  • Dan Momany

    Good….. weed out the drug addicts and weak minded. Don’t do drugs.. Marijuana is not a gateway drug unless you would have been an addict in the first place, They chose to be drug users, they are victims of their own freedom of choice. Not an issue I care about unless they are attempting to rob me to get more drugs in which case I hope I am faster and my aim is true. I train often to ensure that and am confident that IF I can make a difference I WILL…

  • Conrad Barb

    until your 17 yr old daughter is one of them!Oh Yeah your right cleaning up the gene pool!

  • Conrad Barb

    Oh hell ,he wouldn’t admit to trying anything.Bet ya did though Mark.

  • Kathy Grissom

    And heroin vs. heroine.

  • Conrad Barb

    What a total retard! You probably don’t pay taxes anyway!

  • Judith77

    You have accepted the bold truth. Thanks for pointing it out. Both parties are complicit. Tea Party and Libertarian leaning Republicans are the only people left standing for ‘We The People.’ We are all headed toward a Revolution. Hopefully it will be peaceful.

  • Thomas Andrew Kopec

    This is how the United States Government starts it’s propaganda , then it seeks it’s citizens to support it in an attack against Russia. Now we can justify the attack on Syria and Russia. Our Government really needs to stop the bullshit. There’s no way in hell to say where this started and how it got here, if in fact it didn’t start here. Tell me how on God’s green earth American doctors that can’t find a cure for cancer, or a simple cold, have the infinite wisdom to declare where this came from? Our media and Government really needs to stop lying. They missed the 10 commandments somewhere.

  • I dont like Marc Roffman

    What Moran. How could you speak that way when there a young teenagers being effected by drugs. And exactly what do you mean about cleaning out the gene pool. What makes you so perfect. Id like to purge ignorant people like you while we are at it. You sound like the typical big mouth sissy boy that would eat all his words if needed to survive.

  • Leona

    Thank you Kelly for speaking out. You said everything that I was thinking. I have never been addicted to anything, but I know and love many addicts. I was able to keep my kids away from drugs, but I know that could change at any time. No one is above this disease and anyone who thinks other wise is in denial. Congratulations on kicking the habit!

  • The Open Door

    You are so full of **it.

  • The Open Door

    Me too.

  • Bev

    If you are putting street drugs into your body you pretty much have to know it’s going to be harmful in some way-you never know how big that gamble will be till it is too late.

  • Anthony Daniels

    And straight vs strait. I hate reading articles full of grammatical errors much less spelling errors.

  • Bob Ross

    This article was grammatically horrible. It’s pretty unbelievable to me that the author has multiple degrees. Seems like he should probably take an intro to writing course. Feel free to hire me freepatriot.

  • Marc Roffman

    I’m not sure what a “Moran” is so I can’t reply to that. I never posted anything about cleaning out the gene pool, that was in reply to my post so I can’t answer that either. I’m far from perfect and would never claim to be. I am however smart enough not to inject poison into my body. How you can support people that do is beyond my logic. Someone mentioned peer pressure as an excuse. I never associated with people that would shoot this junk, and if I did my parents would have kicked my ass. My point was simple, anyone that chooses to shoot heroin deserves their fate. It’s sad to see so many people here that support this drug and the criminals that use it. How could you purge anybody when you are too much of a coward to post under your real name? I do admit I’m flattered with your choice however, it lets me know I’m doing the right thing.

  • Marc Roffman

    I agree with you, I’m a cigarette smoker. The thing is there is no such thing as a minor or casual heroin user. It’s a death sentence in most cases, there’s no true recovery. These people choose their fate of their own free will. As far as peer pressure, it’s a big step from smoking a cigarette or a joint to shooting a mystery cocktail into your bloodstream. Parents need to step up and teach their children like Annette. They can’t keep blaming everyone else when their kids become criminals and junkies.

  • Marc Roffman

    See Conrad, Annette educated her daughter to not do heroin. So is it that you failed as a parent or are a supporter of heroin addicts?

  • Mark Winstanley

    all your comments are so ignorant i am bewildered by your lack of knowledge on the subject. you should probably sit back in your lounge chair have another beer and pass out from stupidity

  • Mark Winstanley

    wow, you really are ignorant. heroin is actually less likely to kill you than cigarettes. it is the cutting of the product and inconsistancies in purity that cause death, not the actual heroin itself. many people have lived their lives on heroin and virtually nobody even knows about it. if you have money, you can go completely unnoticed on many many drugs, especially one like heroin. if you want to chirp in your two cents on a subject that’s fine, but you need to know your chirps are rather vacant of truth of any sort.

  • Mark Winstanley

    it is great for parents to talk to kids about important matters like this, but it of itself will not prevent kids from making mistakes … depression, clinical and reactive can be devestating to lives, whether well informed or not

  • Mark Winstanley

    your ignorance is far from the right thing. you are purely a deluded judge of others frailty. stand on your self righteous little soap box and vomit your ignorance, it serves to show you should stay quiet on such topics.
    and btw, no, i have never used heroin, but have known many people that have, and the world would not have been a better place if they had died from it, but contrary to your ignorant statements, they did not die because of it

  • Mark Winstanley

    frankly these big mouthed ignorant morons have pissed me off, and i’ve never even used heroin. God bless kelly, fight the good fight, you will win

  • LadyLiberty1069

    Marc, that will teach you to come in here and use your first amendment…ROFLMAO Who cares if the rest of you are holier than thou…. THIS BOX IS FOR COMMENTS!!! lmao he can write whatever he wants, but I do have to say while this has been humorous watching the rest of you criticize him for his views, you have also shown your colors…. -SILENCE IS GOLDEN! Marc no dessert for you!

  • Brandon Walker

    Unfortunately sir, if you would go to the links you would see this is not a media lie. This is an attempt to wake people up to a drug that literally eats and kills you in three years. However I agree with one point you posted. Our government should read the ten commandment plaque instead of allowing people to desecrate it.

  • WestDodge

    WOW – what a well written article! This is such a line of Bullshit – who believes this shit?

  • WestDodge

    “They inject it strait into the blood stream just the same.” “Strait” is that George ? What illiterate drivel infested asshat wrote this?

  • Robin

    Having seen the horror of heroine clubs in Russia this is truly sad news. Bless all of the poor souls who get lost in this and any other drug. My heart goes out.

  • soulwithcompassion

    I feel sorry for your empty heart Marc. vacuous soul.

  • Robin

    grammatical ehh lol ;-P

  • SeniorLass

    I don’t know why they don’t show the graphic pictures. You need to scare these stupid people silly so they won’t go near it. Dear God, we are becoming something sub-human! Please, post all you can so people can see before they’re stupid enough to try the stuff.

  • GneeRee

    If the author of this article intends on being taken seriously they should really make sure their spelling is correct!

  • Becky

    Marc R. You should not be so fast to judge. Ill tell you something I know first hand. I was raised right, my parents instilled values and I always said no to drugs as a teen and young adult. I was a youth minister, a firefighter, teacher, and mother. PIllar of the community. I got into a bad wreck, Dr rx pain pills. With in four very fast long years, I went through divorce, addiction, IV use. I am sober now by Grace of my Higher Power whom I call GOD. When you are high on one thing, trying another is not out of the question. It could easily become one of your friends or family. You seem to know everything, and know how you would or would not react. Becareful, I also had your attitute, I HATED a drug addict as a teen and young adult. I would tell you how horrible they were and how they MADE that choice. Well I am humble today. Well wishes. Respectfully, Becky_ a recovering addict who did not use until age 33, and had my sh*t together. (my real name)

  • Robin

    My Dad was an addict. He was a straight laced pilot…military type upstanding guy as a young man. He got married, had kids and started his life…. Then the gov’t came knocking at the door offering my Mom a way out. They were doing research in the 70’s on the effects of divorce on children and were offering women in low income neighborhoods a chance to have their own income (gov’t provided)…IF they divorced their husbands. So she jumped at it. Left my Dad…took his kids (kidnapped us, we were in hiding for 2 months when I called him because it was unfair) …being 1970’s Dads were considered unimportant…really only important as money earners. It devistated him. He spiraled down into ill health (still no drugs, amazingly in drug riddled 70’s) then he met a woman who showed it all to him. Started partying with attorneys, judges, politicians…started with pot but the 80’s were all about cocaine. All the cool people were doing it. He partied with millionaires. But his luck wasn’t like the others…he was the addict in the group. He used more and more…partially to erase his horror at losing his children…losing his point in existing. Then came the oil crash and thus the real estate crash…he went from millionaire playboy partyer…to dealer for the rich… but in his addiction he would use too much for himself and give poor quality to the rich people…so he slowly slid down the slide…dealing to poorer and poorer people…dealing things he would never have touched in the early days. Then John Belushi died…speedballing. My Dad’s hero, if it was good enough for Belushi, was good enough for Dad…so days after Belushi died my Dad started shot up. I don’t know if he ever did heroine or not…wouldn’t suprise me because everything else was there.

    He didn’t die from drugs…well not overdose anyway…he died at 51 looking 90 from a used up body…a personality that was utterly different than my father…mean, angry, scary. The more drugs he did, the more the chemicals changed in his mind. I was around many times when needles were sticking out of his arm, he was running around the house freaking out about bizarre things, sitting like a 5 yr old concentrating on slicing the bristles of the hair brush open to “find the microphones”…one time he thought I was someone coming in to steal his drugs and he shot in the dark at me. I only survived because I knew guns and heard the cocking action so I hit the floor…I felt the bullet go thru my hair.

    No one sits down and says, “right today I choose to be an addict. I choose to sit in my own filth. I chose to lose all my family and friends. I chose to live in the freezing cold homeless and get on avg 2-4 hrs of sleep a night being moved on by police. I chose to have a horrible existence.” NOBODY chooses that. I am not an addict. I do not take drugs. I am terrified of addiction, because I KNOW it is not a choice.

    I had cancer surgery 7 weeks ago and was given liquid morphine and fentanyl patches. The day my body TOLD me it wanted morphine…not for pain…but to stop the spider crawly sensation on my skin…that is the day I stopped utterly…4 weeks after major surgery. I was told it was dangerous by my docs…but I am terrified of addiction. I still have pain…really need something…but I am terrified.

    Addiction is not a choice…if it were why is smoking and obesity epidemic…addictions of a different ilk perhaps, but addictions all the same. Prayers going out to all people fighting addiction. Prayers going out to family who have lost loved ones to addiction. Prayers to soften the hearts of the ignorant and intolerant…may they never have to know what it is…to lose to the beast. <3

  • MeanieHead

    Moran is the name of a rep or senator… I can’t remember which… but I saw his name in the news the other day.

  • MeanieHead

    I want to know if you followed the prescription directions on your pain pills or if you “supplemented”.

  • MeanieHead

    Why is it inhumane to speak as Marc did? As one who was the daughter of an alcoholic and the ex-wife of alcoholic and drug user, don’t give me your self-righteous attitude missy. You have no idea what the hell kind of $hit drug use/alcohol abuse does to a family. Screw off.

  • MeanieHead

    And you screw off too.

  • MeanieHead

    Can’t handle the truth, eh?

  • MeanieHead

    You screw off too.

  • Marc Roffman

    Damn don’t point that out to them! I’ve been getting a kick out of them. I’ve been waiting for one of them to post “I only let my kids use the good heroin!”. The reasons they concoct to excuse drug abuse is depressing however. Not one of them accept responsibility for their actions.

  • DarwinAwards

    I thought we already were. Meanwhile, my wife just found out that she has to wait a year for a root canal. Maybe I should just get her heroine so her medical needs will be met instantly since she’s an “addict.”

  • Conrad Barb

    Are so sure of that fact?You comment like you think of yourself as intelligent.Unfortunately ,by your very comment you show your ignorance!I’ve seen and tried to rehab sons of preachers,politicians but most children from the law enforcement and drug rehabilitation officers.I don’t think you have any experience with the problem so just go back to having sex with your horses!

  • Conrad Barb

    He is too busy condemning others and having sex with his horse!lmao

  • Conrad Barb

    I am so glad to hear that you did defeat the demon.Not an easy thing to do ! Definately not as easy as condemning those you know nothing about.Is it Mark R.

  • Conrad Barb

    You are just another idiot and probably a member of the KKK! Oh wait that’s right they turned you down too!

  • Conrad Barb

    Mark of intelligence is language. Nuff said!

  • Dana

    Marc and Annett – wth does that have to do with it running wild into the mainstream. Your mindset is likeable to those doing the injecting.

  • Dana

    Mark.. Your wit is as dull as the beer tab on your Rolling Rock beer can.

  • M

    I’m with Marc-if you are dumb enough to use drugs, especially cheap knock offs you deserve to die because you are a moron for doing it in the first place. And Conrad its great that you help drug addicts get clean, but to insult those who say addicts get what they deserve is just as ignorant, because these people do it to themselves and need to suffer the consequences. It is called accountability maybe you’ve heard of it.

  • M

    Conrad you are the retard. Oh let’s make excuses like car accidents and depression to rationalize my drug abuse. It’s called will power and accountability. Those who can’t police themselves and shoot anything into their veins deserve their fate. Sick and tired of hearing about life events that led to abuse of drugs. Its called coping skills-deal with it. You are here insulting Marc because he merely points out that good parenting is the first step to preventing use, which is true. Yet you champion these low lifes. Did you snort a little cane back in the day? Suck dic% for money? What is it. Drugs are for pussies who cant handle life’s everyday challenges-if they die from making bad decisions well they deserved it-you fucking liberal asswipe

  • Nancy Logan

    Hey!! Wow!! A new way to end the drug trade/problem,,,,, They take it and wa-la, death in a few years!! You can’t fix stupid but maybe stupid will fix itself!!!

  • Protestant Hebrew

    The best solution here is to out law it and give the government all of our money so they could micro-manage every ones life. We should even go as far and letting government monitor our brain patterns unless we just simply toy with the thought of doing such a thing and impose hefty punishments calling them “thought crimes”. Yep …the only solution here is to empower the government and just hope they don’t decide to turn on us someday and make us slaves of the political elite.

  • Protestant Hebrew

    Do it for the children!

  • SoSueMe

    I won`t apologize for not feeling any sympathy for these ‘people’ for they have to self-inject which means they intended to put a poison into their bodies to achieve some sort of disconnect.
    Death is the ultimate disconnect.

  • SoSueMe

    I thought this was the Free Patriot? Reading y`alls posts it sounds like a bunch of damn Progressives have taken over.
    What happened to people being responsible for their own actions?
    These addicts are responsible for what happens to them , move on.

  • Doug Rau

    Ditto to a previous comment. If people are stupid enough to inject this garbage into their body, they deserve to die. It’s Mother Nature’s way of cleaning the gene pool.

  • Billy Ross

    Okay, two points. To call it a “designer” drug is totally false. The whole point of a designer drug is to enhance the potency, whilst REDUCING side-effects and addiction. Like Ecstacy, for example.

    This is a trashy blog made purely for scaremongering. As for the author, perhaps he might gain a little more credibility if he proofread before posting. He spells like a 14-year-old.

  • Karen

    God never meant for these substances to be put in our bodies. We can’t blame Him when things go wrong if we make the wrong choices.

  • debra

    Mark and Annette are pretty darn smart. Maybe I would feel differently if it was my kid, but the truth is it is not my kid, and it will not be my kid. Why? Because his genius geek genes will live on. I taught him to think for himself. Thats right; I parented. Peer pressure? If that’s the true killer, then I agree. Weed out the weak.

  • grammar nazi

    “border states” not boarder ….

  • Gina

    And wonder who the ones are who hope that it does.

  • 914

    Now their body’s can match their brains.

  • Mike Yeager

    Darwin was right.

  • Summer

    Sorry to hear this, but we all make choices.

  • Drew K

    Good for you Robin.. “Some” in here are showing true judgement and low intellegnce to think they have the right to decide who deserves death and to think they even go as far to “blame parenting”. Failing to know the real truths involved is trully ignorant. Too Many “factors” are involved in todays society.. as you bravely pointed out!

  • suzannabanana

    While this is an important and tragic topic, the spelling, grammatical, and sentence structure errors throughout the article were distracting. It was hard to read at times.

  • Kadie

    Drug users do drugs… regardless of the consequences, or the ‘brand’. Alcoholics drink alcohol… regardless of the consequences, or the ‘brand’. OTC abusers do OTCs… regardless of the consequences, or the ‘brand’. We can do this all day…

    SO, there’s another ‘worse’ drug out there. BFD.

  • Chava

    You don’t know anything about kids do you? My mom raised my brothers all the same, same genes, same upbringing, everything. Guess what? IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!!! Kids will be kids and the moment you start telling yourself that your kid is better than anyone elses you just screwed yourself. My one brother, biggest drug user I know. The rest of us? All graduated from High School (except for my youngest two brothers who are in their last year), all getting jobs and working for ourselves, trying to live on our own while supporting ourselves, not an addiction. We have all grown up the same way, yet, we are not all perfect. Stop fooling yourself because if you keep doing that, you will soon be proven wrong. Please, if you have what you call “geek genes” start using your brain for once.

  • Jim Bendtsen

    chirp, don’t take drugs. chirp, chirpity, chirp, chirp.

  • Mark Winstanley

    i agree it’s preferable for people to not take drugs, but as nancy found out, just say no is not going to work. wishing death on those caught in the disease is so pathetic that it is beyond any reasonable reply. so chirp away budgie

  • DavidWerling

    Pride goeth before the fall.

  • Phaedra

    Jesus Christ, what kind of reporter misspells so many words in an article? The second paragraph is total crap too. Boarders? (borders), heroine (heroin) Sheesh, Does anyone go to school any more? I had to get that off my chest, now about this drug; I’m a mean person, I think drug addicts deserve what they get.

  • Phaedra

    Exactly! It was like reading an article a little kid wrote!

  • Greg Scott

    GOOD, let the junkies weed themselves out….less stress on the economy…

  • Ken Osborn

    Anyone injecting the unknown should expect the unknown. One way to get rid of the useless produceless of the world. Keep up the good work Russia!

  • AlexisKlatt

    Parents teach your kids to say no to drugs period & set the fine example yourselves. This was likely not the first time he experimented with drugs. It all begins with soft drugs like marijuana & escalates from there!

  • Conrad Barb

    You sound like you speak from experience!So you say you have sucked cock.Who cares? When the shit falls in your lap you always blame others .Never accepting responsability for anything.Damn that makers you a total loser.So curse all you want it won’t help your sorry ass!

  • kelly wilson

    say what you may. dope took my family, my house, my career, my money, my friends, my self respect, my sanity. my pride. it left me with nothing, certainly not the ability to be self righteous. i am grateful for my life. that’s all i have left. you make me sad for you for what you have been through.

  • Matthew Tyler Preston

    all drugs are bad people should continue to get locked up for doing them they should all remain illegal. I don’t know why anyone would want to do the dumb things i’m 22 and never once did them but shame on those who support this sinful addiction.

  • Joseph Budd

    Can’t wait to see what Californians think about this, and how soon they can get it legalized…

  • Mark Winstanley

    it’s just a troll mate. put it back to sleep with silence

  • Mark Winstanley

    a gutless, big mouthed loser posts here. too gutless to have a name. and who is basically wishing death on people he doesn’t know, for reasons he can’t understand.
    i think people who wish other people died for bad decisions, circumstances should be shot in the face with high calibre hollow point bullets.

  • B Maky

    I mostly agreed with you until this point. It’s easier to quit heroin than it is to quit amoking your lovely little death sticks, which is legal, addictive and very available to children. But I do think the fucktards who do these drugs kinda have it coming. And this is coming from someone who has dealt with and still deals with a fair share of druggies.

  • B Maky

    But you allowed it to. There’s no excuse for that. As the wife of a guy (because I cannot call him a man) who allowed drugs and crime to be more important to him than his family, I don’t feel sorry for any druggie ever. I went through more hell than he’ll ever know he put me through, and there have been and still are many times I wish he’d just die. Users affect everyone and hurt many more than themselves. It’s a choice. It’s a choice to start, it’s a chouce to continue using and it’s a choice to quit. But there’s also the choice to never try it.

  • Rian

    Marc…I’m not sure what you consider to be great parenting. Obviously you had the best that ever existed. In my experience, addiction knows no boundaries, and has no prejudice to whom it tackles. Doctors, lawyers, priests, students, the homeless. But I suppose none of those people had the sheer willpower you do. Congrats, you are a specimen of perfection. Now, back here on planet earth where humans are vulnerable, please open your eyes. Do you really think the person who uses heroin made that choice? Or is it possible that it started with a few budweisers in a back yard as a kid with his buddies (and maybe even his parents) and slowly worked it’s devilish magic to mushrooms, or acid, then maybe a few lines of cocaine, or oxy, then when nothing else worked as well, it moved to heroin.

    Just trying to be open minded to your opinion. I am a recovering addict, and I had the best parents a person could ask for (in my humble opinion). Did I make the choice to lose everything I ever had by abusing drugs? Not really. But I’m no where near as strong as you, because my self will just couldn’t keep it under control.

    I hope that if you have kids (I didn’t read all your comments so I’m not sure on this), that they never have to suffer any real hardship due to addiction, because I’d hate to know that they would be subject to ridicule, and ostracized for being weak, and then to have the knowledge that they’ll never live up to daddy’s expectations. However at least you’d have the smarts to ‘kick their asses’, as that would definitely solve the problem.

    Do yourself a favour, and go do some community service at a rehab clinic and see how strong some of these people are. You might be surprised to know it’s just not that simple. But I’m sure my opinion doesn’t matter to you as my open mind, seems to ‘support this drug and the criminals that use it’.

    This isn’t an attack on your personality, but what you stand for…and I am sure you’re a good man, but your philosophical views are a bit out there.

  • kelly wilson

    i understand. and like the people who were in my life, i’m sorry you chose to get in involved with a doper and not to run before it hurt so.

  • NanaK

    Good riddance!! They want use drugs, they know the consequences!! We’ll have less idiots to support on welfare who are getting free rides in hospitals and rehab centers to get “cured”, but they never do…It’s a little heartless to say that, but they do it to themselves.. It is what it is!!!

  • Greta

    Zombie Apocalypse

  • Celisa

    I was around people that did a lot of drugs, etc and I didn’t succumb to peer pressure. It depends on the individual. Are they a leader or a follower? Are they strong or w
    eak willed?

  • Person_without_color

    Krokodil is a polish drug, not Russian

  • lotsofluv

    You allowed this “guy” to put you through hell as much as she allowed drugs to take everything from her… Maybe you should have been a little stronger or made better choices in your “guys”

  • Jm3

    Cleaning out the ones which our society chooses to continually marginalize, kick while they’re down, rather than help them in the struggles which the same society created. Take responsibility! This could be anyone of our children. Imagine your daughters raped, beaten, abused, then ends up hooked on drugs. What the hell does your genetics have to do with that! It’s nothing but ignorance and stupidity on this board.

  • check your facts

    It was created in the USA back in 1932, it was called Desomorphine. The russians altered the drug.

  • teamdonovan23

    Can’t we just end the Afghanistan situation, by having soldiers pass this out to supposed Al Qaida members, and tell them it’s nummy nummy candy, and to share it with their friends??

  • SouthBayPat

    It originated in the good ole USA, and was altered in Russia using an easier “obtainable on the street” ingredient list!

  • SouthBayPat

    What are you trying to say? I think you mean Washington or Colorado don’t you? They are the only two states to legalize anything to the GP so far. I am a medical marajuana patient in California and thank God everyday for it! If I didn’t have it I couldn’t have any resemblence of a normal life!

  • B Maky

    I didn’t “choose to get with a doper” it started after we had been married for a while. And when you’re already married, it hurts no matter how soon you leave. So you’re wrong in assuming otherwise.

  • B Maky

    Glad you have an opinion on the type of “guys” I should choose. But as I told the other idiot who assumed things, it happened a while after we had been married. I don’t nor ever have done drugs, therefore I didn’t enter into the relationship knowing full well what a piece of ahit he’d end up being. But I’m sure both you amd Kelly have NEVER EVER had anything horrible/tragic happen to you that was COMPLETELY out of your control and I sure hope you never do because people out there are judgmental assholes, especially when they don’t understand and start assuming shit.

  • ghost

    this is what they should keep on the street dont take it off let it clear the idiots out well at least some of them…hell bring it to my town ill back it up…let them get high i like this fact…