Iran: Attack on Syria will result in Sasha Obama’s abduction and rape


“It was horrific, medieval and barbarous…”

A former Iranian provincial governor and current central government advisor is warning that any American attack on Syria will result in the kidnapping and tortureof American on a global scale as well as the abduction and sexual assault on the youngest of the Obama daughters, as reported by Reza Kahlili of the right-of-center news portal The Daily Caller on Sept. 5, 2013.

Alireza Forghani, the former governor of southern Iran’s Kish Province and currently cited as an “analyst and strategy specialist” for the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader Ali Hosseini Khamenei, has threatened U.S. officials and their families world-wide as well as Sasha Obama if the American Chief Executive follows through on his vow to launch an attack on the forces of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad.

Penned in both Farsi (the native language in Iran) as well as broken English, Forghani posted on-line:

Hopefully Obama will be pigheaded enough to attack Syria, and then we will see the … loss of U.S. interests [through terrorist attacks].

In just 21 hours [after the attack on Syria], a family member of every U.S. minister [department secretary], U.S. ambassadors, U.S. military commanders around the world will be abducted.

And then 18 hours later, videos of their amputation will be spread [around the world].

In addition, Forghani warned:

We should remind Obama that if you are a bastard, there are other bastards all around the world who can assault Sasha.

Obama will attack Syria and then you’ll go to hell, and the world’s public opinion will accept that you deserve to be attacked and assaulted, so PLEASE attack.

According to Kahlili, the Farsi version of the text “clearly stated that Sasha will be raped by someone who has been able to get close to the Obama family.”

Forghani is also reportedly closely aligned with Mehdi Taeb, the chief of the hard-line Islamist think tank The Ammar Strategic Base which is widely believed to be the command and control center for Iran’s so-called “soft war” in Syria.

The Iranians have made good their threats of kidnapping and torture of Americans in the past.

William Buckley, the CIA station chief who was abducted in Beirut in 1984 and later killed by Hezbollah on Iran’s order, was tortured to death by his captors.

In a video of the torture, former CIA Director William Casey later described what he saw in the video:

They had done more than ruin his body.

His eyes made it clear his mind had been played with.

It was horrific, medieval and barbarous.

  • Patti Zubrickas Fast

    See now I’m not a fan of OBAMMA but you do NOT go around threatening bodily harm to a young American girl!! No American girl! That in itself is criminal. And angers me.

  • proudwhite

    Oh oh…POS ILLEGAL musSLIME obamma’ musSLIME “brothers” are ANGRY now!Haa too funny!

  • Laura Castillo

    I find this repulsive and barbaric. I find that Obama’s appeasement of the part of the world that would even threaten such things to be EXACTLY what is placing Americans in danger in the 1st place. Arming these terrorists and allowing them to invade America legally and even take prestigious government positions has now placed us all at risk. Our presidents foreign policy (or lack thereof) and simultaneous partnership with the muslim brotherhood has now created a world wide war on America. The brotherhood and its terrorist factions now view us as weak and vulnerable. We are no more able to protect ourselves than the women and children they slaughter daily. They are testing us. WE have failed. They have now dared us to cross THEIR red line in the sand. if we cross, we will be at war, not only with them, but with Russia. And if we dont cross, will will be victimized relentlessly by the playground bully. WE LOSE. We have to stand up, not only internationally, but here at home too. We need leaders to lead. We do not need a dictator to lead us to our immanent deaths. We do not need to be sacrificed. WE are the only ones who can stand up and take our dignity back. Washington obviously WILL NOT DO IT FOR US. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. ~ Laura

  • Ben Nash

    I’ll say it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama did it himself to start a war. OUCH I SAID IT, and you know he’s that crazy.

  • Darrel Winchell

    What a horrible world we live in,I’m no fan of obumas but those muslims need to be wiped out completely.

  • jolie

    I am not a fan of Obama but if that country thinks that they can do this without getting just rewards , they better think again . You will definitely ignite anger and retaliation from America such as you could never imagine .

  • AmRev

    Nobody else wants to say it? I will. I hope this actually happens. Dont get me wrong, Im not advocating for the kidnapping and rape of Americans, but clearly, Obama is NOT an American. So therefore I would love to see his wife and children taken from him and then have him watch the videos of what they do to them so he will understand what a piece of shit he is and what he has brought upon himself and this nation. I hope he sees that even his actions have consequences.

  • Denise Bender Donardt

    I dislike Obummer as much as any typical white American woman should. (sarcasm) but you go threatening a young woman any young woman and you have crossed a line. This is typical of the Brother hood… Yet Obimbo and Obummer are all for it until they think there children are threatened. I do not believe in this war yet if they threaten any American it should be dealt with… Bengaza should still be dealt with… Impeach them all and then get the idiots that think Americans can be threatened.

  • Memento Mori

    Sick statement, or threat, but sad as it is, there is no shortage of muslim brotherhood types with greater access to the white house and the Obama family, than the average American….

  • scott

    you know how I see it,”If you choose to lay with dogs,you may get fleas”,if Obama chose to ally himself with the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Quaida,to hell with him and his family,you reap what you sew

  • scott

    you know how I see it,”If you choose to lay with dogs,you may get fleas”,if Obama chose to ally himself with the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Quaida,to hell with him and his family,you reap what you sew,so to me screw them.They want to act like they are royalty,they want to jetset around the world,he wants to flex his military might(to which he was too pussy to join the military)just as they are laughing at Americans who are starving while they are living like royalty,I say let it happen so we the American people can have the last laugh,I wish they would take the moose to but hey,I guess even terrorists have standards who they will abduct.

  • Defuse Crime LLC

    “clearly stated that Sasha will be raped by someone who has been able
    to get close to the Obama family.”

    Only a terrorist coward would threaten to harm an innocent girl. Any of you who agree and condone this statement by the bastard who made it should be made to sleep with him! How dare you be accepting of a threat made against ANY child. When a man takes up a position of authority or a battle stance of any sort it is his body in the arena, and his head on the block, not that of his children!

    @laura_castillo:disqus ~ your statement is spot on in my opinion and it’s time for a change!

  • Defuse Crime LLC

    Only a slime terrorist coward would threaten a child! Regardless of what a man may or may not do in his life, when he takes up a position of authority or a battle stance of any sort, it is his body in the arena, and his head on the block, not those of his children!

    Any of those here that would be accepting or condone the statement of the bastard who made a threat against ANY child should be made to sleep with the coward! @laura_castillo:disqus ~ I concur and also find this sickening evil threat grossly repulsive and barbaric! This angers me …. greatly.

  • William E. Kusnerik

    Why don’t we just carpet bomb these cockroaches back to the Middle Ages? Nobody should threaten to rape a young girl, but I guess, that’s only to be expected from these twatwaffles that follow Islam. After all, that’s exactly what their “prophet” did! I can’t take seriously any “religion” that has as it’s main figure some scumbag who raped and married 9 yr old girls!

  • Shaun Roberts Sarsuelo

    The majority of this thread only shows that the majority of Americans are retards. The world does not revolve around you. This is about the loss of innocent lives. Why do you always think you are on a one man fist fight? America’s arrogance is its weakest flaw. We all have a responsibility to keep the sanity of this world intact. Are you saying we are just gonna stand by and watch the world tear itself apart? Don’t you think this will ricochet and bounce back to all of us? If we leave them to what they do best which is terrorizing their own people, what would they do next if you let them gain strength and power. When they’re through killing their own kind? Who do you think is next up their list? Some people just want to see the world burn. Evil only triumphs when good men do nothing.

  • Connie Alsip

    I say nuke Iran to a parking lot. Then, carry on. These kinds of threats make the elimination of Iran of paramount importance. Just make sure you nuke their capital to dust, and the rest of their major cities into holes in the ground. If anyone objects? Eliminate them. Miserable, misogynist, killers of innocents, stinking, stupid assholes. I hope all Muslims die. And I mean dead die. They are lower than snakes bellies, and have absolutely no way of justifying their existence. Oh, yeah, see if our armed forces can drop nukes on their president first, then on that miserable POS Amajenabad.

  • Aidan Moran

    So I went to the link of the original post, yet I don’t even see any mention of Sasha there at all… So perhaps the comments about Sasha were deleted? idk, that or whoever originally posted this knows that probably no Americans can actually speak Farsi, so they could just lie about what is being said. idk though, it could have been deleted afterwords.

  • Pablo Lopez

    i am against this war BUT when u start threatening begging us to hit u n think u gonna punk us n say shit like this bout innocent kids well now i got a problem n so do u because if u make threat on my kids or even look at my kids wrong we will fight i draw the line right there u do whatever u want to me but leave my kids out of it and i know every single american is the same way don’t fuck with our kids we agree with u this war should not take place and we are doing our best to not let it happen we know obama deceived us all and i agree he needs to b taken out of the head of the table we need someone like rand paul for president and i hope he runs this next election but we as americans need to take our govt back because its obvious it has its own agenda and is not talking for the people and anyone that doesn’t see that is blind if any country thinks we are scared of them ur dumber then u look yes we owe china shit load of money n they know with time they will get it back but we need to make changes if we are ever gonna get out that debt russia has big plans to destroy our economy which is y they in this n china dont care cus if we get out economy destroyed they take over our lands so yea they can step in the way n help russia but lets get something straight IF u can get threw our army our weapons then u need to come to our streets n fight n i promise u we wont back down n we will give u the fight of ur life so try us if u want to but i guarantee this with be Armageddon n the end of the world as we know it

  • lizzitish

    Well said, Laura. I could not have said it any better!

  • lizzitish

    And with all the blessing of congress. Time to impeach them ALL, every last one of them. Do you see at least one congressperson asking for his impeachment? I don’t.

  • lizzitish


  • Tam Loretta Grimes

    He is going to attack anyways because he thinks he is a God. He does not care about anyone but himself. But he will reap what he sews

  • lizzitish

    It is quite apparent that Oblammo cares not a iota about any American or anyone within its borders. He is ONLY caring about what is HIS, which includes his family. Sometimes, in order to get a point across to someone who is just too really stupid to understand anything at all, is to get to where it is personal. In this case, it is his family. I already have concerns about what he is doing with his older daughter, Malia. Many of the pictures show father-daughter poses that are just not natural for the rest of us family loving folk. Those pictures are just a tad over the top…if you get what I mean.

  • Last Paratrooper


  • kilee

    Fuck Obama and all the treasonous bastards that run this country.

  • kilee

    You guys sound like wimps! War will be all over the world soon so get use to it. Screw Obama and his family.

  • guest

    Its how islam works. The pres said he would side with them. Look how many millions he brought here. Now even he is getting a taste of it. Lets see if its a problem now. When we cried out we were called racists.

  • docola

    I cannot stand Obama nor his wife and it has to do with what they are doing to this country and Americans/legal immigrants. We cannot afford to spend money on attacking a country that doesn’t care anything about anyone. They are all savages, what they have done to hundreds of their children, doesn’t matter to them. For us to go bomb that country would kill many more children and adults of course also, so Obama would use our military to kill more children/adult, it wouldn’t be him doing it, but our military. I wished they would all strike, because it is not justified, and can you imagine the PTSD after that!? The Muslims/rebels have done this sort of killing so many times and same with Egypt they just kill off all the Christians, so they are savages also, they don’t care what they say and they probably mean what they said about Sasha. I never ever wish anything like the threat they made to happen to any child, not even Obama’s child. There are many things I wish, but that I would never wish. If I were him I would most definitely take that seriously because that is what those people do. There is no respect for women or children in those countries! We should stay out! I am thinking that Obama knows the risk and doesn’t care either, just like they don’t care, so hopefully he will think very hard before deciding on this attack. Our country has many problems, Obamacare, economy, joblessness, and more, and I am still thinking that Obama is not American and for some reason was able to sneak in, therefore he will not let any records about him be opened, just to take over our country, thinking also he is Muslim and not a good one. Nevertheless, his children should not be punished for his actions. I pray that Congress will not let him go through with this plan of weeks long attacks. Russian ships and Chinese ships will attack our ships, more dead for someone’s idiotic idea, and why anyway!? God help us all!

  • dd

    You have described islam. They use children as shields, bargaining chips, and sex toys. Werlcome to America today. This is a liberal protected group.

  • Carly Guerrero

    Sow not sew

  • Pitchman101

    Pretty powerful stuff. Bad blood and the threat of war brings out the worst in people. I dont agree with many of obama’s choices but to have your child threatend is just way over board. I would still want to see the proof Syria launched the chemical weapons. Any radical group may have acquired a chemical weapon and it could have been provided by another sourse just to pravoke a confrontation. Is Obama falling for the bait or does he realy have proof it was syria. He better be damn sure before starting world war three over an ego issue. It currently looks to me like theres plenty were NOT hearing. Something just doesnt smell right!

  • Bill Campbell

    He pretty much asked for it. Everyone around the world sees him as a big softy. They know now they can walk all over him. That’s why he’s so bent on attacking Syria now, to prove that he’s somehow significant. It’s not about national security. It’s about proving something.

  • Scott Douglas Lemoine

    Not to stereotype, but you sound just like a “radical Islamic” talking about people like you…. just saying. It’s funny, and kinda pathetic how people respond to one child being threatened in return for us dropping bombs on hundreds or thousands of “other” people. I honestly don’t think it’s a ‘fair’ response, and I’m surprised this is the first publicized threat against our government or a government official by the Muslim world. I don’t think it’s a real story. WAY too peaceful a response/threat as “payback” from those blood thirsty Muslims, that threaten our “national security” SO MUCH from thousands of miles away… that Obama is going to ask permission to just fly around and drop bombs on their heads. For some potentially mind blowing reason, “No boots on the ground” is going to be an effective sales pitch to justify … just flying over and indiscriminately dropping bombs on people in another country, who are doing “bad” things. 18-20 thousand children die of starvation each and every day. What kind of fucking GAS is being used on US and our pathetic ‘leaders’ to inspire them to rectify the situation in the MUSLIM world – with bombs- first ?? The true spirit of Muhammad is about as subtle about people they hate as you are Connie, and probably not nearly as nice as this possibly fabricated threat in response for sending our ‘war machine’ to murder their family.

  • 3rd Bn Rangers

    You’d be surprised how many of us are capable and willing to defend ourselves and other Americans when the time comes to actually defend THIS country. Don’t fool yourself into believing we can’t. When the time is right, it will happen, and unfortunately, it’s not going to be pretty. But we will win.

  • sherri

    no child should ever be threatened

  • David William Reid

    I cannot stand Obama or Mrs Obama, but threatening kids? Not cool! But this is the religion of tolerance and peace we are speaking of. The same ones Obama wants to support he calls Syrian Rebels who murder Christians and children.

  • Pitchman101

    After posting my comment here, This was sent to me from my nephew.

    High-Level U.S. Intelligence Officers: Syrian Government Didn’t Launch Chemical Weapons
    Go to this and read. It will blow your mind!

  • Pitchman101

    Shaun. There’s a strong possability that Obama jumped the gun and was set up to attack syria even though they didnt bomb there own people.
    High-Level U.S. Intelligence Officers: Syrian Government Didn’t Launch Chemical Weapons
    Check this out. if Obama truely jumped the gun as it appears you may have done as well, it would have done exactly what you were suggesting would happen by following our suggestion’s here. We have a responsability to now the facts before taking action. Obama made a fool out of himself if this article link I posted above is true. His actions could have condembed many soal’s

  • fromthemomma

    Iran is going to test Obama like they did Carter, I remember how well that played out for Carter.

  • Luci-fer

    Shut up….you overly opininated pig-headed fool….no one gives a fuck what u think. I say, if obama is willng to kill more innocent people EAT his daughter…ALIVE. and fuck you cuz i know u already disagree.

  • Debbie Twohig

    Well… I’ve said it again and again…Anyone who kills their own people without thinking a thing about it is crazy.. America needs to stand United Together As One…If these people can threaten all our leaders the with this crap then kill their asses..These people do not reguard life at all even the ones we give arms and money to…We need to quit sending money to all the countries and maybe this will stop all this crazy stuff…I don’t want to see war but we have no choice..If Russia, China, Iran and Iraq want to join in then America better get some balls behind them and lets do this..I will fight for my country and for the safety of my children and grandchildren…I know this is gonna lead to WWIII with out a doubt in my mind…All we can do at this point is go forward…Americans don’t back down..
    I will die to keep my kids safe…And I hope all Americans will do the same…We need to send all their asses back to their own countries and maybe this will stop…

  • [email protected]

    Bring it on you barbarian idiots and see how quick we take you out and send you home in a basket or better still in a small cardboard box. One day you will learn that the whole world does not go along with your wish to push your religion onto all the world. You come and attack my family and I will see you leave in a body bag.

  • scott

    thanks,I always get them mixed up

  • Robert

    The streets will run red with the blood of Muslims

  • quantumlocked-nightfury

    that would sure suck for Obama… but his daughters? totally innocent girls deserve to be brutally maimed? just because of who they’re related to? they’re still young, they don’t really have political ideas formed yet, so there’s no way to say either way if they support what their dad is doing or not (besides, it’s not like they voted for him). even if they do, it doesn’t make it okay to harm them, and the threats are especially heinous because they are so young.

    I get that with violent people, they are willing to hurt innocents and that ‘no one is safe’ regardless of age or gender, but I surely can’t be the only one sick of this bullshit. ‘let’s just kidnap and rape some girls, that’ll win the war’–is that in like terrorism 101 or something?

  • Laura Castillo

    You must be a muslim.

  • Laura Castillo

    I do not doubt that there are those of us that can and will defend ourselves, myself included. But as a whole Americans are not prepared. The people throughout this planet that are on mission trips etc in various countries are the least prepared and in the most danger. I am not fooled into anything. You are right, it wont be pretty.

  • Enrique

    As a former Marine , I stand with you. We will win and at the same time get rid of the scum in our government.

  • AmRev

    I dont know anything about what terrorism 101 is. Im not a terrorist. And if you think that his kids dont share his and their mothers views on things when everyone around them is brainwashing them, then you’re just completely off your rocker. Oh, and go back and read what I said. I dont advocate for the rape of teenage kids or adults. But if something terrible were to finally happen to Osama Bin Obama, then maybe he would get his head out of George Soros’ ass long enough to see what is really happening in this world. And specificaly in this country.

  • quantumlocked-nightfury

    yeah, that last part was not directed at you. it was a general question to the community/society/the world, not you, and I should have specified. my last paragraph was just a ‘wtf’ to people who commit these acts, not random internet commenters.

    the issue with his kids being so young–and you said it yourself–is that they’re basically brainwashed. they believe whatever is around them. they haven’t gotten to the point in their lives where they look around and question things instead of accepting that what their parents say is always right.

  • Minnow

    The enemy is among us. Allowed in.. His buddies Brotherhood.Libians how many visits to the white house..? His muslim brothers gained favor of the king. Played him for a fool. now they have him by the short hairs.. Just WHAT does he owe them? America on a silver plate?

  • Jonathan

    i see your more of a conservative,and you are right we have to stand up and fight this, and we cannot cower down to these people, im just saying if an act such as 9/11 or a shooting happens due to terrorist acts,then get ready because were going to war, but im just saying we cant sit back and watch our country go to dust, we have to do something and quick…and what I said sounded good, but what do I know im just a teenager….

  • Ben Nash

    AGREED, impeach them all, and cancel cable tv.

  • Connie Alsip

    Nice talk there, Lucifer, you ignorant moron. As a Muslim apologist, please go kill yourself for even suggesting something so vile.

  • Connie Alsip

    And Obama phones.. and the rest of the free stuff the non-contributors get every single day.

  • Connie Alsip

    I would not wish that on anyone, and it is disgusting to me that you even suggested it. Obama is a real POS, but to wish harm on him or his family is unAmerican. Impeachment is called for. For shame on you! smh

  • Connie Alsip

    prove it.

  • Connie Alsip

    Uhm, 6 year old girl. I hate the direction our country is heading in.

  • William E. Kusnerik

    Dude… do you like to see children sexually abused? I remember in another article you were “daring someone to do that to your daughter”…. Makes you wonder.

  • William E. Kusnerik

    You are a stupid twatwaffle. Go back to hiding in Mommy’s basement and let the adults discuss stuff on the Internet.

  • AmRev

    Yes, shame on me. That will stop the terrorists. That will show them that YOU mean business. You might wanna go back and re-read my original statement. It specifically says that I DO NOT ADVOCATE FOR THE KIDNAPPING AND RAPE OF AMERICANS. Obama is not American in any way, shape, or form. His children might be, but if it means that they have to be put through hell as many of us true Americans have for him to understand, then yeah Im all for it. Sometimes something bad has to happen to people for them to have the wool pulled from their eyes and see reality.

  • AmRev

    Dude, do you like me? Are you sexually frustrated and need a big powerful man such as myself to really give it too you? Sorry pal, but I dont swing that way. You will need to find a “man” of your own sexual orientation. But I see your problem. If someone from the male gender is of your own sexual orientation, that automatically makes them not a “man”. Good luck to you.

  • AmRev

    Oh, and also, while im thinkin about it, You do see how many UP votes my statement has compared to the DOWN votes right? Im obviously not the only person that believes what I said.

  • William E. Kusnerik

    No, I don’t swing that way. How did we get from children to you liking men or wanting men to like you? A little homophobic? lol “big powerful man” yeah, right! Again, like I said in your other post, the one’s who have to tell everyone how “badass” they are are usually wannabe’s. You always seem to work it into any post… Now, it seems you have some latent homosexual feelings. It’s ok, I don’t swing that way, but there are plenty of people who do. Come on out of that closet already! It must be really cramped in there for such a “big powerful man”! rofl

  • Raja

    Just let them kill themselves in Syria, Even the Arab Muslim don’t bother about these killing. Why must send Innocent American Solders to save these people.

  • Aryan Dastan

    oh god. why .. i go to every news article i see u filthy cock sucker. u damn ugly bitch

  • Aryan Dastan

    woah, so much biased opinion. well.. no woder… white american trash.. what else i can expect.
    people who dont know shit but still like to talk. just go and watch ur fucking media.. and follow it like bible

  • Laura Castillo

    :-) awww are you trying to flirt with me?