OUTRAGE: Convicted Rapist Gets 30 Days in Prison Following Suicide of Victim


A former High School teacher has received just 30 days in jail following his conviction in the rape of 14 year old Cherice Morales. Morales committed suicide in 2010, two years after accusing 54 year old Stacey Dean Rambold of at least three sexual encounters.

The judge said 14-year-old Morales was “older than her chronological age” and Rambold’s lawyer asked the judge to “consider how he’s been punished to this point.”

Morales’ mother believes that the encounters were a direct effect to her child’s suicide and stormed from the courtroom following the sentencing, but not before leaving them with a few passing words. “You people suck”, was said to be her parting phrase after Montana Judge G. Todd Baugh handed down a 15 year sentence, with all but 31 days suspended from it.


  • Cynthia Matthews

    This case is publicized “rape,” but this is wrong because it isn’t just a “rape,” but a “statutory rape.” That means its a “rape” on paper, by virtue of the age of the victim. I do see how this is a shocking and disturbing story, but the court does call it “statutory.” Because rape is such a horrible crime, I think that whenever we are referring to “rape,” if it is a “statutory” rape that the word “statutory” should always be used. Also, it does seem like people are very dumbed down these days, and many people do not know what “statutory” means either. It may just seem like a long word that sounds serious. Most cases of statutory rape are not serious (like for instance a 17 year old and a 18 year old having sexual relations), and it was rare (in my lifetime) for statutory rape to be even prosecuted. In the case of it being a teacher that’s serious to be sure, but there are many details in “statutory” rape cases that are considerations. So, shouldn’t we always use the word “statutory,” and be saying “statutory rape,” and not just “rape” if that applies?