Zimmerman Protesters Burning Flags, Busting Windows, Vandalizing Businesses, and More




On Sunday evening in Oakland, California hundreds of demonstrators mobbed the streets to protest the non-guilty verdict of George Zimmerman.

The protests followed those on Saturday night and early Sunday morning in which protesters smashed police car windows, spray painted the black-and-whites, smashed bank windows, and sprayed graffiti on private businesses. Sunday evening’s protesters continued on to  burning an American flag in the streets.




A few hours South in Los Angeles, CA roughly 200 protesters stood on the freeway and shut down traffic. They managed to cross the freeway median and shut down the northbound freeway as well.


Reports stat that some of the protesters began throwing bottles at police.  The freeway remained closed for approximately 20 minutes.


According to NBC Los Angeles, “Several people were struck by rubber bullets in a shopping center near 10th Avenue and Washington Boulevard in Mid-City, said Jasmyne Cannick, who tweeted photos of the protesters and said she and an attorney were observing the rally.”

Matt Liponoga

Matt is the editor of The Free Patriot and has strong libertarian values. He follows Austrian Economic values, believes in limited government, and works towards ending the progressive movement in both sides of the government.

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