Should John McCain Be Charged With Treason?


Article III of the US Constitution is very specific on what is treason. “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attained. ” Basically the Constitution defines the act of Treason as “levying war against” or aiding and rendering our aid to our enemies. Last week, the US Senate led by Senators Grahm, Pelosi, McCain, and Feinstein made a show of support in what was a gesture to wave the U.S.  restrictions on giving funds to a terrorist nation that President Obama had already waved. That caused a diatride by a lot of people including myself and Glen Beck that this is treason and everyone involved is guilty of Treason. So should John McCain be charged with Treason?

John McCain is a war hero right? He was a former POW. He was supposedly tortured under the Viet Cong. However the story that he tells the media and the story that his fellow veterans tell are two different stories.  Several United States Veterans, to include Army Colonel Earl Hopper, Gerard Kiley, Colonel Ted Guy, and Cpl. Bob Dumas founded an organization called Veterans Against McCain. In fact, they allege from the beginning of his capture, John McCain, the Admiral’s son, was a collaborator with the North Vietnamese Army.  A house bill to release the records, including the as many as 38 anti-American propaganda broadcasts for Radio Hanoi went through the House of Representatives at a record vote of 401-0. When it got to the Senate, president front runner for the Republican Party snowballed it and filibustered it till the Senate voted against it. The fact remains that a traitor to the American public forced it to be classified forever, the question you have to ask yourself is why?

But that isn’t all on McCain’s list of why he should be called a traitor. In 2008 a record of his financing came out that included Merill Lynch, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs of the whole Fanny May and Freddie Mac housing scandal fame totaling almost two million dollars. There are some other interesting donations including 169k from the US Army, $202k from the US Government, and $146k from the US Department of Defense. But that isn’t the ones that delve into being a traitor although one has to question big time bank structures who sold bad loans to millions and the US defense contractors giving thousands if not millions to this man.

Recently John McCain was quoted as saying “Allah Ackbar” is the same as “Praise God”. Not only is this a blatantly false statement but one has to wonder why. An old friend used to tell me if I wanted to find out who was in charge of who to “follow the Money”. Well it seems that Senator John McCain has some very questionable contributions from Hamas (a known terrorist organization) and CAIR.  Now why would two foundations in the rapid Isolation of the United States and advocate to change our laws to Sharia be giving this man money? Does that not state that he is once again aiding and abetting our enemies of the state since we have been at war with them for 12 years on paper and over 200+ years off paper?


Now here is a photo from May 2013. Mind you we are still at war with Al Queda. This photo is John McCain palling around with armed Jehadists from Syria.

During a brief visit to northern Syria from Turkey, confirmed by his office Monday, McCain met with rebel leaders calling for greater support in their fight against Assad. He was accompanied by the chief of staff of the rebel Supreme Military Council, Gen. Salim Idriss. The tourists were kidnapped by armed rebels in Azaz, in Syria’s Aleppo province, in May last year as they were making their way back to Lebanon on a bus tour. The photo, released by McCain’s office, shows McCain with a group of rebels. Among them are two men identified in the Lebanese press as Mohamed Nour and Abu Ibrahim, two of the kidnappers of the group from Lebanon. – See more at:”

This is a real photo. The quote above is from a web site with the entire interview. McCain not only came into Syria through Turkey which at the time was against our treaty, but he is laughing and cutting up with kidnappers. This is not only a Direct Violation of the Geneva Convention and Chapter 18 USC!  This my friends is aiding and abetting in its finest form and with photographic evidence. John McCain is a traitor.

Then we have the voting to bomb Assad. He goes into a meeting and not only in three hours starts playing video poker. Then he votes with the counsel to bomb Syria despite the interview he gave to the media. His vote is recorded as yes for military action in Syria. Could it be that his pals from the Al Queda backed Syrian Rebels he palled around with a few months earlier have his ear? Could it be that the campaign finances from the Muslim Brotherhood backed CAIR? Could it be his campaign finances with Hamas? All the evidence points to one thing clearly, he already made up his mind. He is in bed with the enemy.

He won’t stand up to Obama-care. He is definitely compromised. So now as a token vote on what Obama has already done, giving $196 million dollars to the Syrian Rebels, giving them weapons including anti-aircraft missiles, and supplies. He knows that they are the enemy. He was over there against the treaty. The question isn’t is John McCain a traitor…the question is why hasn’t Arizona recalled him and tried him for treason! We leave you with a video from a recent town hall meeting in Arizona.

A Marine Corps Vet reads a letter and charges McCain openly with Treason.  If someone was charging you with treason and you had nothing to hide, how would you answer? As for McCain, he answers that the question with no anger simply saying that this  is beneath him. Perhaps he knows that we already know the answer and is just trying to save his own worthless hide. John McCain, you are not a Republican In Name Only (RINO),. No, you sir are a traitor to the American Public and should be tried as such according to the Article Three of the US Constitution. The evidence abounds.

  • Chad Dolloff

    Songbird McCain

  • Jb_fastpitch

    Disgusting liar and thief as well as a Traitor.

  • tbonpc

    Hell Yes, and Imprisoned for natural life.

  • Brian Thompson

    Lock him up.

  • Cate Wines, Ph.D.

    Jane Fonda was worse and she was never charged! John McCain is an ex-POW. He’s old, sick, tired and needs to be forced to retire or be recalled by his state. Otherwise leave him alone.

  • Susanne Stockman-Murphy

    This whole post is a down right lie. Sen McCain was in fact captured, tortured along with many. My very best friend and neighbor in the Army wound up at Hotel Hanoi” as they call it and can absolutely dispute these rumors being spread about sen McCain! Stop spreading rumors and stop trying to turn people against a Patriot. You are making stories up.

  • Linked2People

    To me this reads as some political spin doctoring by the staff of our current leader Obama Bin Laden.

  • wakeuprighties

    Wow, did you forget your tinfoil hat again? This whole thing is a teabagger’s wet dream and, like most teabagger stuff, has no basis in reality. Oh, and by the way, it’s “waive,” not “wave.”

  • TimboT

    Castration and Exile would be befitting.

  • Allen Black

    Since when is Pelosi a senator??

  • Brandon Walker

    No, Actually I’m not….go to veterans against McCain and see for your self. The links and videos are attached to this article. Watch the videos and judge for yourself.

  • BeefnBean

    This is why you don’t keep re-electing people like this back into office year after year! Throw him OUT!

  • al goodwin

    OBama has done worse to this country I just retired from the army from wounds from Iraq, The us needs to wake up..The problem is right in front of all of us but its like a kid with a new toy all you see is what you want to see then its too late to fix it. good by life as we used to know . I hope like me all of know islam and have read their bible and understand why they want to kill you ………..good luck

  • George

    People don’t care anymore. No matter what you do, the outcome is the same. No one cares anymore. Posted it on FB. No answer. NONE! People don’t care, and frankly, I don’t either anymore. No matter what you do, and where you live, you’re going to have corrupt politicians in power. Period. It’s been like this since the beginning of time.

  • George

    It’s a good start… Let’s put his buddies in the same vice grip. ;)

  • Gus Meyer

    Hang this piece of shit Traitor

  • Rick

    Maybe he was in a different Hanoi Hilton..

  • Rick

    Unfortunately soo many of our elected leaders lie so much and so often, who can you believe these days?

  • Monsterlover

    Dear Brandon Walker, your spelling and grammar are both pretty terrible. You wrote “Last week, the US Senate led by Senators Grahm, Pelosi, McCain, and Feinstein made a show of support in what was a gesture to wave the U.S. restrictions on giving funds to a terrorist nation that President Obama had already waved. That caused a diatride by a lot of people including…” Diatride isn’t even a word. Wave is what a flag does. Waive may have been a better choice. No one’s going to be charged with treason. Do you seriously have nothing better to write about? Go back to school and pay attention when they show you how to use spell check.

  • yena

    Okay wow how about they ask his friend that he met in vietnam when he was Pow/Mia.!
    And question why go after mccain how about the jerk in office now?!!! Thought nobody cared about mccain? Thought everyone didn’t want to talk about him. You see him in pictures talking to other countries and religions, but obama brings them over and even worse he’ll fly over and pray with them.

  • yena

    I do agree that if this is true he should be locked up however now a days who the fuck knows

  • TimboT

    Like most people John McCain is uninformed about “Allahu Akhbar”. It means “God is Great”. Indeed God is far more than mere GREAT but the major problem is this; the God Muslims worship is NOT GOD. The so-called god they follow unbeknownst to nearly all of them is Satan. Satan created Islam 600+ years after the Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ, it too k the Enemy that long to concoct this “MUSLIM LIE” so many have fallen to accept. I personally have seen Christ and know exactly “WHO HE IS” and let me tell you now “HE” is God, Savior, Eternal Majesty, Lamb of God and Righteous King Above All and Over All~! McCain is just another sell-out who has sold his soul to the devil, there are billions. Peace in Christ to all who will listen and come.

  • Don Yaxley

    John Kerry was no better as he lied to Congress about what he witnessed in Vietnam.

  • Vann Wilson

    you and Hanoi jane are one in the same

  • Vann Wilson

    picking on someone because they don’t spell correctly is bs

  • Danny Collins

    the worst is yet to come, hang them
    treason is serious..pull your money out of banks and wall street

  • Christien DuBois

    If they can’t be intelligent enough to write English properly, to which many people so aggressive state that other people should learn how to speak, read and write properly, how can we be expect them to write intelligent, plausible and rational ideas?

  • rob

    as a navy man, hang him from the highest yardarm!

  • rob

    wow! you showed him.

  • Vann Wilson

    who are you to tell someone what to do they can express their openion at any time

  • Vann Wilson

    a leader is supost lead by example most of this gov is in somebodys pocket crooked as can be

  • Christien DuBois

    Unfortunately, I literally can’t decipher what you are trying to tell me.

  • Vann Wilson


  • American Patriot

    I wish the VIET CONG would have KILLED HIM and saved US from his life as an ELECTED TRAITOR!
    SHEEP follow any leader that makes a command, Obama is NO DIFFERENT, he LIES and then thinks HE has some miracle power to order us to follow him over the cliff to our death…SORRY, NOT happening, CAPTAIN BULLSHIT!

  • Susanne Stockman-Murphy

    You do not know me. I am 100% pro America and stand up for our beliefs and freedoms. I have 3 sons of which 2 have served in the Military protecting people like you so you can still today enjoy freedom of speech. My one son still serves now 19 years and has seen way too much 3rd world terror and inhumanity. For you to call me Hanoi Jane is ignorant and disgusting. I know nothing of you except that you must be a pathetic uneducated loser that sucks on society to get your rocks off! .

  • Vann Wilson

    I am 140% disabled decorated marine sgt 1st bn 9th marines delta co jan68-69+ khe sanh laos the z I can speak my mind in this nation

  • Vann Wilson

    why don’t you find away to get mccanes sealel military records released to the public his dad the adm didn’t allow the rescue attempts for the uss liberty to continue

  • Kilkee

    I haven’t personally seen Christ. Next time you talk, please have him call me. Meanwhile, not e that in Arabic, “Allah” means “God.” How does a Lebanese Christian refer to his God? “Allah.” How does an Iraqi Christian refer to his God? “Allah.”