Obama and his 73 private armies of Gestapo Government

EPA is playing Chicken, Alaska

The recent dispatch of EPA storm troopers into tiny little Chicken, Alaska, is just one further bit of proof of what happens when this or any administration places itself above the law and it should concern every single American.  This past week, the EPA sent a heavily armed force to the gold mine in Chicken, Alaska, population 17, to conduct a raid.  All told there are 73 armed groups within the federal government, including the Library of Congress.

Gov Sean Parnell has ordered an investigation into the incident and both senators, Lisa Murkowski, (R) and Mark Begich, (D) have added their concerns about a raid used to terrorize and intimidate Alaskan citizens.

“This level of intrusion and intimidation of Alaskans is absolutely unacceptable.” Parnell

“This seems to have been a heavy-handed and heavy-armor approach. Why was it so confrontational? The EPA really didn’t have any good answers for this.”  Murkowski

Murkowski went on to say that the reports of massive drug and human traficking sounds, “wholly concocted” to her.

The Obama administration has a long reputation of using intimidation when they have no legal basis for action. The Sacketts v EPA is one such case.  In that case, Mike and Chantell Sackett, were told by the EPA that they could not build a house on land they owned, because after a rain, a mud puddle would appear.  They further abused the Sacketts by trying to deny them their constitu5tional rights to an appeal, by trying to fine them $75,000 dollars a day.

The case went all the way to the Supreme Court, where the Sacketts were vindicated in an unanimous decision.  The court ruled that excessive fines were used to intimidate the couple and to keep them from fighting the order in court.

This same tactic was used in a case between Hobby Lobby and the US Health and Human Services Department.  In that case the HHS wanted Hobby Lobby to pay fines totalling $1.3 million a day, should they choose to appeal.  It too was tossed by the courts.

How wide spread is this intentional intimidation of anyone guilty of violating Obama’s ideology?  Currently there are 62 suits similar to Hobby Lobby filed against the HHS.

This has turned out to a failed policy, with the Obama administration winning only 37% of the cases brought before the Supreme Court.  The historical average for a president from either party is in excess of 70%.  Perhaps that is why the administrations is trying a new tack.

Up until now, they have been satisfied using threats and excessive fines.  Will armed intimidation be the next step?  Or will the backlash cause the floundering administration to back off.

We now know that there 73 such armed groups scattered within our federal government.  24 federal agencies employ more than 250 armed officers and another 16 have less than 250 armed officers, including the Library of Congress, the Federal Reserve, National Institute of Health, and National Oceanic and the Atmospheric Administration.

When you include other armed entities within the government, including,offices of inspector general, the government watchdogs for agencies as large as the Postal Service to the Government Printing Office, whose IG has only five full-time officers, the total becomes 73.

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