Black Thugs Murder Defenseless WW2 Vet- Where are Sharpton and Jackson?

36 Shorty

Delbert Belton was an innocent old man, a purple heart recipient who had served his country proudly. He enjoyed at quiet life, working on cars and playing pool in his spare time. He is described by his friends and acquaintances as a sweet old man.

He was fondly referred to around Spokane as Shorty. Now Shorty is no more.

Two teenage assailants beat Shorty to death in the parking lot of the Eagles Lodge in Spokane, where Shorty had gone out to have a little fun. It seems that a couple of local thugs were out for a little fun too, at Shorty’s expense.  Shorty had survived injuries received in the Battle of Okinawa during World War II, but these punks were able finish off a defenseless old man in a most cowardly manner.

Spokane police say they have no identity for the suspects in the attack, but they do have photographs from surveillance cameras and they do expect to make arrests. The two are described as black males, between the ages of 16 and 19. The attack appears to be random.

There will be no national outrage. There will be minimal television coverage. White people will not march for justice. We will not petition Congress to change the laws to prevent these senseless acts. We realize these are the acts of senseless individuals.

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