Glenn Beck Says He Has Proof There Is Government Coverup On Boston Bombing



Glen Beck has claimed that he has proof the federal government has covered up the Boston  bombing as being carried out by Chechnya terrorists.  He says that the bombing was actually carried out by Saudi nationals and that he has the evidence to prove it. He gives Obama until Monday to admit it or his show will reveal the evidence. Is this just to get extra attention or does he have something more? Glenn Beck has always done a great job at laying out facts in his arguments, but we will see. We do however know that on Monday an anonymous source said that the raids would happen on Friday and obviously that already came true. There is a lot of suspicious things surrounding the Boston bombings, but is it just conspiracy theories at work again?


Matt Liponoga

Matt is the editor of The Free Patriot and has strong libertarian values. He follows Austrian Economic values, believes in limited government, and works towards ending the progressive movement in both sides of the government.

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  • Richard Crooks

    Glen Beck and his kind should be pulled of the air. All they do is spread hate.

  • Richard Crooks

    Glen Beck and his kind should be pulled off the air. All they do is spread hate.

  • David Ogden

    Quite the contrary. I don’t believe you listen to his show. He is interested in the truth, so…

    if he’s wrong, he’s putting a lot on the line.

  • monica mimier

    Richard, do you want to know the truth , or protect ‘your side’…or what ?

  • Larry Greenlee

    Richard, so you are saying that in addition to restricting our 2nd Amendment rights, you also advocate restricting our 1st Amendment rights as well? Any other part of the Constitution you care to eliminate?

  • Doug Habecker

    Yeah! Censorship in a free society is awesome! Idiot.

  • deb

    Totally agree. He’s got lots to lose on this. I’m praying for him.

  • http://facebook Jim Russell

    Well Richard want to just drop dead you commie. Its not hate it might be the fact. But you obama lovers dont see that do to you are commie and a trader that’s all you are.

  • ty

    you are a freaking idiot, and are afraid of the truth. Moron

  • J57

    You dumbass. That black ass president has ruined this country. I hope you get what you voted for.

  • Kathleen

    Richard, that simply isn’t true. Glenn Beck does not spread hate, and so far, everything he has said has been truthful and on point. Glenn Beck has proven himself credible. If you don’t believe that, then you obviously have never listened to him. :P

  • D

    Could not imagine Glenn Beck or anyone legit journalist bluffing about something so serious in nature. Also would like to know what a “false flag” operation is? If so what went wrong

  • TF

    So based on his batting record he is more often correct and information is based on fact than he is wrong—why not point out where he is spreading hate—have the balls to support your statement.

  • Candice Cantrell

    Richard Crooks, you are the reason our country is in the shape that it is in. You go ahead a follow the masses because that is what we true patriots want you to do. I will however choose to make my own path in the aweful truth.

  • Texan

    Hmmm…I didn’t get that he was saying Boston was a “false flag” operation from his comments. What I got from his comments was that we are not being told the whole truth surrounding the Saudi national who was a “person of interest.” Glenn did not seem to dispute that the Russian brothers were behind the bombing in Boston. He seems to be disputing the government’s story regarding the Saudi student and is telling the government he knows what they know and will share it if the government doesn’t. Alex Jones seems to be the one out there saying it’s a false flag operation, not Glenn. Glenn’s saying don’t let the Feds sweep the Saudi kid under the rug–there’s more there than the public knows.

  • Candice Cantrell

    You obviously don’t watch the program. He is a truth seeker and maybe you need to practice some of that before you make statements so foolish. You can’t fix stupid.

  • Larry Greenlee

    Richard, so you are saying that in addition to restricting our 2nd Amendment rights, you also advocate restricting our 1st Amendment rights as well? Any other part of the Constitution you care to eliminate?

  • Keith

    Where does he say he has “proof” of it being an “inside job”?

    He say’s he has information about the Saudi National.
    He say’s that the Saudi National is a bad man.

    He doesn’t say any thing close to what your headline says.

    Richard Crooks, where did he speak any hate?

  • Carol

    Richard Crooks -
    Just wondering, my friend, what exactly are you spreading?
    And since you have already posted the same thing twice – does it become ‘real’ if you say it enough…like a mantra?

  • Dean

    I read the article on Glenn Becks website no where does he say it was a false flag operation. He did say that there is a cover up involving a Saudi national.

  • Adam

    Glenn didn’t mention anything about it being a “false flag”. The whole comment is in reference to the Sadai national who has connections to a prominent Saudis family who just happened to be at the White House for an “open door” meeting with the president.

  • Texas Girl

    Texan I think your analysis is the correct one. There is something more at play here or so it would seem. Whatever this is, it seems to have shaken Glenn to the core. And for what it’s worth, I have a degree from UT Austin in government & history and was a student there in the early 70s. I read Alinsky and Cloward & Piven, the Port Huron statement etc in those days, when the anti-Vietnam movement, Weather Underground & SDS were at their peak. In quoting and analyzing those sources, Glenn Beck has never misquoted or taken their statements out of context. That’s what impressed me and why I take Beck seriously. I was living what he could only read about – and I was a radical back then.

  • Cyndy

    Thanks for the heads up. I can’t get Glenn everyday. So I will pay attention now to see what transpires.
    Glenn spreading non truth, that doesn’t seem right. Glenn telling us there is more going on, That does seem right, especially in light of everything else goofy going on right now.

  • Candice Cantrell

    We need people like Glenn to wake up the sleeping patriots in this country. Government is not our friend.

  • Craig K

    Yeah, it’s Alex Jones that screams False Flag when the sun rises. Glenn is no Alex Jones and he detests 9/11 truthers. Whatever he has to say its not about our government blowing people up to put up more cameras on streets. They can just do that anyways

  • http://yahoo Joni Raynor

    I agree David, he is a man of truth, and also not afraid of this mafia style politics

  • Tom

    You don’t listen to Glenn if you really think that he spreads hate.

  • Brokenlens

    Texan, you apparently read, listen, and comprehend better than most, including the writers on this site. What you outline is exactly what Glenn was saying.

  • Brian Bristol

    I do not like this site. It tends to read what it want’s to read! Glenn is NOT saying it was an inside job. He is simply asking what is a very good question. Why is this dude being Deported? If he is a Bad guy and our enemy and the Gov knows it, why is he not being arrested, why are so many news outlets not reporting on it?

  • Stacey Hanrahan

    After he mocked and made fun of Alex Jones for saying the same thing. But, regardless, when Glenn Beck says it, it’s spreading the message even further. Will take it!

  • Ron Buser

    This story needs to be removed, Glenn Beck NEVER said the Boston bombing was an inside job.

  • Greg Iannone

    I agree, I understood Glenn’s comments to be focused on the Saudi student and how the government has hidden his role/involvement.

  • rona7290

    Richard you an your kind are stupid like Ron White says you can not fix stupid

  • Jo

    So we don’t have freedom of speech? Only the left does? Hmmm I’m not sure you have studied your history and/or the constitution….crack open a book once in a while will ya.

  • Pat

    Really? And what left wing blog have you heard that lie from? How long have you listened to Glenn Beck? Where do you get your News from MSNBC? LOL

  • KeniRee

    I’ve listened to the video and read the article attached to the video several times now. Mr. Beck doesn’t claim that the Boston bombing was an inside job and that our government was connected to it. He stated several times that the young Saudi who is being deported is a very 1. Bad 2. Bad 3. Bad man and that Obama knew this when he chose to deport him. Do I believe the government knew this was going to happen and did NOTHING to preven it? I believe our government knew something was going to happen, if not on that day, then sometime soon. I pray that Mr. Beck isn’t “silenced” before Monday because he will come clean on the truth and our government will be ousted for the lying socialist marxists they truly are!

  • Michele

    truth is only truth, it’s not hate, it’s not racist; it’s truth

  • Mark Smith

    Abdul Rahman Ali Issa Al-Salimi Al-Harbi, the Saudi national that was detained briefly until intervention on the part of the Saudi Foreign Minister, is an al Qaeda operative here on a student visa. Several of the Al-Harbi clan are confirmed members of al Qaeda, and some have spent time at Gitmo. He was identified as a person of interest early on. 24 hours later he was “cleared”, but his visa is now revoked and there are reports that he will be deported early next week for national security concerns. He was at the Boston Marathon. He sustained injuries that sent him to the hospital. A Saudi news agency is reporting that Michelle Obama personally visited Al-Harbi in the hospital. While this may not raise eyebrows, as she visited many survivors in area hospitals, it should raise eyebrows that the First Lady visited a man who has been identified as a threat to our national security.

  • anna

    some people think if they bury their heads in the sand, things won’t look bad…..but, that’s just it. Heads in a hole or in the sand, won’t change what’s happening on the outside.

  • kathy

    I do not know how anyone can post on this site that Glenn Beck is a “hater”. Whether or not you agree with him, it is obvious that Glenn is not a hater. I suspect these people are “planted” by the far left to leave comments like this to generate comments and stir people up. It is sad.

  • Brian

    You need to remember, in Richard’s cognitive liberal mind:
    TRUTH=HATE, so that means LIE=LOVE! (sic)

  • Julie Clark

    Totally agree, David. I have always thought a lot of Glenn Beck. I completely believe that there have been countless times our government has lied to us, but this is just such a massive accusation. I hope for Beck’s sake he can bring forth the data and be believed. I would love to believe it is not true though. Problem is, facts just seem to get in the way of people who hve no real desire to know or accept. ya know what I mean?

  • Jones

    YES, thank you Texan. I agree completely! I don’t know if it’s an entire lack of reading comprehension or listening skills or an attempt to make GB sound like a conspiracy theorist, but he DID NOT say this was an inside govt job. EVER! Why is it being reported this way? Help us out freepatriot?!?!?

  • Anonymous

    “There is a lot of suspicious things surrounding the Boston bombings, but is it just conspiracy theories at work again?”

    There really aren’t a lot of suspicious things surrounding the Boston bombings. People are happily seizing on anything they perceive to be even vaguely irrelevant to point to suspicious things – nevermind that most of it is based on still shots, and people have a well-documented predisposition to find things that look “suspicious” in still shots due to their tendency to look, then analyze, then overanalyze.

    So yes, it’s conspiracy theories at work again. Just like Beck was busy having a fit over years ago when he was trying to play up the false flag angle with Obama the first time around. To his credit, at least this time he’s not crying false flag, but it’s still his usual brand of idiocy.

  • Senterstage

    Give me an example, Dick.

  • David ten Haaf

    obviously he does NOT listen to the program at all. He is one of the low info folks that get fed by the lame stream media.

  • Ace Barker

    Glenn Beck is a self sucking *sshat!

  • Ben

    Let’s just hope he isn’t blowing smoke up his own ass with this.

  • Brenda

    Glenn Beck is a God fearing man. He does not spread hate; those who fear God are unable to do so. There is a lot going on in this world, a lot of which we do not know- he does not know- much of the government does not know. If you think he is crazy, then sit back and watch what evil will do to destroy this world– if you need a credible source, read the Bible. Ancient prophecies are being fulfilled. God Bless

  • http://TheFreePatriot Carol Hynes

    I believe Mr. Beck; he is risking it all on this and for the good of us and our nation. Since when can we ever trust the Government? Ask Brian Terry’s family if they trust the Government after their son was killed by guns given to criminals by our own Justice Dept. Thank you Glenn Beck for all you do.

  • JamesJinSC

    That is NOT what he said at all, this article is extremely misleading, he said that the saudi suspect they are releasing is aq BAD guy and comes from a bad family and the government knows it. He said that he has documents that prove that this guy is being deported in connection with it! NEVER once in the 15+ minute segment which you have edited to only 3 minutes did he say the government did this!!! Are you lying intentionally?

  • Poopy Pants

    What hate????? I’ve watched dozens of Beck shows and have never once seen a shred of hatred. I keep hearing this from the left but every time I ask for a specific example, they can’t provide one. Ever. More Alice in Wonderland liberal hallucinations.

  • Yosemite Sam

    While I must admit he has flip flopped in the past. I can say if he has something he will not risk his credit on a story like this.

  • ING

    Mark is on to something. Ask the average leftie on the street or in the university or newsroom, on air, the following:

    “How many times during the Bush presidency did Laura Bush ever willingly go within 100 yards of anyone that the Federal Government considered a possible suspect in a terror attack or a national security threat?”

    Yet time and again the Obamas have associated with these sorts of people from Bill Ayers onward.


    When calling someone a moron, you should at least compose your post properly.

  • Senterstage

    Name-calling. That’s all that Liberals know how to do. No rationale, no evidence, no nothing. Just name-calling. When Joe McCarthy did it in the ’50′s, it was called an abomination. But when Leftist pundits and their lapdog wannabe’s do it today…well, so much for learning from history.

  • al

    making comments with racial slurs in them, only gives the other side more ammunition! The liberal democrats have been waging a war in this country, manipulating the narrative, and convincing people that the right wing, conservative, republicans are a bunch of racist. You saying things like that only goes towards proving their point for them. Even though they are wrong, you are helping to continue pushing out the lies and rhetoric.

  • StChuckMom

    @Matt Liponoga You had better change your headline. Glenn did NOT say the bombing was an inside job. He said we aren’t being told the whole truth about the Saudi who was injured and scheduled to be deported. Why are you lying about what he actually said?

  • vj

    I heard this live, and read the transcript at the Blaze, and just listened again… at no point does Beck say this was an inside job… at no point… However, he does say something is going on of which we need to know, and that he has inside sources that verify what he is to expose on Monday. He is not blaming the government as the perp, but is saying there is information which needs to come out that is not being disseminated, information which could radically change the understanding we have so far of this situation. Truth will out… that is his agenda… period.

  • AOMM

    Hey Crooks! You are just another bought-and-paid-for piece of Obama a$$-suckin’ cretin. Go crawl back in the hole you emerged from……the truth will come out and turds like you will be experiencing the proverbial anal puckerfactor moment!

  • Get Real

    How is he spreading hate? Is it wrong to seek truth? It sounds like you are the hater and you hate the truth.

  • C Darryl Mattison

    @ Even though they are wrong,…
    What makes you think they are wrong? This is hardly an isolated occurrence!!

  • Jay Burgener

    I agree with you completely.
    And correct me if im wrong. But after 9/11 the biggest fact that the 9/11 truth ears like to use as their big GOTCHA was the OBL’s family was whisked out of the country that night.
    I am interested to see if Glenn’s on target here.
    Im Leary of any government sources. And the best way to discredit him would be to have someone claiming to be so and so in a high ranking position spoon feed him some disinformation thereby ruining him .
    Just a concern on my part, that’s all

  • R Truth

    Glen Beck is not a liar Richard. This Country has never been this divided since the Civil War and no it’s not George Bush’s fault.
    It’s Obama’s fault period and the rest of his puppets. It’s just a shame that there has to be so many uninformed people here in the states. Socialism has never work in the history of the world period. And it won’t work this time.. It’s just a shame that it will take America being on her knees gasping before you sheeple wake the hell up. And before you can mumble it, no I am not a racist.

  • MangyQuisling

    What is interesting is what the major Saudi paper “Okaz”, reported that Michelle was at the Hospital and visited the “Saudi person of Interest”, and not any of the wounded from the blast. Sounds very strange to me that they would report it. First, it is a bit hard to believe, but then again, not really! If it is true, then what was being passed on to him by her before the decision was made to deport him rather than hold him for questioning??? Just the fact that this is what is going to happen, deport him, then things are not smelling very good!! Plus, I also am amazed about how this bombing investigation and round up happened so quickly, and Benghazi is still such a mystery as to what happened, we know why the Sissyboy lied during the campaign, but we still have no word of the 32 survivors that are being “HELD”, away from questioning????

  • Tom Timberlake

    Texan, you are the first one that seems to have actually listened to the clip. Thanks.

  • Chuck

    His claims and reporting have always right on. He does deep investigations from different sources.

  • JamesJinSC
  • Poopy Pants

    Why is that? Can you please explain your comment??

  • Marti Settle

    Glenn Beck is the most honest political analyst on television. He has been attacked by the meanstream media and liberals like Richard because they cannot handle the truth backed up by facts. Richard is a typical brainless Obama follower and all he has are ugly words and his mindless posts. We need to ignore people like him because they are, for the most part, useless pieces of perverted humanity.

  • Called Away

    He didn’t say it was an inside job. No mention of False Flag.

  • Tammy Terrell

    “Spread hate”? How so? Please explain how he spreads hate. That’s a serious charge you are making and you should cite examples of that. If he, in fact, knows that the bombing was known by the government before the fact, someone should be put on trial for murder with the perpetrators. Let’s see what he has before you make ridiculous charges of “hate”.

  • http://Yahoo. christie Hawkins

    We the people better wake up,I do believe in the truth,so at least we should listen to him!!

  • some random guy

    some troll online is indicative of the thought patterns of an entire group of people…

    lol get real!

  • Lori

    You obviously have never listened to his show. You can’t even spell his name right. Try listening, thinking for yourself, and not just passing on the left’s talking points.

  • John

    Either the “Free Patriot” is a leftist disinformation site or Matt Liponoga is an idiot.

    Which is it?

  • Jethro

    Wow, you must be an Obama supporter since you have a problem with a statement based on fact to which you call a racial slur….look at his skin…is it safe to assume that the skin on his ass is also black? So, if we can safely and accurately assume that his ass is indeed covered by black skin, how the hell do you translate that to a racial slur? I myself am a white ass…you on the other hand are a dumb ass…

  • Doris Biggs

    To J57, People like you make me sick!!!!!

  • Tom L

    People who say that have NEVER listened to him and just take a liberal lie and spread it around. Hate? yeah ok.

  • Quack McDuc

    I stopped reading after “Glenn Beck has always done a great job at laying out facts in his arguments, but we will see.”

    On this site: Sheeple calling other Sheeple Sheep. While you all fight amongst yourselves, the real issues go unnoticed. *golf clap*

  • Truth

    It actually concerns me that this guy, might not actually be alive by Monday

  • Maverick

    your blind!!!!!

  • E Prothero

    Our government wants to protect the Saudi government from embarrassment, that is why they are keeping it quiet.

  • chance

    You should be pulled from the air. All you do is spread stupidity….

  • Char

    Glenn did not say this was an inside job! He said that the Saudi National was being deported next Tuesday and this was suspicious! The man was a person of interest and has a very bad back round! So be careful what you say!!! This is a man who loves his country and would not wish that his government would do an inside job but would hold them accountable for lying or covering up something for there own political gain!!!

  • Chris

    The guy is a joke, just like the rest of the medieval republican america. Nations in the middle east, west africa or south asia are more modern than the U.S. in terms of morality and way of thinking. Europe’s laughing their ass off and are just confirmed in their prejuduced perception of americans.

  • Char

    Guess the Truth Hurts!!

  • Tom Vandermark

    I follow all of Glenn’s work and this is absolutely NOT what he said.I suspect that this may be a preemptive attack on his credibility.
    What he DID say was that he knows who this Saudi national is and inferred why the administration wants him out of the country. There was NOTHING said about a false flag. That is a major leap forward or a fabrication.
    Glenn has always been very well researched and accurate. Do not discredit his efforts by propagating this false flag myth until we know all the facts.

  • Brad

    Yeah, there is no need for the 1st Amendment! How dare he try to spread the truth as opposed to the lovely journalists from Faux News, MSLSD, CNN and the rest of the sheeple getting their information from the “authority”. How dare he try to get you to see clearly. Maybe he’s right, maybe he’s wrong, but at least he is willing to stick his neck out to get the truth. Truth, something sheeple do not wanna hear…

  • Billie Cornett

    Me too!

  • Matthew

    Yes, let’s pull him off the air and squash his 1st Amendment rights. Fantastic idea, what will you come up with next? Band guns, hehe. GB has a great love and devotion for not only God but our country. You find fault in saying he spreads hate. My dear sir you couldn’t be more wrong.

  • buck

    I can tell there is a lot of commenters on here that had the h1n1 flu shot and now has such little brains left to think with .

  • Robin

    Toward whom?

  • Carol Yates

    He never said that it was a false flag!! He says he knows informatin regaring the Saudi national! Quit spreading lies!!

  • Drema Frazier

    It’s not hate…it’s truth and that disturbs you.

  • Don P.

    really Richard?…….why don’t you just listen to what he has to say. Maybe the TRUTH does cause pain…This guy has a lot to lose if he’s wrong…….What do YOU have to lose ?

  • Samuel Mac

    Mr Crooks, what you and your type need to be reminded of is that THIS AMERICA… Freedom of speech is still guaranteed in this country…take it from an immigrant myself… I can suggest a few places on this planet, under some “great regimes” that you could pack tomorrow and move there…guaranteed they will NOT allow Glen Back kinds to broadcast there… It will be much much better for your blood pressure and for our freedom if yall moved and found your happiness. Folks like me immigrated to this country over the decades for the freedoms that this country’s forefathers carved into the Declaration of the independence and the constitution…and I assure you SIR, unlike your computer or your cell phone, none of them have been outdated and will NEVER BE… I as well as many immigrants as well as Americans, unlike you, that have NOT forgotten where they came from and what much blood had been shed for over time, will STAND UP TO YOU and your kind, to make sure those liberties that we enjoy today will be guaranteed for our children and their children to come… GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!


  • Drew


    WHy? did U not understadn what he was trying to say, in the post?

  • michael

    All over The Planet people know that Glen beck is a MORON- how can anybody with an education of more then 1st grade take anything this asshat has to say seriously LOL

  • Art

    Most of the people who hate Beck have never heard him or if they have only once or twice. These people are feeding off the hatred for Beck by the liberal media who he is constantly exposing for their bias and agenda.

  • FWS

    I also have to strongly disagree and suggest that you have never seen Becks shows if you are making such a statement.
    I usually dont comment on these sites but this time I couldn’t resist.

    I have been watching/listening to GB for several years and one fact is both obvious and undeniable – He researches the h-ll out of his topics.

    If all you libs were made to watch his show for 6 months, you would ALL have no choice but to reject your spoon fed ideas and accept the fact that the dems and lib media are lying to you.

    One thing that always impresses me is that beck simply puts video of the person in question saying exactly the words proving what he is claiming (reporting actually).

    UNDENIABLE but all you libs just stick you heads in the sand and don’t want to hear it. Like the Blind, Deaf and dumb monkeys.

  • Drew

    HI liberal troll!

  • An American

    It is spelled MORMON! And I have a doctorate! What do you have?

  • Les Melton

    I agree, you don’t listen to Glenn’s show. He doesn’t throw bombs. He does his homework and makes sure he has all the pieces put into place before he says anything. Of course the drive by liberal media is going to do their best to discredit him, but NObama’s credibility on ANYTHING is practically nill. Go get em Glenn and Alex!!!!

  • Les Melton

    OH and put more Chris “Peed down my leg” Matthews and Lawrence “Obama is our god” O’Donnell on the air? Maybe we can get “Ed” back on weeknites and “get to work”….lol

  • Parallax

    well, I got 2 degrees…and I have yet to see or hear Glenn Beck lie to me, and I try to fact check everything….can anyone say the same concerning this government or specifically this administration?…’s my 2 cents, you michael appear to be a ‘statist’ and a fool who sees big governemnt as a cure-all for everything

  • Pat Beech

    Obviously you have not listened to his show but are instead just spouting something you heard someone else say. Get your own facts and stopping being a moron. I have listened to his show out of curiosity when I continually heard this being said and nothing could be further from the truth. Also, this headline is a lie. This is not what Glen said. He is speaking specifically about the Saudi National whom they let go. Get your facts straight and stop lying to the American People. You are the problem.

  • Greg

    Boy, it better be as good as he’s hinting. He’ll look worse than Bozo on crack if it turns out to be BS.

  • Parallax

    totally agree, I don’t know any racist conservatives personally (though I have no doubt they exist…obviously^^) but I do know a few racist liberals, in fact liberals are the most racist pricks on the planet, they’ve actually convinced entire minority segments of our population that they can’t survive without democrat handouts….all along it’s been the democrats fighting against social equality, and eventually they figured out they couldn’t win the way they were going, so they changed tactics some….they traded in their whip for economics and indoctrination….conservatives typically believe that any person in a free market can most likely find success if they work hard and persevere ….liberals believe in a ”nanny-state” policy of socialism….ideally it’s the ”robinhood principal” of distributing wealth to everyone…sadly the reality is quite different…..truth is, socialism isn’t about ‘the people’ it’s really about insulating the elite from the rest of their own society…no liberated, educated middle class holding any sway….so, leftist are the real racists, because they believe a minority can’t succeed on their own….but they love to spin it using the blame game, and when you act like a racist ‘DOOSH’ you play right into their hands

  • RoninMD

    A faction of our government hired mercenaries from the Private Military Corporation known as Craft International, a subsidiary of Blackwater, now owned by Monsanto. They are the ones that bombed Boston Marathon. The reason behind the false flag attack? Various factions in government are trying to gain power. This bombing in Boston ensures DHS TSA is at every public gathering with every agent wearing blue gloves ready to invade your privates. It also acclimates us to seeing militarized police in our neighborhoods. If this aint a violation of posse commitatus it sure does look like one. You think your sherrif will stop the gun grab? Where do you think he got that fancy anti-riot tank? That’s right DHS. The same agency responsible for the nationwide ammo shortage. All the president has to do is declare martial law, and all of us gun owners will be criminalized. That’s how they got around the posse commitatus law. Basically they federalized and militarized your local police force. Imagine these guys coming into your home without a warrant. Under castle law… it is quite legal to shoot them dead. That’s why they want to disarm the American people. It’s how dictator’s come to power. Make sense now?

  • Agent chaos

    putting a lot on the line? glen beck has lost every bit of the credibility he had when he was pulled from faux news, alex jones is more credible than this idiot

  • David

    Democrat, aren’t you, Richard? ;)

  • Parallax

    here’s something I’ve learned…..the truth only hurts, when you refuse to see it and someone has twist your neck to make you see it

  • Deb L

    It is spelled Douche dumb ass not DOOSH. Actually the majority of true liberals want a middle class. It is the middle class that is shrinking because of greed of the richest group(1%) in this country. Rich take from the middle class to be billionaires instead of millionaires, yet society punishes the poor for wanting food when they can not afford it. Are there poor people who take advantage? yes, are there rich who take advantage? yes, many. The problem with conservatives are they do NOT apply the same expectations and rules to the rich as they do the poor. We say”oh its ok if the rich take money from us because they “earned it” No dumbass, YOU earned the money. I will fight for fairness all the way around. and i’d rather my money go to help poor people and children than to millionaires to become billionaires while I struggle.

  • pthor

    What hate ??? What did he say that was hateful ???

  • Leonidas

    Democrats call the truth that exposes their Socialist Marxist agenda as hate. So your post is not surprising.

  • A Lil Wacked

    I don’t think he’s thinking it’s an inside job. There’s something else …. Glen doesn’t fall in or tie into some of these wacked conspiracy theorists….. I’ll be watching his show come Monday….

  • A Lil Wacked


  • Sunny Stitches

    your a sheep maybe you should shut up and listen

  • Sunny Stitches

    please people keep glen in your prayer
    because if he holds the truth you know his life is marked for death

  • tony

    well, if beck dies before monday we know whats up then huh?

  • Marcus

    Those of you who do not beleive a false flag operation is possible must review the Northwoods document.

  • http://Yahoo Daniel

    Thank you..

  • Marcus

    Not saying a false flag happened in this case specifically. However, people need to keep an open mind regarding the information provided to main stream media outlets. There was more blood shown in the Boston bombing than over a decade of reporting on the war in Iraq… Think about how media can be manipulated.

  • Jd

    Pull him off the air? You mean take away hits first amendment rights? Surely you jest!

  • http://GlennBeck Kareen

    You are right on!

  • shark

    richards just a sheep. pay him no mind.

  • http://inv nocashdav

    the” moron has no name” nor any shoe’s an lives in a trailer.

  • Seth Barker

    And you spread what? Misinformation, lies, ignorance?

  • Mike

    Freedom of speech just like the right to bear arms is a constitutional right and neither one should be subject to polls or liberals to be taken away from the American people! If you do not like Glenn Beck then do not watch Glenn Beck! Pretty simple!

  • anonymous

    Too bad Glenn Beck wasn’t standing right next to the bomb in Boston when it went off … he’s the ilk that makes this country so hated by so many. He’s not an American – he’s an Anarchist who spouts his hate and accusations to the world. Someone should do something about his and “The Blaze” before it’s too late. What a handful of crap!

  • Joshua Warren

    I think the prudent thing to do is wait till Monday before accusing Beck of “spreading hate”. If what he has turns out to be a crock, blast him for it after the fact. However, he just might be on to something and I want to know what it is. You should, as well. As for him being pulled off the air…isn’t that a bit much? What about his 1st Amendment right? Or does that only apply to speech you agree with?

  • vera

    Me to! I’m praying that he lives long life after Monday….. but knowing this adminstration I’m really scarred..

  • Joshua Warren

    Richard, I think the prudent thing to do is wait till Monday before accusing Beck of “spreading hate”. If what he has turns out to be a crock, blast him for it after the fact. However, he just might be on to something and I want to know what it is. You should, as well. As for him being pulled off the air…isn’t that a bit much? What about his 1st Amendment right? Or does that only apply to speech you agree with?

  • Laird Bean

    It’s because of Leftist idiots like you that we need people like Glenn Beck on the air! You reveal your crass disregard for liberty and Constitutional freedoms with a comment like that! If it isn’t Glenn it will be someone else with the same courage and love of country to do the same job!

  • crystal morris

    Kick ass and take names, G Beck!!! They gonna mess with the bull, then give them the horns!

  • bozz

    “to”? “scarred”?

    How about “too” and “scared”? Beck is an idiot who’s looking to stir up ratings by making these empty threats. No one with any shred of common sense should take him seriously.

  • Dantin

    I for one want to know who Obama is trying to cover up! Obama has done too much in this country trying to change it to some damn Muslim Dictatorship. If you want that type of living then go move there you damn ass clowns. Otherwise don’t chat in here!

  • velma

    yes Mikey I would believe Beck over anyone with your pea size brain dope

  • j smackwater

    Actually, you just sound like an ass.

  • Kaitlyn

    You ” got ” 2 degree’s? From where, Devry? If you had 2 degree’s, you would know that ” I got 2 degrees ” is horrible use of grammar, if you would even call it grammar. Here’s my two cents;
    you, Parallax, appear to be a fool.

  • Jnet Keeler

    I agree with you 100%

  • AnonT

    What does the color of his ass have to do with how bad a President he is? I think the drone strikes on innocent civilians, killing of American civilians without trial, bailouts of his campaign donors, putting corporate leaders in charge of the regulatory agencies that govern their industries so they can regulate selectively in their company’s favor, the trillion dollar deficit, and the fact that our unemployment rate hasn’t really gotten much better since he took office are all perfectly legitimate reasons to dislike his Presidency, but I just don’t see what the color of his ass has to do with anything.

  • AnonT

    Deb: You think the 1% are the only reason the middle class is shrinking? Compensation has fallen relative to productivity since the inception of medicare. We’ve gone from roughly 6 workers per retiree to 3 workers per retiree over the last 50 years, while the war on poverty has increased our welfare rolls considerably, and in that time the purchasing power of the average worker has fallen drastically because we have had a large and growing portion of the population who are living off the system while not contributing anything to the system.

  • David Howard

    Google “Quadri-Track ZCT”

  • Slix

    Clearly, Obama/Biden seemed overly disturbed right after the Gun Bill went down in flames at the Senate last week. Then the bombing in Boston happened, then the Explosion in West Texas happened…..THEN, the House passed CISPA. THEY are up to no good. I pray to God that His Hand of Providence would rest upon Glenn and his staff….may their aim be true and their hand faster than those who would seek to destroy America. Can I get an, “AMEN”!!!?

  • Tanya

    I agree with you David, Glenn would never throw something like that out without having proff, that he’s name on the line!!

  • Lee Ann Plungis

    Me too!

  • linda tortorici

    I can’t stand people who criticize and correct someone else’s grammar…it’s actually the samething as being a bully. I mean really what’s the point? If you can ready what someone posted why bother insulting them because they can’t spell?? I’m Dyslexic and I have people like “BOZZ” being intentionally cruel to me “too” and it’s nothing more than being a BULLY. Get a life BOZZ this isn’t a grammar class..

  • Theresa

    Does this guy not have any morals? Its way too soon to be offering up “Conspiracy Theories”, very dissrespectful to the victims, families and friends of the Boston Bombings. To issue an ultimatum to the President of the United States, especially in the midst of this tradgedy takes some balls…..I hope he is held accountable for his yap-flappin once and for all.

  • marie

    you sir are the asshat for not listening to the truth, Beck is a far better person than you any day as he would not bully in the manner that you are

  • Ce

    Heh, really? Do you mean every idiot at MSNBC?

  • Ce

    Are you referring to Michael Moore, because I totally agree! ;)

  • Mo

    Lets hope he is still alive by Monday, I believe this is a false flag just like the other casualties that happened in the USA for the past period of years.

  • Jason Whitney

    I will vote to impeach the arse of a president that we have. He is illegal, and ruining our country in every form he can. Money is worthless now, citizens at each other’s throat, and he makes some believe him… when will it end?

  • http://aol Brenda

    Why should Glenn Beck be pulled off the air? To appease you and your kind? The Sheeple kind!!!! I personally want him to tell the truth as he has always done. This is America Richard. And will remain America, as long as “we” True Americans and Patriots have an mm of Oxygen in our lungs and fight in our fists! If your kind have it your way Rich, we will live as ignorant subterranean cave dwellers. No hope of a reasonable life or even thought in our empty little brainwashed heads. This is our America Rich and we aim keep it that way!

  • Susan

    Actually if you turn on msnbc or cnn or abc nbc you will find hate and racist all day. They were so upset it was not some white guy. Glen doesn’t preach hate he relieves history and watches how it is unfolding here and now.

  • carolinaheels

    Our country is being divided and everyone here is evidence that it is happening right before our eyes! WAKE UP AMERICA! Radical Islamists are here everywhere! Go to and watch the trailer. Comments and thoughts please!

  • allen

    Yeah we should.get rid of the fake president that lies his ass off about everything thieving.!@#$!@# and people like you can go with him back to $@!!

  • Susie

    I am praying for him, his family and his staff for they are most likely in great danger. He has too much to lose to go out on a limb without the bet is that he really does have something…I wish he would have just come out with it now.

  • Richard L misner

    I would not be surprised one bit and if you want to pull some one off the air why don’t we start with all the lying main stream media such as msnbc,cnn,abc,nbc, and cbs!

  • Rick

    Why would anyone find it hard to believe our Government would do something like this. Our government does it in other countries all the time. Its the only way, they have to trick us into giving up our freedom to be safe. So a couple of MIT students use a pressure cooker with black powered…REALLY! Come on MIT student would use a much more sophisticated device, would wear a disguise and be long gone from the area because they are not dumb enough to do like these two USA government appointed bombers did! Beside how else can Obama get black powder to be illegal but to point out it was done with a black powered bomb! Ben Franklin Quotes … ”Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. I say this is a fact because with freedom comes safety!

  • Jer

    You honestly believe Beck would be the only person in America privy to this information if it were true? Get a grip. If this were true someone would have already made a big deal out of it. Quit grasping at straws.

  • Butters

    Not saying it is not true, But what purpose other than driving up ratings for his Monday show does sitting on this information serve?

  • Blaine Cooper

    He own his own network Jack ass he was kicked out of places like CNN and fox-news for speaking the truth wake up sheeple.

  • Marie C

    You and your kind make me laugh…..thank you for that.

  • CJ

    MSNBC,CNN should be taken of air..All they do is spread RACISM and HATE just like their MESSIAH OBAMA…

  • Tom

    For all of you praying for Mr. Beck and believe is a man of the ‘truth’…pray a little harder!

  • Tom

    For all of you praying for Mr. Beck and believe he is a man of the ‘truth’…pray a little harder!

  • Bettssss

    Grow a brain Michael!!!!!! You only can dream about being as smart and wise as beck>>>>>>Go get Em Glen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen Holmstock

    Bless you Glenn Beck! And to all of you who accuse this man of integrity I say come to Alaska and let me set you straight. One to one, man to man, or should I say coward to man (of course the man being me!) All I ever hear from you commies is accusations and lies. Come out from behind your stink holes and grow some cha cha’s!

  • Feedurhead

    Yeah, just ask Breitbart!

  • S

    WOW why is it that every WHITE (Im going out to say this because of your comment.) person hate 1/2 of the President. And since you seem to love a man that practices in a Religon that is racist, that would lead me to believe that America made the right choice. Black or White I wont follow a racist piece of $h*t knowingly. Black Ass huh? Why are you spending time in the Presidents pants sweety? But that comment alone makes YOU a bigoted POS, and people like you need to GTFO of MY country because you do FAR worse damage than President Obama EVER could. He will be done in 3 and 1/2 years your stupidity will last, and I don’t want someone like YOU voting for the color of someone’s skin, or shared values! Wish my fore Father would have had the same idea you did. You wouldn’t be a problem then. Buh-Bye racist we DONT want you here. And Al don’t be sstupid as well. Obviously there has to be something to what the LIB DEMS are saying just look what is written in face, plain as day. Need help: BLACK ASS President. Last I checked one’s ass has nothing to do with the office. If you have to lash out using racial slurs,its something you do easily ALL THE TIME. Stop hiding and come out of the closet, at least be honest, instead of the liars you are making yourselves out to be….just a thought.

  • John Neal

    Black is not a racial slur. I have never seen black, white, red or yellow people. I’m offended such simplistic terms are used to describe us on State and Federal forms. Why does anyone’s race make a difference?

  • S

    Actually Jethro, what you are doing is whats called a cover up. This is when a racist tries to cover up the racial slip brought out by rage from a fellow bigot. And FYI Jethro…HOW do any of you know his ass is Black? HE isn’t even Black. He is RI-RACIAL. Say it with me before Elle Mae and Pa get back. So it stands to reason his ass very well could be off color. Maybe a birth defect left his ass looking like his mother….WHITE! So in closure when you are trying to “cover something up” make sure you use ALL the fact given to you. Do research, though I do not believe the President will drop his Presidential Tighty Whites for you. (Hmm racist maybe, we will go with Boxers instead.) Any thing you have to say beyond this point has no credit to me, but thanks for playing sir/maam/

  • Victoria

    I have 2 university degrees, too. I have yet to hear Glen Beck say anythingf that was honest. WAKE UP!!!

  • Denice Thibaut

    is it the world according to Richard Cook? Sounds like has some information and I would like to hear it do you mind?

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  • David Brayton

    And you Richard crooks are totally full of shit and obviously have never watched a minute of Beck. You pig.

  • S

    Parallax. While you are trying to get us to believe that the OTHER idiot is ACTING like a racist fool……um you just slammed yourself right into the middle of it and again, the cover up continues. This is why I do not fancy stupid people. You sit here BLAMING while claiming the other side is blaming. The only thing you forgot is: “Its usually the MINORITIES that play the “race card” first. And actually THAT statement is a card play in itself. So you see, if you are truly a racist then you cant really hide from it. And before you get all red and pissy think on this. If you claim not to be racist, while making a racially charged statement. but SAY you are not a racist, which do I believe. the claim you are NOT a racist. or the claim your statement makes? Either way not matter which way we take you, makes you, sir/madam a liar. Think on that before you respond, if you so choose to. Also only children spell Douche Doosh (credibility damaging)just an fyi for future use.

  • Mark

    CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, MSNBC and their affiliates should go first. They lie and cover up crap all the time and have been doing a good job of it since lets see… since TVs came to every household in Amerika.

  • B. Yams

    America is doomed. Welcome to the third world trailor park.

  • S

    Seriously John are you kidding. Its not the word BLACK that is the racial under tone. Its both words placed together. For adults some of you are rather….. non-gifted. If you are going to sit there and “pretend” you don’t understand that…..makes you 1 or 2 things, or you could be Bi-challenged actually. Although one would be preferred over another honestly. I fear for America. People not proud enough to stand up for what they believe in public. You have to do it behind closed doors, or either try to shove it back in my way of your ass when your true feelings slip. Sad really. That’s why most of you should NOT be voting. Cant be counted on to make your own decisions.

  • The Truth Hurts

    Amen Candice! You are right. You can’t fix Stupidity and boy there is a lot of it in these comments! Libs, Blah, Blah, Blah……

  • Frank

    It wasn’t Saudi Nationals. It was our own government who bombed the marathon. Wake up. They want us to have an enemy so that can’t see what’s going on under our noses in our own country. Notice how now we have military presence in NYC and New Jersey (post Sandy), we have military presence in LA (at Long Beach like in WW2), the border patrol this weekend in California was checking every single car…trunks and gloveboxes. Plus now we have military in Boston. We don’t even have a motive for those guys supposedly shooting that random school police guy at MIT. Wake up. None of it adds up.

  • Jess

    Really Bozz? Before you attack someone I suggest you do your homework, and educate yourself. You have no clue what your talking about. I don’t think you know what “TRUTH” is.

  • S

    Sigh, yet another politically, racially, charged piece of bull$h*t causing people to foam at the mouth. Here is a clue that Beck may not have anything. First, if you have something that could potentially harm person, place, or thing. Spit it the hell out. don’t sit there like some child throwing ultimatums around. Say what you know, provide the proof, then let the guilty party dance around it. So as far as Im concerned Mr Trump er umm I mean Beck, you have nothing until we hear it WITH proof. Until then, the rest of you are just Mr Beck’s school mates playing in his sandbox, making fools of yourselves. Outting yourselves, calling each other name (until John does not consider calling people Idiots is a form of demeaning, I mean after all if you come off as an idiot isn’t that fact?) So STFB wait for Monday when Mr Trump, damn again? Mr Beck brings it to the table. Who knows, you may have to rely on the person you hate when all is said and done. Better hope they are less hateful than you are, you might find yourself laying dying in the middle of the street for the simple reason that your colors don’t match. Play nice children, off to find the adults.

  • Sam

    Let’s see if Monday, Mr. Beck has the cojones to make his accusation. Personally, calling out the President of the United States constitutes a threat. And, consequently, maybe Mr. Beck is going to go to jail for this as an enemy of the State. Hopefully his Blaze network will go up in a “blaze” of glory. I for one would not shed a tear if he “disappears” sometime into the night never to be heard from again.

  • Nate

    I think Beck is an idiot but take him out of it. Some things just don’t add up. Two guys blow up a marathon and don’t leave the area. They didn’t even put their pictures in the news for days..why would they hang out all week and then go kill a random cop at a school they don’t even attend? Did they know that guy? Why not just blow up the school since they supposedly had explosives?

  • Michele

    “I got 2 degrees”? Really? They obviously didn’t teach you very well…..

  • Michele

    I have 2 degrees as well… I’d like to see what Beck has to say or “prove” and then take it from there, don’t judge until we hear what he has to say! :)

  • Michele

    You’re crazy Frank.

  • Michele

    Get your facts straight, Rick, before you post untrue crap.

  • Nate

    Michele do you think those two guys really did it?

  • Michele

    You’re an idiot.

  • Michele

    I do Nate, but I also think they had help planning it, they were the scapegoats… my opinion only, it was too orchestrated for those 2 to pull off by themselves, there’s somebody else in the picture.

  • deb

    I have two degrees, I teach college, and I find Beck intelligent, clever, and funny. Furthermore, truly educated folks (educated formally or self-educated) have more class than to call someone a… what was that?… oh, yeah, an asshat. Folks like me do not need to stoop to such language because we can’t find intelligent words to express our views.

  • Nate

    I think they were patsys. I doubt they had anything to do with it…especially not the 19 yr old. There is grey area between the time of the bombing and the time they “supposedly” connected with the guy they allegedly car-jacked. All we have is some reports of quotes from that guy saying they took his car, took him to ATMS and then let him go. No witnesses and where is that guy now.. I haven’t even seen a picture of him or seen him giving interviews. Also, why drive all the way over to MIT to shoot someone?

  • Larry

    Nate I never thought about that . I did think it was odd that they didn’t shoot the one person they encountered after the MIT shooting. They supposedly blew up a crowd of people and shot a school cop at a school they had no ties to but didn’t shoot a guy they carjacked. I find that odd. I don’t think it was these two guys at all. I am starting to think they were framed.

  • Chuck

    The part I can’t figure out is all the stuff that happened in pitch black night. All the footage of the gun fight was in the dark. We don’t see anything and we can’t tell who is shooting at who. Also, a 19 year old out drove 10,000 various law enforcement individuals close enough to fire at him. Sounds a little like PR to me. At 19, he has only been driving a couple of years and he was in the dark in an unfamiliar car with FBI, local police and who knows what chasing him… fishy.

  • Stephen Holmstock

    Your don’t have an intelligent bone in your body do you….. haaa! “Your an idiot!” Is that your reply? What are you a bubble gum chewing juvenile or what?

  • Fluffhead

    Glen Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990.

  • js

    It’s all over the internet who Beck is talking about–Just Google “Deportation Order for Boston Student Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi – What’s The Truth?” Alex Jones has said much more specific things about an “inside job” on his website and on YouTube.

  • King Wizard

    I don’t know what Beck is about on this one, I don’t listen to him. But I just LOVE how anyone with a different opinion from YOU is “spreading hate”. It is called free speech and it’s protected by the Bill of Rights to ensure that no one is censored for their point of view and to promote free forum in society.


  • Webb

    Yep, he’s a great person that built his career on doing things like calling a rival’s grieving wife and making fun of her having a miscarriage. Oh, yeah, he also singled out a bank teller who was deathly afraid of rodents and sent her a gerbil through the drive through shoot. As long as we’re on the subject of not bullying, he also spent a year harassing a competing morning show’s female co-host about her weight, and made racist jokes. Nope, he’s never been a bully, and is a far better person than all of us.

  • Jesse tronier

    No, it’s the truth. If you want to hear complete lies and hate, listen to some of Obama’s speeches or CNN or something simple.

  • Webb

    You may want to actually read the Constitution. No where in it does it mention freedom of speech. The 1st Amendment states that the federal government can’t restrict us, and the 14th makes it so the state government can’t.

  • JP

    No he didn’t. That’s an internet hoax.

  • Webb

    Even better question, when did Laura Bush do anything?

  • JP

    The Saudi guy theory is stupid. No why? Because one guy couldn’t have done all this and it doesn’t explain all the other stuff like the MIT shooting.

  • Derrick

    I’m pretty sure “got” is a word. Past tense of the verb “to get”, right? “I got 2 degrees” (not “degree’s” by the way), means they didn’t come to me, I went and GOT them. In this case, it can be understood that he earned them. If you all think Parallax meant “have got”, but left off the word “have”, then that’s your problem. Not his. It’s funny when people become so hateful over a media figure whom they disagree with. If you don’t like him, don’t watch him. But you really DO look like a fool when you try to tell someone who DOES watch his show what goes on there. That would be like ME telling YOU what Olbermann is all about. Although, in that case, Olbermann really IS an idiot. tic

  • David Brayton

    Hahahah you’re a friggin MORON. And yes you are the enemy pal.

  • John Q Public

    Chance, He should be pulled from the Air for spreading Stupidity? Really, under that idea, I think the entire cast of the Network “State Run Media”, you guys are brainwashed By, CNN, NBC, MSM, FOX would all be banned from TV..

    One great example Chris Matthews Explained the definition of Racism. Please tell you that you did not miss that one. I heard about it on a comedy show and had to go check it out. Was pretty funny that someone reporting your news was really that ignorant and believed that.

  • Corey

    Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Glenn Beck never said it was an inside job, he said that information about the Saudi was being covered up. This is because there is another Saudi in Boston that is being deported, and everyone thought it was the same person.

  • michael thomsen

    Do you listen to Glenn Beck? I do and I have never heard him spread hate.

  • wrww33

    You are brain washed!

  • Mike

    First of all, I am no fan of Glenn Beck.
    Secondly, I do not put much truth in a lot of the “conspiracy” theories out there.
    But the statement that our government has lied to us, about MANY, MANY things in the past, is true. And they will continue to lie to us to save face.
    This goes for Democrats, Republicans or whatever other affiliation those in power are in.
    We’ll see what happens tomorrow. If Beck is right, then kudos to him for bringing the information forward and for his attempt at opening the eyes of the American people. If not, then I will have to chalk it up to a ratings ploy.
    Either way, it will be interesting.

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  • GDS

    I am convinced that Owebama DOES NOT love our country and is truly a hypocrite that will do whatever he can to acheive his goals. I have no reason to doubt Glen Beck’s integrity and I pray for his safety and his family’s well being if he moves forward with REAL proof of the facts behind this tragic event. Fact or fiction this is certainly an American tragedy. Shalom.

  • Mark Elliott

    For those of you who question Glenn Beck, saying he’s spreading hate; what if he’s right? What if the government is hiding its intentions from the rest of us? Wouldn’t that be a form of hate, also. The true haters are the ones who don’t want to hear the truth. They can’t stand being told they’re wrong, or having to even admit they’re wrong. If Beck is wrong, he’s got to live with it. It won’t be the first time, nor will it be the last time. But don’t be deceived; if you truly believe that this administration is on the level, then I don’t hate you, I just pity you. That’s the difference. People who know the truth don’t hate.

  • Mark Elliott

    If he IS right, then God help us all. A few of us have always had our suspicions; if it’s true what he plans on saying; if the government prohibits him in anyway, or this gets swept under the rug, then we – that means liberals, too – are in for a bumpy rest of our lives.

  • Matthew Rensen

    Maybe we should shut you up too? Ever heard of free speech? I find it amazing you are so deliberately ignorant about Glen Beck and the Constitution.

  • http://facebook brenda sickles

    Thank-You TEXAN for a moment I thought I was the only one that really listened and HEARD what Mr. Beck was saying. Although some of these other 100 plus comments have been a great source of amusement this am. So once again than-you for being the voice of reason.

  • Daniel

    You live in a bubble if you don’t believe this administration capable of what’s gone on.

  • Tom

    Glen Beck is evil, he is the devil

  • Jim

    Every time Liberals attack Glenn Beck. He calls gold line.

  • Brad Snyder

    My patince with idiots has completely run out. I am all dried up! Those who label Glenn Beck “and his type” as “haters”, are themselvems seperately unAmerican and the true haters. You people are the dirt grime and sewage in the true American society. Please, for the sake of your dignity, stand on a very tall building and make a leap of faith, thus sparing us true Americans of having to do it for you. The true majority of this country has heard enough of your blather and it’s truely time for you to STFU!

  • Mel

    This country needs God. He is our true leader.

  • The Jimmy Z Show

    If Glenn Beck knew something – and it was important – about a government cover up, why would he give the government 3 days to reveal whatever he has? Why wouldn’t he just REPORT it? Because he’s a charlatan, a follower after the fake Mormon god, and a psycho.

  • Michael

    It’s sad that you see opinions as so polarized (Glen Beck thinking at it’s best — and simplest form). Either Beck is right or government is the cure all. How about the government is flawed (like any institution) and Glen Beck is a sensationalist fool who drums up theories and then finds facts to confirm, rather than approaching it the other way around. The burden of proof is on the conspiracy theorist, not the other way around. Can’t wait to hear his bs reasoning that is supported by nothing more than conjecture.

  • Michael

    Try speaking English and then come back and post.

  • bluezguise

    Glen Beck spread hate?! Have you ever listened to his show. He does just the opposite.

    He can usually support what he says. Let’s see.

  • Cal Weaver

    Since when is trying to find out the truth considered hate? And what is Mr. Beck’s “kind”? That sounds more like generalized hate-spreading than being dissatisfied by the answers we get from an imperfect government.

  • Steve

    I cannot stomach this guy. He is just another creep that makes a living spewing controversy on tv. Why he has a following is totally beyond me.

  • http://aol tann

    Go get them Glenn! Tell us what the liberal media won’t!

  • Alan Timn

    Do you know what the great thing about being an American is? We can say whatever the hell we want on the air and they can’t do a DAMN thing. I would hate to live in a country where anybody, even people I disagreed with, could all be “pulled off the air” for having an opinion. If you want to listen to ass-kissing tv hosts, MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY. All you and “your kind” do is reinforce the fact that there are far too many uneducated people in this country. Take a history class, bud.

  • 10:00am

    I am amazed that erstwhile intelligent people actually believe Beck’s shtick. Beck is just making a buck. C’mon people. If what he is saying is true he would never get the opportunity to say it.

  • Rmiller

    Really hate shot up u the only one talking hate. Open your eyes fool!! I say this I I don’t even care for Glen but really look at the past of are government. Live free die enslaved by a government

  • Joe

    No, they actually spread truth, not BS propaganda lies like the liberal Media does.

  • Rose

    I totally agree marie.

  • Mamacitizen

    I love how some guy named Webb on the internet makes accusations with nothing to back them up and expects people to just believe him. I have never heard those stories, but if they are true, I’m sure that they would be prior to 1995 in his alcoholic years. GB freely admits that he was a jerk back then.

  • Mike

    Then Don’t watch them, stick your head back in your own sand box .

  • Mamacitizen

    Exactly. It’s hilarious how everyone is trying to disprove whatever he might say in advance by attacking him rather than waiting to hear what his accusation actually is and working to discredit the accusation. If he is wrong, he will only make himself look bad and if he is right, God help us.

  • Mamacitizen

    There have been many things that he and others have said about this administration that were true and they have had the opportunity to say it. About 1/2 of the country either doesn’t listen, are in denial that something like that could happen, are in denial that Obama is anything but benevolent and will parrot whatever the administration’s stance is in reply, or are clueless to anything political.

  • Ivan

    Do you not understand that you’re being hooked, and reeled in? How many times does Beck have to do this before you start realizing that he’s a con-man, running a well oiled, and fabricated con game? How many times? You are being played. Like a violin.

    There’s a part of me that wishes a republican could actually win the white house, just so vapid idiots like yourselves would just stfu. Just for five minutes. S T F U.

  • Marjoire

    . No research goes into the opinion of a liberal. They only spout what they are told by others.

  • Alta

    Actually, Obama is a mulatto.

  • carmen

    and you believe the guy in the white house? i’d take glenn beck’s word over the word of the ‘transparent’ in the white house any day.

  • Ant11

    Do you listen to him or just edited tapes? He does the opposite. Why don’t you watch his full unedited shows you would realize that.

  • Rick S

    So I think all of you who are concerned about who has a black ass and who doesn’t have a black ass , are all missing the boat. Can we be patient enough for one lousy 24 hour period to find out what the heck he’s talking about and then decide? based on the merits of the information he has? We’re being told those guys were from Chechnya, now they may be from Saudi Arabia, doesn’t anybody think that is interesting how the FBI could of gotten that wrong? Or if they did get it wrong? then we could talk about why so many people could distrust our government so passionately. I could even add a bit to that conversation, but to scan through the comments thus far you would think our country is totally full of easily led morons, bigots, and people that act like they need to get into a fist fight.

  • MJ

    Like virtually all of his fans, Glen Beck has no college education.

    Do I trust an overly paid, under-educated ass clown whose fan base consists entirely of people with the maximum mental abilities of a 10th grader? Or do I trust the hundreds of elected officials we have in Washington who are educated at some of the world’s most elite universities?

    Anyone who follows this fear monger is a fucking idiot.

  • MJ

    I’ll be you’re scarred after listening to this guy speak. I just listened to that 3 min clip and I think I’m scarred for life.

  • Kevin Kerns

    So it’shate when the right reports it, journalsim when the left reprts it, don’t kill the messanger because you dont LIKE the message.

  • Jon M O’Neil

    But I bet you listen to “Tingles” Matthews don’t you? I think all the libs do is spread BS. And why is it that whenever someone doesn’t agree with you, it’s hate? Please, do tell.

  • J

    Truth is not hate! Dumb ass! Open your eyes! Stop kissing the feet of a puppet!

  • James Diamond

    I have noticed a lot of people saying Mr. Beck is a liar. They never watch nor listen to his programs, only calling him a liar because he does not fall in line like those liberals that hate him. These liberals need to wake up before they themselves are put out to pasture by this tyrant in office. Fair warning liberals, don’t let it go un noticed.

  • James Diamond

    Wow MJ, you really are feeling your oats this day. If only your mind was as large as your mouth then perhaps you would know the truth from the untruth. If you think those in office are smart because they went to harvard or yale or where ever then buddy you need your head examined.

  • Clifton

    Another “tolerant” liberal view.
    But you agree with the lunatics on MSNBC such as Acelrod and Matthews who who giddy with hope and misinformation that the dreaded Tea Party was behind the bombings.

  • An embarassed conservative

    Actually he has nothing to lose. He’s famous because of his conspiracy theorism and hate-mongering so this is exactly what people expect from him. Even if he is wrong, which he is, then it will simply be dismissed as “the government covered it up well enough.” Beck is no government official, nor is he a prophet or God as many of you seem to think. It is truly a testament to the sorry state of our two party system that people will believe obvious fabrication such as this.

  • ricki

    kinda like chris matthews on msnbc,huh……….

  • TcT

    The Government should have everyone who mentioned “Praying” for this loon or agreeing that the Government is some big conspiracy put on the “Requires straight jacket” list.

    You know what isn’t a conspiracy? The fact that you should probably put some thought energy in understanding what the word “logic” means. Read a book, please.

    On the other hand, my Tin Foil Hat business idea could profit heavily with all the mentally unstable around.

    Also, if you don’t like our Government, please, find another country to live in. Hell, go to Chechen, see how long you survive making unbacked remarks. No one wants you here.

    Every sane person

  • Jan K.

    Glen Beck is an absolute ignorant Imbecile!!!!!

  • Ray

    But i suppose Obama doesn’t spread hate? Dividing people and keeping the black folks stirred up ever racism? What really baffles me is why so many black folks support the Democrats(Even before Obama came along) when here the Democrats fought against civil rights and are responsible for starting the KKK ??? Google it. It’s my belief that both parties are one of the same and Obama is being used as the mouth piece to bring about world changes we know nothing about. They want us quibbling over the small stuff and choosing a side to prevent civil war. How else can one explain all the Presidential qualifications required that have been thrown into the fire for him?

    Obama lost every single state that required voter ID and 60 precincts in Oh and Pa did not have 1 single vote cast for Romney(A statistical impossibility in any election) While tons of people reported seeing their Romney vote magically switch to Obama. Colorado had 104-140% turn out in many counties and we wont even talk about his SS # from Connecticut that belongs to someone from 1890, not to mention its a state for which he has never lived. Fox interviewed 400 supposed class mates of Obama from Columbia university and KNOW ONE remembers him. These were people that would be in is majored classes not the whole school. We are all cooked now, here comes the new world order.

  • Ray

    Know one needs to argue with you! You have already told on yourself. Resort to my other post here.

  • Kay

    I say wait until Monday before slinging mud people! All of you doing the slinging and insulting are the people I don’t want for neighbors when this government falls!

  • Ray

    Well maybe because the issues he talks about,not to mention brings to light cannot be refuted or proven false :)



  • caren

    GB is one of the Few still out there uncovering the truth. Some will say it’s cause he wants everyone rushing to his radio station and trying to gin up ratings…well, if you follow GB, you will know this is so far from being true…with the HUGE following he has, he certainly does not NEED more audience or higher ratings…God bless you GB, your family, your staff and your security and I can’t wait to hear from you tomorrow.

  • scooter7

    “Pulled from FOX??” You missed something. He LEFT FOX to start his own thing…which has been unbelievably successful.
    Get your facts straight!

  • Jennifer

    I agree – whatever he has he’s has checked it and it’s the truth as far as anyone can tell. I’ll believe him over anything on CNN, et. al., any day of the week.

  • Jon Ecat

    If you want to learn about ANYTHING go to a library, if you want sex, drugs go learn at a college. School is the problem. Hail Glenn and I am NOTHING like him. Damn you new breed Nazi terrorist libs.

  • Maryann

    well given the facts I don’t see how those boys were carrying pressure cookers in those bags…put a pressure cooker or large pot in a backpack and see how it looks…those backpacks did not have pressure cookers in them and bumping people on crowded streets…with a bomb not likely!!! There is definitely more to this story, I would be inclined to believe Glen over Obama!!!

  • http://facebook harriet engler

    You must be one of those low-information liberals.

  • scooter7

    ” world’s most elite universities”
    Such as Harvard?? Like the President…who apparently has no clue what is permissible under the Constitution and what isn’t??
    Education is no guarantee of intelligence.

  • Barb

    Bozz, when liberals have no substantial argument, they just resort to attacking grammar and spelling. Some of the most brilliant minds in the world have had spelling problems, often because, despite their superior intelligence, they were dyslexic. Get a life, Bozz. Find a decent factual argument if you’re going to comment.

  • Barb

    Oh, like reporters on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC who were early on reporting that the perpetrators of the bombing must be white right wing crazies and stating that they actually hoped that’s who it was. You mean, spreading that kind of hate. Beck fights for truth.

  • Loving

    We should all be as loving and tolerant as you. Seriously, I’m feeling your love.

  • MrsK

    You don’t even know how to spell his name you idiot. How many times did you vote for Ubama in 2012? A dozen or so?

  • John

    Glenn Beck has NEVER spread hate on his show. Main stream media is where you’ll find hate and lies. If Glenn Says he has proof, trust him…He has it.

  • Don Burck

    How do you know he is wrong? You tell us then what his theory is!! Seems to me that Ronald R. said we are not to speak badly of those on our side. Listen to Glenn some time.

  • tincan53

    Yeah just like the muslims are all about love and peace. I don’t think so.

  • JohnnyB

    Glenn Beck has and will never spread hatred. You should stop listening to other people and the lies about GB, try and listen yourself, then make a educated decision.
    If Glenn says he has proof, HE DOES. Wait and see.

  • Joe

    Why? Because you disagree? See what he says THEN,if you can,make a call…You liberals spread hate on a regular basis…

  • Ed

    “Paranoia strikes deep,
    Into your life it will creep;
    It starts when you’re always afraid;
    Step outa line, the man comes, and takes you away”

    Really?! Really??!!

  • Jason Reedy

    That’s a great idea. Let’s just get rid of that 1st amendment altogether. Actually, let’s just take it away from people like you.

  • Deltarose

    He’s a hell of a lot smarter than u, obviously, and privy to more info.. The man tells the truth, something which u probably grew up being taught didn’t exist. Perhaps u should pay attention instead of voicing ur hatred.

  • Larry Krause

    Why do you call it hate? If it is the truth, it is the right thing to do. It seems to me, that if you are calling Glenn Beck a liar before you hear him out, you are the hater. If it turns out that he is wrong, then you can criticize. Let’s wait until Monday….

  • Rando Killrizian

    I love this New Nazi Progressive party. They wish to silence decent, unarm law abiding citizens and make them slaves. This has given me and many just like me a serious wake up call. I fancy myself a left leaning constitutional libertarian, but I voted for Obama twice and was a registered Democrat. I didn’t even realize I had libertarian beliefs until I watched as Obama and his Gestapo began trying to dismantle our constitution. It saddens me that people like you, can’t see past your nose and realize as I did that he is doing the opposite of what he said he would do. You are not even interested trying to hold him to his promises. You are only interested in towing the Obama line and if you be a good little nazi youth the chances of being a house slave keeps your head from exploding from being behest to go against your actual beliefs. I will warn you though doing this past the point of no return will lead to massive amounts of regret and PTSD. Good luck in your Blitzkrieg, but they are more like me waking up everyday. Remember sir, the last one on the boat goes down with the ship.

  • Dan Lacey

    Glen Beck is an entertainer who has pitched his tent on the right side of the road because he knows he can find more suckers there.

  • Rando Killrizian

    Being racist will not help this movement. Please don’t comment, you are just giving these people more ammunition. Are you thick or something?

  • Lee

    you are so right

  • Shari Sullivan

    I believe Glen Beck has got the goods on Obama. What I am afraid of is that this regime will shut him up before he can utter a peep. Somehow, some way, they will try to silence him.





  • Enya

    Get over it people, what the hell do college or university degrees have to do with intelligence? The most intelligent people I have met, do NOT have college degrees and they are self-made millionaires. As a matter of fact, those who don’t have common sense or can’t think for themselves, need to go to school to be taught, however, the problem is- you can’t teach common sense or being able to think for yourself. Of course, I understand that in order to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc., you need a degree but these days everyone is getting a college education and there is an exorbitant amount of dumb people graduating with a college degrees. So, the fact that you need to advertise you have a college degree already speaks volumes of your lack of intelligence.

  • Michelle

    Was thinking the same thing….

  • Me,myself and I

    And you have the right name… to be friend with the goverment official…..

  • Frank

    You should change your screen name to something more appropriate. In addition, you need to back up your statements with some facts, otherwise you are ranting. Liberals, like you. are so predictable.

  • Keefer

    You really are an obama lover, aren’t you?

  • Keefer

    More “then?” Lern 2 spel, IDIOT.

  • Jeff

    I disagree in that Mr. Beck does a good job of presenting evidence that supports his claims. In my view, the government is not interested in preserving “We the People” but subjugate us all. Be careful where you place your trust.

  • Rench

    Why don’t you try backing that up with facts? Just because you can’t see the truth because he’s conservative doesn’t mean that he’s lying.

  • tanya stephany

    I voted for Obama the first time around,but was not fooled this time. Thank you for seeing Obama for who he
    really is.

  • Jidelle

    I disagree. I would consider myself a liberal, and voted for Obama first term, however I am with Glen on this…something here just doesn’t add up. If he has fact’s, and he’s willing to put his career on the line to back them up, I’ll listen.

  • Anita McMahon

    I’m praying for him too. He’s the only one I trust.

  • Rench

    I no think so, mucho Liberals has hard time comperhendin are language, u no? Is too sofistikated 4 them.

  • Anita McMahon

    You are so wrong. Glenn is exactly right

  • Will

    Give Us An Example?

  • Slayer2013

    I used to listen to Beck on the radio all the time… did not care for the Fox spot much… Liked it in the beginning then it was like a circus. But then, it would seem like a circus telling the truth just look at the last 6 years and tell me even venting all the stuff you yourselves have heard and seen from Washington who would believe you? yep… there ya are :) THEY ARE A CIRCUS! So Beck is dead on… but no worries ;) very very soon when their real agenda hits our streets and lives… YOU WILL BELIEVE HIM THEN!!!! and it is coming… no doubt.. They are expecting us to rise up too or they would not be preparing NHS with all the rounds of ammo and guns and armored trucks and crap… Beck says we need to get ready to build a new republic because this one is over.. That I do believe.. I do have ears and eyes and I see it as well as hear it. Only an ignorant FOOL could not know this..

  • Will

    Sorry, I Mean Could Someone Give An Example As To How The Man That Has Shed Tears For His Love For Our Country Is Promoting Hate?…. We Need More People Like Glen Beck.

  • peter

    this sounds like…the return of Bin Laden!

  • jwpegler

    Glenn Beck is good at boosting his ratings.

    I remember on several occasions he said that he was going to reveal something big on a show and when you tuned in, it was something minor and pitifully uninteresting.

    I suspect that the same will be true here.

    He’s a blowhard marketer. No more, no less.

  • Kat

    I’m too afraid to comment, fearing someone will make fun of my auto spell check, accuse me of being on left/right or some other ridiculous accusation. All the hatred in this thread breaks my heart.

  • somedude

    i’m gonna laugh if his evidence is that post from 4chan. Glenn was probably on there looking at kiddie porn and stumbled across the nebulous post filled with tv psychic style predictions. got him all hot and bothered and hungry for ratings.

  • Kat

    Maryann, such good point. I wondered how they had all the bombs they were throwing out the car. pulled em out of their asses? and why were there so many black back packs at the race. seriously.

  • Ted

    But when you are evil, you don’t want the truth to be told about you, so you call it hate speech and pray nobody will listen to it.
    Mr. Beck simply presents the truth. Shows wicked ways for what they actually are. He points out self destructive paths, and idiots continue to follow those paths because it is what they like in the moment without looking down the road to the possible consequences.

  • Patrick

    Typical Liberal: Silence anyone you disagree with and accuse them of hate/racism/bigotry, etc.
    Disgusting people on the Left.

  • Ted

    Extremely well said!

  • Ted

    I want to apologize, this forum placed my “Extremely well said!” quote in the wrong place. It is supposed to apply to Jethro, not the person criticizing him.

  • Thomas

    Oh the truth is now called Spreading Hate! Interesting ostridge boy, The left is so afraid of the Truth! Do you know why those lost in the deception of the world are afraid of truth? Because when you start seeking truth you find God and he scares you because he condemns your sinful lifestyle. Satan has a leash on you. Break free accept Christ and he shall set you free!

  • JamieLong

    I may not be college educated but I know enough to understand what the truth is and why it holds value in everyones eyes. We all want to hold this truth ourselves and be the first to spread it to the world so that we can be acknowledged as a bringer of light in a weird narrcistic way. But all in all with all the energy spent on this thread imagine if all of us took the time to actually sit here and work together and try to form a true and valid point and figure out where to go next. But instead we will sit here waiting for the opportunity to jump up in someones face and tell them that they are wrong….. this is why this country is doomed, just read this feed. The government alone makes me ashamed to be an american but then i read this thread and realize where the real disappointment is to be placed, in us all.

  • Jared

    Another distraction from the fact that our own government are the real perpetrators of all the terror attacks in the last 20 years. Saudi Nationals? Why would Saudi terrorists attack a marathon (not a strategic target) and neglect to claim responsibility? Because it all stinks of shit and fear. Just like Glenn Beck.

  • Eat S**** Obama

    And Richard if he does have the goods…..then what? Your a commie pig.

  • Tim

    Are you implying that you are afraid for Glenn’s safety because you believe that this administration is willing to resort to violence against those who speak out against them?

  • Debbie

    Liberals LOVE censorship! If your viewpoint were valid, you would welcome debate. I can tell by your comment that you don’t even listen to Glenn Beck.

  • John

    You call yourself An Embarassed Conservative?
    You misspelled embarrassed. Why aren’t you honest? Call yourself what you are a Liberal Progressive. Anyone who has seriously listened to Glenn Beck, knows how decent, honest and diligent he is about reporting the truth. He regularly challenges his audience to “check him out”. He urges us to verify everything he claims. He doesn’t try to hide anything. He is generally proven right. I could go on about his charitable efforts, but you probably have already tuned me out.

  • magical sysop

    Would you expect to be told the truth? American government has lied thousands of times. Obama is just another Muslim protecting his own. Get rid of him and the world would be a better place. It all starts with him.

  • SeaGreen

    I pray for your safety until them Mr. Beck. Would not be surprised to hear you are in grave danger. We have surmised that this could have been the case all along :(

  • scooter7

    No, I don’t like our govt., it has strayed far too much from the document that gives it it’s power.
    Since I was born here…I think I’ll stay, and wait for WE THE PEOPLE to decide that the board needs a reset.

  • Sam Renfro

    You Beck haters are as evil as the master you serve .. if you had been keeping up with what is going on and had you listen to what Beck said you wouldn’t be running in circles trying to pull your head out of your butt .. I’m sure what Glenn will reveal tomorrow but to the communist and their supporters it will mean little .. to the people who love America it will clear the path that they must follow .. to the evil left .. prepare yourselves .. we will be coming soon.

  • Jay Squadrone

    His kind are real americans seeking real truth. ow many people do you know pal that have 100 friends dead by apparent suicide or tradgedy. Wake the hell up.

  • Kallanar

    I have a black friend of mine who has, since he was 16, always marked out African american and put Black American in its place. He has always said “I am not African nor will I ever be, I am an American with an extremely severe case of sunburn…”. I think too many people put too much emphasis on race than just being an American. Ok, so your ancestors were of Mexican or African descent, but why push that others. I am in one of the smallest minorities in America, i am Cajun French, yet i get lumped in with all other whites. We (whites) are from all different backgrounds, German, Scottish, ect… yet we get lumped into one group cause of our color. Hmm that in itself is to me a racial inequality. I personally dont care what color or ethnic background you are if you dont work for a living and would rather live off us hard working tax payers, dont like you. Is that racist? No, its saying get off your ass and work instead of using your color/ethnic background to get yourself free stuff.

  • Ehugg

    Glen Beck , You lying sack of horse manure Shut your ugly face, I hope they take your crummy show off the air and put your ugly ass in jail. You are more of a terrorist then Bin Laden with all you HATE. YOUR A RACIST!!!!!

  • sam s

    there are alot of dolts on this thread! look it up hill billys! im dyslexic and will mispell words and more commonly get them mixed up but don’t get dyslexia muddled with being retarded! ameicans are so insular and neglect the fact that the internet is global! world wide web fool so when you say the problem with this country it shows that you are ignorant. to label people liberals or lefties or call your president a muslim and all of this bollocks shows a real disconection from reality. glen beck is a massive douch fear mongering hack artist that caters for the uneducated prolateriate. its not your fault though your wonderful corporate sponsored government has nutered your intelligence! you are the babys of the world with a history of violence forged on violence! glenn beck is a see you next tuesday with an iq of about 123! i would love to iq test him an o really!

  • Gold

    Hmm, truth = hate? It depends on what the truth reveals and whom it affects.

  • David Brayton

    Lolol what an ignorant pig you are. You are the enemy pal and since you are apparently an anti gun nut you will get your due cowering in a corner peeing on yourself. Your government will come for you or someone like you and you won’t have a prayer.

  • kelly

    franklin st…connotation founding father
    67 ..6 and 7 english term for chaos
    watertown connotation crying..
    boston you will run again..connotation boston will be scared again.

  • Thomas’s Augie

    I agree David. Those who say Beck should be taken off the air obviously do not listed to his show. And you’re right. He’s putting a lot on the line and is always interested in the truth.

  • sparky

    Glen Beck is a certifiable kook. I mean even the kooks at Fox wanted him gone. Another Alex jones in the making. beck has been inhaling to many chemtrails, and needs ot put into a FEMA camp!

  • dana b

    I think obama is a joke to this country. I think that beck is trying to get the crooked sob noticed of all he is doing which is not much,but put this country deeper in debt for no reason. So go BECK.

  • Dan

    Idiots following an idiot. Did you all buy gold when this repugnant liar told you to do so? How did that work out for ya?

  • Wanda

    No Richard, they tell the truth. You liberals better wake up to Obamas lies.

  • Terry Dickerman


  • David Brayton

    Hey sparky? Use your real name or STFU you pussy.

  • Robin

    I am reading There are Save Two Churchs’ only. This is not a hoax. Beck is right. We live among men who are hell-bent on destroying this country. They belong to groups who have planned the destruction of America. They are succeeding in their plans. We will go down. They will do anything to take us down. There is only one hope….God the Father and Jesus Christ.

  • David Brayton

    Another anonymous pussy named Dan.

  • Wanda

    You are NO conservative. Everything Beck has said, Has turned out to be true. You people better wake up. Obama has you people so blind to his lies. How do you know he is wrong? The Saudi national he is talking about was the 1st person of interest after the bombing. Why is Obama talking to the Saudi king? Why is Obama letting this man go Home? Did you even know about these things? No’ because you are uninformed Obama follower that believes his LIES. And another thing, Dont you think if those boys had planned out setting those bombs off, that they would have made a plan to leave town too?

  • Wanda

    Jan K. You better wake up. Obama is the Imbecile.

  • Wanda

    You must be the uneducated MORON Michael. If you listened to him and checked the facts you would know that he tells the truth. You liberals kill me. You believe everything Obama says and think the conservatives are liars. Everyday something new comes out that Obama has lied about. Why do you insist on being blind to what he does? You have NO CLUE what the truth is.

  • David Brayton

    Jan K? Your an ignorant pig. And clearly the enemy of America. Deal with it. Believe me you won’t have a chance not to.

  • Keefer

    “Back round?” REALLY????????

  • luis

    You sound hateful too. I have not heard him with a hateful msg at all. He deports what the rest dont. He might sound a bit dramatic but he has never reported lies, like the others. He does his homework well. I saw pictures od arabs with backpacks with silhuets of somethingrouround and a protuberance in the middle. They were at least 5 of them. Then the saudi to be depkrted fast. Why? I agree with Beck.

  • Keefer

    “Your” = you’re, right? Just asking.

  • Wanda

    You are absolutely right….Marjoire

  • Keefer


  • Keefer

    “KNOW ONE?” This is why liberals think conservatives are stupid. LERN 2 SPEL!!!

  • Keefer

    “Your” = You’re, right?

  • Alfred Norris

    Ronin, you and your kind aren’t just pathetic, you’re utterly ridiculous. There hasn’t been a false flag attack. And no one is taking your guns. What a buffoon.

  • Wanda

    Deb L. The rich are not taking your money. They are not taking my money. They have it because people spend it on their product or business. Once upon a time, you or anybody in this country could get rich. YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT….

  • Keefer

    “Trader” = traitor? Just wondering…

  • Alfred Norris

    You people who believe Beck and this False Flag nonsense will believe anything. You’re so wrapped up in hating Obama and thinking you’re under attack (when you’re not) that all you can do is up the drama and believe in unsubstantiated bull@#$#.

  • James9487

    Totally wrong there Richard – while he is a bit bombastic for ratings sakes, he loves his country and hates where it is going. He has an excellent understanding of the destiny of this nation and is frustrated at it’s current nosedive. This nation is being led by Godless men who only seek for power and to get gain. That’s a fact, whether you agree or not.

    I am anxious to see what Glenn has to announce, though I don’t think it will be anything earth shattering that will bring shame to the White House or will bring down this administration.

  • Keefer

    Bravo! Agree 100%

  • Ryan

    I believed that lie too, until I actually listened to him for a week. The easiest way to discredit someone these days is to call them a hatemonger, or racist…it’s the liberal kiss of death. I guarantee your preconceptions of the man will be erased if you listen and *God forbid* form your own opinion.

  • Real American

    Your not an embarrassed conservative ,you’re nothing but a wanna be conservative, a libtard hoping the conservatives believe your BS, too many libs trying to pose as conservatives, dead give away saying what you did,Becy has been right in every case he has laid out!!

  • Keefer

    @anonymous Take your hatred somewhere else.

  • drew

    yea, because nobody wants the truth right?……idiot

  • Keefer

    Where, EXACTLY, is “Chechen?”

  • http://none DanB

    I haven’t like glen beck for about 4 years now. Recently he seems to be trying to make up for his warmonger/pro-big government attitude with libertarian leaning ideology.

    Either way if he pulls some magical rabbit out of his hat I will probably start paying attention to him again.

    Wish him luck. And no, he wont be killed by the government, waaaaaaay to obvious.

  • John Mallon

    Hate? What hate? Do you think that’s an arguement? Give just three instances where Glenn Beck spread hate. Just having different views than you does not make someone a “hater.” Few things are hateful than the accusation of innocent people of bigotry and hate. That’s all the left know how to do. They can’t articulate rationally, just name call.

  • Lyle Klich

    Spare us all….Speading hate and “his kind”????….LOL, don’t you mean someone that disagrees with you and the corrupt fraud in the WH. The master of spreading hate, class envy, and jealously is Barac Obama! Typical comical lib…. If someone disgrees with your drivel….pull them off the air?

  • Wanda

    This is why Conservatives KNOW that liberals are stupid because they are UNINFORMED. They have no answer. They have to find a way to make conservatives look stupid.

  • Bobby

    Do you listen to Glenn Beck? I am assuming from your comments you are just another talking head full of Liberal talking points. Before you label me(Yes I just labeled you, it was easy) I am not Conservative or Christian in fact I dislike both parties. Glenn Beck is the only person I have ever heard on the radio or TV for that matter telling his listeners to verify every news story you hear, including HIS. He regularly speaks out against “conspiracy theories” and goes out of his way to disprove them. I also find it funny that “Glenn Beck and his kind should be pulled of(I’m assuming you meant off) the air”. Why is it that liberals believe it is okay to suppress a persons right to free speech because they don’t like the message? Glenn Beck would never say that someone should be pulled off the air…that right there maes him a better man than you.

  • Amused

    Well, I can’t say I know anything about this Beck guy (not having regular TV and all), but wow! You all are so entertaining! I seriously considered grabbing some popcorn to watch y’all dook it out on here. Grammar police are just the icing on the cake. Seriously… can’t anyone handle seeing a typo/spelling error without taking time out of there day to correct it?

    I’m curious if someone will comment on my ‘typo’ before bothering to read this whole post to learn it was put their on purpose. That one, to. Haha, I can’t help myself now!

    Anyway, to stay on topic here, I’m actually curious about what Beck has found out, true or not. I’m always suspicious of people who aren’t even willing to hear someone out.. it’s as though they’re afraid the person will be right and everything they believe in will have been a lie. Why not be excited to watch this guy make a fool of himself? Why call anyone who thinks differently than you a “moron” or “asshat”? Speaking of which.. since when has that even been a word? Are there hats some people wear on their bottoms now? Have other insults become so dull that we need to invent “new” words by smashing two fairly benign words together to form a word which essentially means “jerk/moron/fool”?

    Well, thanks for the entertainment (and cringes)!

  • Paul

    I saw his puppet master thing and good god that is how a conspiracy theory works. He gets a fabric of truth, then says “this guy who might have talked to soros was brought in by the FBI for hacking, therefore soros is behind everything” or “soros gave money here(which is legal) and obama believes the same as him, therefore OBAMA IS OWNED BY SOROS”. It was terrible. This is the same thing. You know what if it is another country’s fault then Beck can foot the bill next time instead of making millions.

  • Don

    He’s a bigger crank that Limbaugh, if that is possible.

  • Wanda

    You have never watched his show, have you Ehugg?LMFAO. You are CLUELESS…

  • Randy J. Albert

    Those of us who’ve been beat on by some of these evil bully terrorists know in our hearts that Glenn is absolutely correct on this in every possible way beyond any reasonable doubt. There’s just too many details not to mention the overwhelming amount of coincidences that couldn’t even be written off as flukes by the biggest skeptic in the world that has the slightest smidgen couldn’t of commonsense…

  • Casey

    I have not heard of Glen Beck until recently. However, I hope he is right and I hope he’s got something good for that lying ass clown Obomber. Spelling shouldn’t really be an issue these days because if you see a little squiggly red line underneath the word… It means it’s misspelled.

  • Lawreen Yakkel

    Unlike the Chris Matthews of the world who do NO research to back up their claims. I watched GB when he was on Fox; haven’t seen him since, but EVERYTHING he researched and reported on that show came true. But good to know you want censorship just because you disagree. Way to go!

  • T,Bacigalupi

    I really do not know what to think,there is sooo much “bull”,and all the witnesses get killed,Bin Laden,Donner,these guys.If this other guy dies too I won’t be surprised.It’s also funny that this all has happened under Obama’s watch.Sandy Hook,fox news bringing up stories with Boston and Sandy Hook witnesses being at both incidents and using the same photo’s,weird…… Why is Homeland security buying all the bullets and Obama trying to take our guns away?last I knew the Federal government had their own contracts with weapons manufactures and that we paid for the bullets n guns that were manufactured for them??? ahhhhh everything is propaganda,no truth nowhere.. Who knows what to believe,Obama probably isn’t even in control of anything,a puppet/fall guy.things are gonna get bad and I will be ready

  • dj

    Beck may have a conspiratorial mind but he is not a hate-monger. Can’t hurt to wait one more day before you condemn him. I don’t know what he is going to reveal on Monday but it will deeply damage his career if he doesn’t deliver some juicy inside dirt.

  • Ty Hatfield

    I have to say this when someone says something why not try to find out more about it? I think people need to work on that. Glen Beck When brings up stuff look at what he has and what they find out. I feel over the years he has not at all been wrong, so dont say this or that! “find out for your self what is true or not” Thank you

  • gypsy

    You know the reason the USA is going down the toilet? It is because most Americans are too ignorant to understand that there is a problem at all.

  • Dabcho Iosif Ebatov

    How about everybody just wait until the event where Beck reveals what he has. Then either all hell will break loose or the police state liberals can spend the entire evening gloating.

  • JustTheTruth

    “praying for Beck”

    Praying for someone who openly said “God s_cks” because He allowed Democrats to win office????

    Beck is an antichrist. Had a liberal uttered those blasphemous words he would have been crucified by the right wing media.

  • John E

    We really have become a nation of idiots and people who cant think for themselves. Boy, people will believe anything they hear. Understand this- people like Glen Beck are the most dangerous people in the country, simply because there are no consequences for there actions and words and yes grammar should be attacked, because it shows how dumb the sheep are that listen to this man. If you really think our government would fake a bombing than you shouldn’t live here and obliviously have no faith in our government. There should be laws that protect people from such lies, jail time would suffice.
    Thank you

  • http://iblogat.hipriestess4u hipriestess4u

    This was a black ops event…this was staged…runners were told it was a drill…library workers were told it was a drill…actors, legless man is not Jeff Bauman but an actor Nick Vogt…this whole thing was bogus, except for the martial law and lock down of one of the largest cities in Amerika…that was real, and that was the purpose of this false flag event, to see how fast the military and the police could isolate and lock down Boston….the two men, brothers, were seen at the finish line with the back packs, and they left the finish line with their backpacks, the dhs agents however ran away without their backpacks just before the explosion…Glen Beck has the balls to report the truth….needless to say he will need to be very careful, O’bummer doesn’t care who he kills…

  • The Bobster

    ST F U, libt ard. What do you think you’re doing?

  • CaddyOne

    He has a blue mic but it sounds like shit? wth?

  • Maddie

    He has never been right once.

  • Maddie

    very sad if that is true Anita.

  • JJ

    Rich I dont like beck to much and think hes a wuss and crys to much on air. But YOU OBVIOUSLY never seen his show and are just repeating some thing you read some were. OR you have a very distorted and back wards view of what hate is. It about as silly some one hearing MR rogers is a violent hate monger that has a show meant to teach kids intolerance and hate then going and repeating it with out ever seeing the show to know who mr rodgers is before trying to hate on him. Cause even mr Rodgers seems up tight and mean compared to Glenn beck.

  • Maddie

    What he is saying is not based in fact. And when he repeats it knowingly, that is evil.

  • Maddie

    You must teach creationism.

  • Maddie

    Danger only from God from lying. The Saudi guy was wrongly accused and identified and was cleared early on. And you do know (well probably not since you listen to Beck) that Chechens had been fighting against us in Iraq since at least 2006. Some are blue eyed and blonde. You know, like Beck.

  • JJ

    You cant even compare beck to Limbaugh as they arnt even in the same leage or on the same side. Limbaugh is a hate filled person that hates America and any one that is not a white elite war monger and bigots. and he a republican.

    Were as glenn beck even tho I dont care for his pussy foot pansy candy ass way of going about things is nothing at all like like rush limpbone.

    Yes Tho I will agree YOUR right that Limbaugh is a crank BUT I highly doubt YOU know that from first hand experience from ever actually listing to his show YOUR SELF and are just parroting some thing you read in some libral rag.

  • Dominic

    Well said Joni…i concur!!

  • Maddie

    Exactly Embarrassed Conservative – because Beck has NEVER right about anything and these clowns will give him a pass because they always do and are oddly comforted that someone hates others as much as they do out of fear.

  • Maddie

    Name one thing he has been right about with valid sourcing and facts.

  • Dominic

    Thr free obozo phones and food stamps WILL eventually run out Jan……what then?? Ol-bomb-ya will fall….and fall hard for all of his illegal and murderous ways!!

  • Dominic


  • mj

    So, why wait until Monday to tell us? Glenn Beck is just another pot stirring egomaniac. This is how he keeps his ratings up-By trying to scare other people.

  • Gordon Hilgers

    I have proof Beck is batshit crazy. Listen to him once. Then you’ll have proof too.

  • jdl

    So now that the FBI said they have clear video of one of the suspects putting down a bag and then the bag blowing up don’t you all feel stupid, If glen beck has a shred of integrity he will apologize to the president for falsely accusing his administration of treason and apologize to his viewers for misleading them.

  • Tom

    Holy hell you Americans are truly bat shit crazy! No wonder your country is going down the toilet.

  • Momof2

    He is not saying the suspects didn’t do it. He is just asking WHO is this Saudi that WAS suspect #1 from Monday. The one in the hospital. Did he have ties to the other (2) suspects. Lets see if the state run media reports on the FACTS Beck has put out there.

  • Levin

    The more a person becomes a fool or believes what is not true and who believes good is evil and evil good, the more Crooks and others hate the truth

  • Karl M

    Does this fall under the liberal censorship program of if you don’t believe in what we say then we should be able to take you off the air? You guys are all about free speech………unless you don’t agree with it. What a bunch of hipocracy.

  • Stephen Holmstock

    Just imagine my fist penetrating your face if I was in the same room with you bozo for your insolence and disrespect of my country…

  • Steven O’Connor

    If you don’t believe what he has to say then show some proof . Everything he has said, that I have heard for the past 8 years has come to be true. How is the truth hate. It make you look bad when you call the truth hate.

  • Alice M. Ribby

    Are you crazy or just plain STUPID??? Glen Beck, Rush, Hannity, Levin, Klien, et al. expose the truth of a very corrupt government and you want them silenced???? WHY??? People like you are a threat to a free society. Move to the Middle East if you don’t like freedom!

  • DealDice

    I thought asshat was a code word for I am a Liberal and have nothing viable to say to a conversation so I use it before I call the people Racist

  • Richard Wicks

    Beck is full of crap.

  • Jeff

    Our president lectured the American public not to rush to judgement. Then Obama immediately revoked the suspects Miranda rights. Go figure

  • Jeff

    Our president lectured the American public not to rush to judgement. Then Obama immediately revoked the suspects Miranda rights. Go figure

  • Jack Blunder

    You have to be concerned for people’s mental health if they follow this guy. What a dumbass.

  • BikerBill

    How about waiting to see what he says before deciding he’s lying? I am concerned about the competence of anybody who believes anything the current administration says, given that every word out of Obama’s mouth is pretty much a lie. The administration is desperate to expand surveillance and destroy the 2nd Amendment in a bid to cripple the Constitution and turn us into a socialist society with redistribution of income as its key. Bombings and mass murders further those aims. I’m not saying the administration is involved directly, but I certainly would not be surprised.

  • Abby701

    This is one of few who try to get to the bottom of issues and expose the truth. Our media and our government tend to cover up a lot and need a lesson in truthful reporting.
    Wouldn’t it be something if the young man in the hospitl (who was visited by Michele Obama) was indeed an important part of this situation. Why is he being deported instead of being questioned and held? Something smells fishy here; again, the media and the administration.
    Media and administration, some trying to indoctrinate us and make us into your little sheeple; you have enough of those already. Taking away our guns won’t solve anything; it will make matters worse.

  • Don

    What hate is he spreading? If you make a comment give something to back it up! It is clear your a troll with no idea of what you are commenting on.

  • Durham

    I think Beck makes you think, which we as Americans should all do. Whether correct or inaccurate, let’s say he does have the truth.. Then what.. We have President that is making this country bankrupt, but what do the Libtards do, they re elect him. Only to, in the future, to realize what a f-up it was to do so. So what are we really going to do with this if it is true because I didn’t see our adminstration stand up and admit dumbass on the Benghazi Libya attacks.. Loved our nation on that one.. Totally left men behind and then tucked tail and ran like panzies dodging all the media hard questions. Oh wait it was because of a movie.. Sorry I forgot that one… So if this is true then what.. yep you got it, Nada.. exactly why we have the current administration in charge.. The President is elected by the most popular kind of people and yes my friend those are called the “Ignorant”. Grammar, spelling, if you don’t like it, copy paste in a word doc and hit spell check and GFyourself.

  • Lee Carlson

    Typical liberal. Anybody who says anything you don’ t want to hear is accused of hate speech. Grow up.

  • Dan

    Anybody here can say anything….Prove it!

  • DTP

    Isn’t truth a scary thing Richard?

  • Dan

    I agree with your comments. Remember the Obamas bowing to the Saudi Kings/Princes right after he was elected? They fear the Saudis and therefore soft on them. The deportation of this “person of interest for matters of national security” is, how I see it, a quiet deport of an Al Queda connected Saudi so that the Saudis wont be spot-lighted as a threat to the US. So much for a “transparent government” – Obama.

  • Guest

    Suppose you tell us “the truth” then. Why is he named on the official papers as being involved? why does his visa say he is a student in Ohio, yet he lives in Boston? Why did O have an “impromptu” meeting with a Saudi “big wig” no such thing as an accidental impromptu meetin with a sitting president. Why is he beind deported if he did nothing? You say Glenn Beck is not telling the truth, Prove it and tell us what the “truth” is.

  • TJ Goforth

    Mr.Crooks has a strange definition of hate. No one is forcing him to listen to Glenn Beck but he has no reservations as to preventing others from listening. Typical Liberal totalitarian!
    He would, no doubt fit quite comfortably in Communist China.

  • Blair

    Glenn Beck, PROVE IT! PUT UP, OR SHUT UP!

  • David Brayton

    Hey Blair? You’re a friggin pussy boy. And the enemy now. Now strap on some balls and show who you really are instead of hiding

  • Delmar Fairchild

    His school teacher called Albert Einstein an idiot when all he had was an attention deficit disorder. They tried to dumb him down, but he quit and became the genius we know him to be.

  • GQ4U

    So according to Richard Crook logic, PROOF of a criminal act equals HATE.
    Not to worry Richard, brain transplants are almost a reality; it will make you feel like a new man. Good luck.

  • GQ4U

    So according to Richard Crook logic, PROOF of a criminal act equals HATE.
    Not to worry Richard, brain transplants are almost a reality; it will make you feel like a new man. Good luck.

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    After the Hillary, Obama Fairy-Tails about BENGAZI anything is believable! To think that Obama and his Comrades insist that “WE” should not condemn ALL Muslims because of the acts of a few crazies . . . BUT “WE” should dismantle our US CONSTITUTION (starting w/2nd Amendment) because of the actions of a few US Crazies, on DRUGS and VIDEO GAMES. or is it, VIDEO games that lead to introduction of DRUGS to adjust for youngsters having tortured and distorted Social Skills if any!

  • James M

    Since when does telling the truth have anything to do with hate? Go back to sleep with the rest of the sheeple.

  • clevie

    I don’t think Glenn is spouting hate. I think the bomber spouted hate.

  • Pingback: Beck Breaks Exclusive Information on Boston Bombings

  • John E

    This guy was even to much for Fox news, gone after two years. which says all you need to say about this guy. For those who would say he left on his own, “WRONG”!

  • John E

    take this mans mic away.

  • gutterfalcon

    obama and His Kind should All be kicked out of our Country. All they do is Lie, & try to Destroy America, then Lie some more. Really watch, pay attention. They’re lies sound like they’re coming from a Pre-schooler.

  • tina b

    They sure are. I am waiting for the micro chipping law to pass congress as we are all arguing about the ins and outs of Glenn Beck. The real problem is that Americans are all wrapped up in too much to pay attention to things that are going through congress right now.
    There is one. The next things up for congress involve micro chipping everyone so that they can receive health care and have access to their bank accounts. Mark or the beast? I fear for my children. God have mercy on us all.

  • Maddie

    How’d that proof thing go yesterday? Oh Look, another bust from Beck but really, go out and buy some more gold or whatever it is he is peddling these days. I am sure he has end times bug out bags or something that won’t fit in your budget but you will foolishly buy anyway – just like the “proof” that never materialized.

  • tina b

    I mean “mark of the beast”. I hate auto correct.

  • Maddie

    Where was his “proof” yesterday Lemming?

  • Maddie

    there are no facts in Beck world.

  • Maddie

    sure you did, bless your heart…

  • Pingback: Glenn Beck Says He Is Giving Obama Until Monday To Fess Up About Boston Bombing, or else | WR2A: The CT Line In The Sand

  • hogan

    So Beck, where’s the proof? You are to demented to meet the specification of the word idiot. You should fired, or worse, be forced to work with Rush Limbaugh.

  • David Brayton

    Hahahaha you’re an unbelievable pig. You have no idea who BECK is. Ahahaha

  • Pingback: Glen Beck spilling the beans

  • Rupert King

    He’s really not putting anything on the line. All he’s trying to do is pull in veiwers/listeners. If he really cared about getting the truth out, no one would have to pay for a subscription to his T.V. show. The guy is only interested in making cash, and scaring people seems to be profitable.

  • Rupert King

    they’re both idiots

  • David Brayton

    OF course these scumbags like Rupert have not even put together that only the liberal douchebag sites censor and delete any statement they don’t like. Here people like him get to show us how unbelievably stupid they are. ROFLMAO you people will be the first killed by your government. Assholes.

  • Brian Parent

    If Glen Beck doesn’t expose it, then I will. Oh, you might also want to type out “Fertilizer Plant Missile” on YouTube. A bunch of people are recording their TV Screens with their camcorders!

  • John E

    Glen beck’s life has been filled with alcoholism and suicide. He even spoke of taking his own life while listening to kurt cobane. he is a highly disturbed individual. He is a truly troubled person who needs help. I think some of you need to know who you are listening to before you go head first into believing everything you hear from someone. None of you know Glen Beck, youn think you do, there is a reason men like this just talk, because close examination of who they really are would disqualify them for any political office.

  • David Brayton

    Tell me about your background and the sins you have committed during your life and then I might believe you.oh yeah and tell us also your sources. You POS. LOL rumors from the left and your semi anonymous post are beyond stupid.

  • casey

    You idiots really believe this tool? If he had ALL this info and the info was real he would be DEAD by now if the goverment was really trying to cover something up. You people are sheep following this stupid sheppard…..BAHHHHHHHH

  • casey

    I agree Richard…These sheep won’t listen though. They actually believe it….BAAAAAHHHHHH

  • David Brayton

    Ignore this anonymous pig casey. He can’t obviously show who he really is. Pussy.

  • John E

    it’s called wikapedia

  • Tom

    And what sources do you have to discredit what he saying? Are you on the inside and know the absolute truth? If you do please share it with us. Because that is all we are asking for. THE TRUTH! Is that really so wrong? You people who negate very possible circumstances and it is widely known the government is completely corrupt. What is the truth from you oh superior one?

  • Tom

    From what I’ve seen of this government through my lifetime here in the U.S., I believe it could have been an inside job just as easily as it could have been a act of terrorism. I JUST WANT THE TRUTH! What the hell is wrong with that? the pictures and things I’ve seen certainly warrant questioning ! For those of you here bullying people and shoving your inept opinions in the faces of people only seeking the truth, your concept of blind obedience is quite foolish & unAmerican! like yourselves we deserve the truth and we deserve to live our lives safe and free. because we see things that just do not add up is no reason for you to impose your beliefs that this government would never do anything corrupt , yea right they have been so forthcoming with the truth in the past NOT! We all have an opinion and a choice, you made yours now let us make ours freely! Without your judgemental overtones and insulting rhetoric! I wonder why questioning his situation aggravates you so intensely. All we want to know is what is actually going on. Any of you that are not questioning what the actual truth is are diluted. It is common knowledge the current administration is NOT out for upholding the constitution or our rights as Americans. But there no such thing as a conspiracy is there you fricken morons. Open your eyes sheeple!

  • John E

    Sure you have every right to question the government. But for this to be true you would have to believe the white house controls the cia, fbi, homeland security, congress, supreme court, the boston police department and every city official in boston also every republican in government. This is why I think this is foolish and why Beck should have to pay for making such dangerous allegations. this is all fueled by hate for the president (who I don’t think is so great) but i am not blind. I believe in are form of government, we are built on checks an balances. The white house couldnt pull this off if they wanted to! there is a reason beck works alone with no one to question what he says.

  • TinyElvis

    Dang you leberalls strate to hades. Glen be a purdy dang jegglee feller what luvs purdy jegglee fellers. He gots a danged ole sexay mouth on hisself that truthates & truthates to usns. He be so danged sexay & jegglee. He likes usns jegglee fellers that makes sweat luvins. Al-Rushboo, Glens Bekk & Aleks Jones be danged ole purdy fellers that truthates outs thems purdy mouths. Ifn yous soshallest and leberalls dont be watchins outs usns guns to make usns a new USA USA USA & yall be moovins yall over to Rusha. WHITE POWER!! JEGGLEE FELLERS FER WHITE POWER JEGGLEE FELLERS

  • hogan

    Listen Tom Beck- what I stated was very reasonable. So go crawl back into your hole. Your @#!hole that is.

  • Valeria

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    And i am glad reading your article. But should remark on few general things, The site style
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  • April

    The truth is too scary for people. I mentioned this could be a cover up on WCVB and I got bully type replies. I could believe either scenario as well. The government is corrupt and and I wouldn’t put anything past them. I’m a realist and not a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

  • April

    I’m American and I agree with you!

  • April

    But it’s true, our country is getting worse every day in that we can’t rely on state or government. Americans aree making such poor decisions and America’s priorities are all wrong. Don’t threaten violence, it’s not worth it. Just look around, the proof is everywhere. I can’t tell you how many Americans mention leaving the U.S. on a daily basis.

  • Lady Skyy

    God I know this is old, but I’m always seeing “others” weigh in on American issues saying how ignorant or blind those of us sliding down the toilet are. As someone said the internet IS global, yet all “other non Americans” do is slam the US. You ARE NOT HELPFUL. You hide behind the net making comments without realizing the US plays a major role in YOUR life as well. As the idiots giving money loans or military might or even help for you needy and down trodden, if we go down so too do the many countries we aid. some of our problems stem from this very issue. The loans, man hours given but never returned.Where are they to go where someone is stupid enough to loan those countries anything? The point I’m making for those I’m not making sense to is this: One countries problems is the WORLD’S PROBLEM. SO, instead of popping and calling names and talking bullshivy in general, be helpful in seeing the issues fixed. People being so hateful, I never could understand why one would waste their time reading and commenting on issues or place they cant stand. Don’t you have something better to do?

  • Lady Skyy

    John E, YOU are as guilty as the people you have passed judgement on. To believe that our government does NOT do things were are not privy to is just as absurd as the sheople and lemming of the world. You are just a lemming that is headed in the other direction toward and different cliff my friend. Our government has been caught too many times for you to even try to formulate words to defend. (Need I mention Water Gate, Iran Contra for just two) I love where I live as much as the next person, Its not the place its the PEOPLE in it I find issue with. I am also smart enough to THINK and ACT for myself. However, I am nobody and therefor must keep my wits to understand right from wrong. To believe blindly in one direction or the other makes YOU and the others as dangerous as Glen Beck. What YOU fail to understand is for any organization to thrive it NEEDS lemmings to BELIEVE and repeat the bullshiv they are force fed. If you do not question the actions of those that “represent” you, then they can do ANYTHING they please in YOUR name. So before you judge others, take a long hard look in the mirror and have a long conversation with yourself, and check your own “lemmingism” before you condemn other AMERICANS for doing as you do.

  • Lady Skyy

    He never will.

  • Lady Skyy

    So the story goes….

  • Lady Skyy

    Perfect example of how the world sees the US. Crazy conspirators blathering crap before they investigate. With your rational if he bowed in the direction of it would mean something else. Get a grip man, snap out of it

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