Is Racist “N” Word Red Lobster Receipt a Hoax? Story Goes Viral, but What is the Truth?

Red Lobster Receipt

In a story we ran two days ago, that’s both gone viral and been banned from a couple of pages on Facebook, about a waitress who’d received a hateful, racist comment as her tip, instead of cash, (See original story here: Waitress Gets Racist Remark Instead of Tip) many have asked the question, ‘Is this real? Or did this girl fake this for publicity?’ Here, we give you the facts of the case, through video, and allow you to decide. Either way, it’s 2013 people, not 1950. Stop seeing skin tone and see your fellow man. Remember, there is but one race; the human race!

Free Patriot contributor Kevin E Lake is an Iraq War Veteran and an author. He has published five books and contributes to several media outlets. Follow him on Facebook at – See more at:

  • Robert Long

    If I don’t see it happen before my eyes I will reserve some benefit of the doubt.

  • Debra

    Not enough evidence either way. Neither one should be judged until the hand writing is analysed against Barnes and his wife.

  • Wuz nt Me

    People that use foul words to hurt other people are just weak-minded and immature. At the same time, get over it. The need to exact some revenge or punishment is just as petty as the offense.

  • blnzrfn


  • FBI Agent Fields

    lol analyze the handwriting? surely you’re kidding. This isn’t a capital murder case. Do you simpletons really believe they’re going to call in an FBI handwriting analysis team for this? It’s not illegal not to leave a tip at a restaurant. It is also not a crime to call someone a nigger, even to their face. Sad if it’s true, but come on. She probably says the word “nigga’ to her black friends half a dozen times before breakfast. Somebody call the waaahmbulance

  • John Ferguson

    Instead of speculating and letting this go crazy, ask Mr. Barnes…..simple solution…..

  • Gee Bailey

    Mr Barnes has quite a lawsuit if this is made up

  • David

    Your response is quite ignorant. The analyst is required to clear his professional name and reputation along with his safety. Have you read the responses regarding going after him. In addition, he has a 7 figure lawsuit pending if this is truly fictional bc numerous rights were breached by the posting of the receipt with his name and signature

  • Frank_four_fingers

    This is pretty fun hoax or not. I would be pretty mad if I got a receipt that said. Nigger or Spic.

  • Mike Rush

    There is but one race.. the Human Race..

    and black africans don’t belong to it. They are sub-humans..

  • Shooga J

    I do have to agree with you on this. Humans have evolved to be become great thinkers and creators. Africans still live in the same mud huts for thousands of years. Also consider the utter collapse of two African States (Rhodesis and South Africa). Both were once ruled by humans. And now the native populations have taken over, and brought their mud hut abilities on a national scale. Plus, you cannot think with your muh-dik. No, I do not see how they can be considered human. But that is my opinion. Gnomesayin?

  • stormal

    You [ahem] gentlemen are merely elitist Neanderthals.

  • stormal

    If he’s eating at Red Lobster, I sincerely believe that he cannot afford a reputable attorney.

  • Shooga J

    I am still better looking then you.

  • John Stampos

    to say there is “one race” is ignorant. Black people do not say this so why should white people lie to themselves to feel-good about themselves.

  • bluestatehostage

    Gee…10 days later…no further word on this story. Sure looks like the she-boon made the whole thing up…what a shock. These animals are always trying to shake humans down and “get paid”. It’s sickening, and the thing that makes it even worse is all the Obama-worshiping, self-hating white a$$-wholes. let me spell it out for you…they’re not people, they’re animals. They possess no more capacity for logical thought and reasoning than a dog does. It’s all about getting their “muh-dick” on, all about how they can make whitey pay for their ignorance and lack of direction. Niggers- here’s the deal- you call me “cracker”, you call me “honkey”, you call me “wood”…I call you nigger.

  • Factspeaker

    The verdict is in. Analysts have declared it a fake and written By Toni Christina Jenkins.