Man Kills Home Invader in Self Defense, Perp’s Family Outraged

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An elderly man in Texas was greeted by a mid-day home invasion last week. Deyfon Pipkins, a repeat criminal and all-around dirtbag, decided to break in and rob this house in Dallas. My thoughts are that he wasn’t expecting the armed response he encountered.

Predictably, the homeowner grabbed his home defense pistol and perforated the perp with extreme prejudice. Score one for the good guys, right? When the family of the recently deceased was notified of his untimely demise, they did the most rational thing they knew how. Yup, they went straight to the scene and blamed the homeowner:

“He could have used a warning”

Funny. The homeowner didn’t get a warning that some lowlife was coming to take his hard-earned possessions by force, but the victim owed the criminal a warning? Luckily, this is Texas. Somehow I see this being ruled as a justifiable homicide. Just a hunch.

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  • Vilaysak

    I’m really thinking about moving to Texas.

  • George

    Well now the rest of his family has there warning.

  • KaityJane

    I agree with George. This guy was the warning.

  • Alex

    Honestly, I think it’s a poor choice of words to say he “Won’t be held accountable.” A more proper wording would be “His actions will be found to be justified.” The current wording implies that he did something wrong, and will not be punished, rather than confirming that he did what was right in defending himself legally.

  • Frank Webb

    Good point. Post amended.

  • Arkpat

    Perhaps, if they had been doing the warning as the young man grew up, he wouldn’t have required a warning shot!

  • Michael

    Yeah, and he shoulda rushed out the back door and fired both shots from his double barrel shotgun as per Joe Bidens advice. Yup, that woulda scared him off ! The intent to do harm was clearly evident when he broke in. He got exactly what he deserved.

  • BSmith

    This is what America is all about. To be secure in our homes and abroad. I hope America wakes up and see’s what the liberals are attempting to destroy. We need to start holding criminals VERY accountable for their actions. Including the end result of the story above. Why should we have to cowar, and depend on the Government to protect us knowing that they can’t. Please wake up America..

  • tracy

    I think they call the news a warning. That people in Texas are armed.

  • Mark

    Shows how uneducated his family is. They should have raised him better and then he wouldn’t have been shot to death while doing a home invasion.

  • EdC

    Ammo is too high for warning shots….besides he was a repeat offender….he’s had his warning before by doing time….do the crime…pay the price

  • EdC

    AMEN….but the libitards of the press…probably even in Texas…want to make it sound like the gun owner was in the wrong….

  • Larry Gray

    That door was locked for his protection. Have a key? Nope.. How about a bullet instead.

  • DrLynda

    But you don’t understand….blacks are an exception to ALL rules of civilized people because a black man is in the White House. They can do NO wrong and the whites owe homage to them because they are black. Haven’t you noticed the feeling of immunity the blacks feel since Obama took office? I sure have. Problem is, Texas doesn’t give a crap; Texas is Texas and Texans are Texans and it doesn’t matter if you are a little green man from Mars, you WILL NOT get away with hurting our citizens and we are more than willing to back that up with guns. There are more guns in Texas than there are people, so everyone, be forewarned.

  • Brenda

    wasnt the warning to the criminal…THE LOCKED DOOR!! Its not your house, stay out!!

  • melvin

    im glad that scumbag got shot;; texas has some damn fine laws..

  • Fvsmith

    I live maybe 30 miles from where this happened. On the news, that scumbag that got bagged, his girlfriend was crying and saying he was a good man and that the homeowner should have warned him that he would be shot and that the homeowner didn’t have to shoot him.
    As for me, I don’t fire warning shots! I don’t give verbal warnings! I won’t call 911 until my family and home are secure!

  • Doug

    Texas will welcome you with Open Arms! Just remember Once in Texas, You have to Become a Texan meaning You must become a gentleman who opens doors for the ladies, answer when you are spoken too, Wave at everyone going down the road and Help Your neighbor even if You dont know him!

  • Doug

    Guess He can consider this a “Learning Experience” albeit He didnt recover from it, He wont be doing it AGAIN! and to the Homeowner who “Gave” the learning experience Your Actions Were Justified!!

  • David Nance

    The locks and or Latches were all the Warning needed.

  • ggraham

    AMEN….& EXACTLY…”BSMITH”….could not have said it better myself…

  • Wolf-Talker!

    My home and family are protected first by two dogs on the Insurance Institute of America’s top 10 bite list (alaskan Malamutes) if you get past them then you have to deal with me! My girl and boy are both in the ninety pound range, they are my home security system, I don’t need to lock my doors when every night they sleep by them and during the day when they are inside!

  • John

    Me too!!!

  • Robert White

    Me too, the intruder lost all rights as soon he/she invaded someone house. Glad he shot him. Why the Prep’s family is upset?

  • Robert White

    Sound good to me, I am ready move to TX, as soon the crazy California legislators ready to restricted my rights and take AT-15 away.

  • Robert White

    Who said the intruder a warning shot, the bullet too expensive to waste and beside, he loss his rights as soon he enter the house.

  • Bill

    ……….the man is losing voters……..

  • http://Gunrightsorg Hans

    I say start charging the family with “aiding and abetting” and the “Outrage” will stop. They let him out of the house to commit the crime so they are also to blame.
    Next fucker that tries that I’ll drag the family into court in a counter suit making them also criminals.

  • Donna

    Because people like that aren’t responsible for anything, they blame others for their stupidity!

  • Jerry McMains

    I think I am moving to the GREAT State of Texas!!!

  • harry freeman

    He did get his warning shot…. he was just in front of it…

  • TimC

    I think the “outraged” family members should have been lined up and shot as well. Just a thought….

  • Justine Leiner

    Damn straight alittle late you think!

  • Justine Leiner


  • Jerry McMains

    I have done that all my life, and I live in Ohio…Sounds like I will be right at home in TEXAS!

  • trapper

    They more than likely lost the bread winner in the family.

  • pete

    Listen one of y’all mentioned color “black” get off the black white bullshit…he was a criminal. period, he broke into someones home.period, he got shot dead-justice.period. saying all blacks think that they are above the law is like saying all whites are klansmen….

  • Tank

    I Hearya Im thinking about it too

  • Allen

    This country use to be the greatest place to live, now the government wants to take our guns, force a health care on us that none of us working people want because its coming out of our pockets to keep up the lazy obama supporters that can work but won’t, I wouldn’t be surprised if the family sues the guy for protecting himself and home, I would like to shake his hand and thank him for getting rid of the piece of crap low life that kicked in his door, if more people would be like him we wouldn’t have so much crime, hey mr president how about focus on getting rid of the gangs and drugs in this country instead of trying to take away our second amendment

  • http://Facebook Timothy Ross

    I had a gang of kids come to my house carrying clubs and one had a machete , at the time all I had was a single shot 12ga so I fired a round over their heads and they ran away as fast as they could run. I was lucky my neighbor saw them getting out of their car and called to warn me …..

  • Sherry

    I just hope some ACLU idiot doesn’t talk the perp’s family into trying to sue the homeowner. These days, that kind of shit happens all too often

  • Sherry

    hear hear…. good reply :)

  • jOHN

    I think the old man should counter sue if they try to sue him. Counter sue them, on the grounds that they as a family did not correct his bad behavior, and keep him from being a comple menace to society. It is totally their fault for letting him be the way he is, and for him to become a complete loser. That should be the grounds of his lawsuite against them. It would be controversial but i think he would have a case, they lay the blame for everything why not the reason he was a total loser.

  • Luis

    If it happened in massachusetts he would certainly be screwed without a doubt regardless if he was within his rights or not. Massachusetts is one messed up state.

  • Luis

    That’s the way it should be and I agree 100%.

  • Josh Hemingway

    Why would a person need warning that home invasion is bad. If they were not taught this a child then the family is the one who failed not the man defending his home!!

  • Christopher Wallace

    The Perp was probably the only one in the family bringing home anything other than Welfare and food Stamps.

  • Barb

    They still have the death penalty.

  • WreckDiver

    Damn! Already a Texan and I don’t even live there!!!

  • Glenn

    Ok this has just dawned on me, I bet if you find out his voting record you would see it was democrat. (the guy who got shot) I wonder if his family is democrat also. Because it is apparent that demorcats seem to blame everyone for their mistakes, it just seem like that is the way they are acting.

  • Bryan

    can you say “Black”

  • BigT

    “bread winner”? I don’t think so.

  • Alan

    am ready also too move, if the bleeding liberals get their way with forcing gun owners to buy liability insurance in case he/she will have too do what this homeownaer did

  • Gordon


    I agree 99.9 % I read all posted remarks. I travel New York to Florida. Neither state honors each other’s permits and I’m sure other states that you pass through, don’t either. So that makes us a criminal. But the way things are progressing now I am going to get one.

  • Gordon

    I agree 99.9 % I read all posted remarks. I travel New York to Florida. Neither state honors each other’s permits and I’m sure other states that you pass through, don’t either. So that makes us a criminal. But the way things are progressing now I am going to get one.

  • Dave Billion

    I lived in Texas for 7 years. Safest 7 years of my life.

  • Stephanie

    Me too.How in the hell can that criminals family blame the homeowner.It was that morons choice to break into that house. I recall this saying from a 70′s show….”Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”.This morons time included his death

  • Wiley R.

    While the invader was dealt with correctly, he was still someone’s son. Calling him names, denigrating his family and conjecturing about his race, background and upbringing serves no good purpose, only stirring a pot that should have been finished, but has no chance as long as the media, public figures and polarized groups tout their propaganda.
    As a strong believer in the 2nd amendment, personal home protection, and personal responsibility, I feel the homeowner acted properly, defusing a potential threat, taking reasonable force (in this instance, lethal force) for protection. The young man who regrettably lost his life took action to put himself in an untenable position and suffered the consequences. Possibly he had not been taught basic tenants and morals, but our society often teaches nothing about these items, has no standard methods of teaching “the law of the land” often because of lackadaisical attitudes of those who have no children and at times those who do, and the working of the groups who use their agendas to hamstring school systems who would teach these tenants.
    Having said that, I believe that the young man knew he was putting himself in harms way, knew the danger potential, and considered himself to be “ten feet tall and bullet proof” and intended harm to the persons in the house, and was met with resistance. As such he was the sole determinate of his fate. I simply ask that he and his family be treated as humans, and the people who agitate, obfuscate, and keep a tragedy alive far past the time that all members involved should have been allowed to begin the grieving process without intrusion from the media, local harassers and alphabetic groups.

  • tracy

    it does not matter what race you are you come into my house not welcome I will stop you . drop you I f I can . if you bring back friends they will never get a warning shot because I will not miss.

  • Scuba

    The warning is he knew it wasn’t his stuff. Family should be shot too

  • will


  • Kevin

    You mean bread stealer.. Yes he got what he deserved. The reason nObama dont want law abiding citizens to shoot these criminals is because the next liberal nut job for president wont have any voters left..

  • IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully in All 57 States and some Canadian provinces

    }}} Just remember Once in Texas, You have to Become a Texan meaning You must become a gentleman who opens doors for the ladies, answer when you are spoken too, Wave at everyone going down the road and Help Your neighbor even if You dont know him!


    Back in the good ole days in Texas, when stagecoaches and the like was popular, there were three people in a stagecoach one day: a true red- blooded born-and-raised Texas gentleman, a tenderfoot city-slicker from back East, and a beautiful and well-endowed Texas lady. The city- slicker kept eyeing the lady, and finally he leaned forward and said, “Lady, I’ll give you $10 for a blow job.” The Texas gentleman looked appalled, pulled out his pistol, and killed the city-slicker on the spot. The lady gasped and said, “Thank you, suh, for defendin’ mah honor!” Whereupon the Texan holstered his gun and said, “Your honor, hell!! No tenderfoot is gonna raise the price of women in Texas!!”


  • Barry

    Talked to a man today who has had his home in PA broken into five times in the last year. Last time he was home and armed with a registered weapon. He held one of the perps witil the police arrived. When the did the aimed at him and told him to drop the weapon or be fired upon. He was arrested. So much for the keystome state. I am glad we have the castle laws in WV. IF someone breaks into my home when I am there they will receive the p[roper welcome….five or six 38 specials and a phone call to 911(with a reminder to bring a zipper bag)

  • Gary rogers

    Hey, we here in Louisiana just passed a bill to amend our constitution to read “shall not be infringed” which made our state the strongest gun ownership and protection state in the country for the time being. Texas is following along with Mississippi. If your a responsible gun owner and do not want to live in fear, Texas, Louisiana, amd Mississippi are the states to live in.

  • ollie

    i agree, condolences to both parties involved. to lose a loved one, and to take a life are both life changing experiences.

  • Robert

    Warning. He got his warning long before he ever decided to break into the persons home. When you are the person that starts something, you agree to all potential outcomes. People know that you have a potential to be killed if you chose to break into someone else’s home. Especially with the gun climate the way it is right now. He made his choice, it was a poor one.

  • Stan

    This article never refers to the perps race. Why would you assume such a thing?

  • kb

    Well I can tell you that since he is dead he didn’t learn a lesson. However I bet that those whom are not law abiding citizens will think twice the next time!!! We might just have to keep educating them though.

  • K. M.

    You fired your only round over their heads?? Are you stupid??? What if they had not run!! You would be dead and all of them would be alive!!! If you have a gang of invaders are in your house and only you have one shot in a shotgun, take as many of them with you as possible.

  • K. M.

    The home owner cannot be sued due to the Castle Doctrine. Google it.

  • Wiley R

    Most LEO agencies will teach their officers to disarm all citizens first, keeping suspects subdued until cuffed. Some have policies to take into custody and transport all armed individual to the station for questioning. What was the final disposition of the homeowner in Pa?
    BTW, check your history and you’ll find that many Texans were run out of Tenneessee for their lack of good manners!

  • Kevlar

    If you come in my house your either gonna be politely invited or executed with extreme prejudice.. dont matter who you are.. my home is my homestead and i will defend it even if i gotta throw your dead ass in the street for the garbage man to pick up. I hope that old man shot him in the chest then in the legs and let him bleed out on the floor begging for someone to save his worthless ass. To his ignorant ass family.. dont step on his property or you will be looking in to a group discount at the funeral home. We Texans have a strong belief that if its not yours dont touch it, but if you gotta touch it make sure its something your ready to fight or die for.

  • K. M.

    I cannot understand why people allow their state legislatures to keep law abiding citizens unarmed and victim of criminals who do not obey laws in the first place. In this country we used to hang horse thieves and protect our families and property with firearms. Now in some states a parent can be arrested for correcting a childs bad behavior.

  • Kevlar

    Fuck Tennessee! you can keep it!

  • Wiley R

    See what I mean???

  • Corey

    HAHA deserved to be shot! Hope the family reads this. Your family member was a douche who steals from people. good riddance.

  • Corey


  • Ray Perry

    This took place in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. Have you ever been there? Chances are the elderly man was just as black as the deceased thug.

  • Ray Perry

    I’m all for warning shots. I have been practicing the ritual so I won’t mess up when I have to do it live. It goes as follows; Stop or I’ll (BANG) shoot’.

  • Ray Perry

    This ‘victim’ was 33 years old and had a long criminal history. He has had more ‘second chances’ and ‘warnings’ than anyone is entitled to. Give the man a medal who stopped a lifetime criminal before he committed dozens or hundreds more crimes.

  • billy

    warning shot….he just jump in the way of it

  • Texan

    Yeah, he was bringing home….other peoples hard earned belongings!

  • Tom

    You are 100% spot on Arkpat!

  • Wiley R

    People rarely learn by the mistakes of others

  • A lady

    It’s 2013, we open our own doors. :)

  • Jake Smith

    Is this a serious comment? Come on man I am a Republican too but it is comments like this that really make me wonder! I guarantee this guy has never voted in his life? Please don’t make other republicans look bad by arguing that because this guy is a criminal and his family is blaming someone else that makes him democrat! Try to be show some sort of intelligence!

  • Michael Wright


  • Michael Wright

    Regardless of the year I still open doors for ladies. I was raised to call it ‘common courtesy’ anything else is just being rude.

  • Thefluff

    I open doors for everybody.

  • Billy LeRoux

    WARNING SHOT? Now that wold be a waste of a really good bullet there buttercup.

  • Hippi

    That was the warning shot for the rest of the criminals!

  • Joe

    Ammo is expensive, there will not be a “Warning Shot”

  • willie

    hell of it is that in our society this wipe’s family will probably take the homeowner o court ,by some lawyer looking **********and have an even shot at a judgement ,what a great country …..perps is people too ,not really !

  • Angela

    Alabama is also standing up for the gun rights..I guarantee anyone trying to break into my home will have two choices…lay down and wait for the police or be shot and possibly wait for the coroner…

  • Eric

    I agree to those terms and am on my way….Good Bye Crap-Hole NJ!

  • Charles Miller

    All States need a Castle Law like Texas

  • Rick

    I don’t see the problem. He did get a warning! That was the sound he heard before the bullet Cured him of his chosen life of Victimizing people. I’m sure the warning was pretty clear. Haha… Dirt bag!!!

  • Law1963

    I totally agree with you. No warnings whatsoever!!! Ammo is too expensive to waste on warning shots. I will always shoot first, ask questions later when it comes to someone breaking into my house with the intent to do harm to me or my family or steal my hard earned possesions. 911 is just to write the reports and clean up the mess. All of my children still in the house, know how and when to use extreme violence to protect themselves. I am raising law abiding citizens, not victims!!! Always remember, “Whne seconds count, the cops are minute away.” But my gun is always handy.

  • Dave McGee

    We keep killing all the gangbangers how will a minority ever be elected ( appointed ) president again . Oh if we would have taken action sooner .

  • Les Buss

    Good on this man!! Hope he holed the dogmeat good!! The only warning these scumbags need is what their Mama shld have told them; thou shall not steal!! Texas sounds great and reminds me of my home in Northern Canada and the Western Arctic!!

  • D.

    he is not a damn bread winner he is a thief!!!

  • http://n/a jeff

    lol a warning? seriously? cmon if it was u in homeowners shoes n u thought it was either take his life b4 he takes yours n harms your family/we wouldn’t u put a bullet right btwn his eyes. basic human instinct self-preservation right to bare arms for our protection is a basic human right.

  • mannfed

    good one more less criminal nigger to worry about.

  • http://FaceBook O’Connor B. Shannon

    Note on my fireplace mantle’ This is the only warning you will receive. Turn around and walk back the way you came. Or be the recipriant or 125 grains or burning lead. No other warnings will given after this.

  • charles thomas

    good for the texan,if the intruder hadnt have broke in on him,then he wouldnt have gotten shot.kuddos to the homeowner

  • James

    Maybe the perps dad should be arrested for defective swimmers or heck arrest the mother for not having more selective eggs!

  • richie

    shoot all the scumbags, saves the tax payer money on court costs

  • Samantha Cross

    Exactly! He did get a warning; the doors were locked. After that, it’s all on him!

  • Captain Rick

    Sounds ’bout right to me . .

  • Jay

    What with the price of ammo these days you can’t afford to give a warning shot and it takes to much time anyway. Like the sign says,” That door is locked for your protection” stay out unless invited.

  • Bill

    Come on down, and don’t forget to bring your guns.There is a gun shop or shooting range in almost every town if you need more guns.

  • http://facebook jimmy hotsinpiller

    gald the old man alright , he did was right,if he didnt do it think what he do to him, about time to bear arm , and stop these sunbag in this courty i love to live in texas all state should do the same,

  • Cliff O

    WTF? The dirtbag lowlife scum “deserved” a warning? How about this, don’t break into peoples’ houses! There is your F’n WARNING!

  • http://yahoo Danny

    Guess I moving to Texas where you still have your constitutional rights.

  • Stan Gwinn

    Because we have the castle law that keeps the dirtbag’s family from suing for wrongful death.

  • Melv

    Yes the urban centers are becoming more socialist/communist. Invaded by ICLEI and their backer UN Agenda 21, even the small towns were being sucked in.

  • Mr. Bumpy

    People of color make easy to determine the race of the evil doers (when the media does not) by giving their kids names like “Deyfon”….

  • Gary Sparnall

    I agree totally. enough with black white bullshit it is not about race but of good guys verses bad guys. enough of that in both races.

  • SteveB

    You are exactly right. A few years ago there was another case here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where a senior citizen killed a minority who was trying to rob him… and it was the 3rd time he’s been robbed. After the shooting, the police confiscated his shotgun (pending Grand Jury hearing). He went out and bought another one, so he would not be unarmed while waiting the outcome. The Libtard local media (a Fox affiliate) followed him to the shop and cornered him, asking him questions like how could he live with himself after killing this poor young man. I tell you, it’s enough to make you want to grab that microphone and jam it where the next person to see it will be the so-called reporter’s proctologist.

  • Michelle

    Bread winner LMAO….They lost their teacher….

  • Becca

    So where are you now? Hope it wasn’t something we said or did.

  • ROY

    That sounds like Kentucky!!

  • Brent

    I wouldn’t give an intruder a choice…they made their choice when they broke in.

  • Daniel Parks

    My condolences for the elderly victim of this almost burglary and almost whatever else the perpetrator of this crime may have had in mind had the victim not been armed! If i was not already living on ss i would help this man purchase at least six more rounds for his personal protection gun. May he live long and never forget his superior “gun control”

  • http://thefreepatriot Buzz

    Bread winner? His bread more than likely gets delivered by the mail every 3rd of the month!!! To his homey!!

  • Jerry Doubledfay

    More like the Bread thief of the family.

  • armedandsafe

    I’d rather face your wrath at my daring to be polite to you, than face my Mother’s wrath for being rude.

  • Steve

    We should place all the addresses of the liberals without their guns in the papers so the criminals will know where to go & not get harmed. See how fast they change their moronic thinking.

  • Guillermo

    Bad crime. Good punishment.

  • Rick Z

    Yep, he’ll have two options when he gets to my door, either turn around or be drug out with a hole in him.

  • Michael

    His name was Deyfon…..Come on Stan are you really that dense.

  • Jack C. Icy

    The last time I checked, Ms allowed open carry. Tx is working on open carry

  • Spoon

    The clear and apparent warning is that this property/home belonged to some other than the “alleged” perp. What else needs to be said. Bury or cremate your son gone astray and learn from the tragedy of this lesson.

    Don’t be messing with, attempting to or taking others’ goods and possessions.

    NOW…they’ve all be “FOREWARNED”!

    Citizens will stand our ground; Castle Doctrine prevails.

  • http://yahoo Josie

    if a gentleman wants to open a door for me then I thank him for doing so. There is no weakness in allowing a gentleman to do something nice for a lady and nothing bad is even implied in letting him.

  • libertysparrow

    Seriously? Warn him?? So he could leave and know to come back with friends and guns??? Warn him not to break the law? Warn him that his momma didn’t raise him right? Warn Him that not everybody buys into the “he who has more must do for those who won’t do for themself??”

  • rniedermann

    this just goes to show crime doesnt pay . glad there not chargeing him with anything. go to your bible and read exodus 22:2 IF A THIEF IS CAUGHT BREAKING IN AND IS STRUCK SO THAT HE DIES, THE DEFENDER IS NOT GUILTY OF BLOOD SHED.

  • Aaron

    Texas really is better in many aspects. If I were not in Mexico I would not want to be anywhere else.

  • sonya

    That’s the way it should be. If it isn’t then I don’t wanna live there. I’m from Texas but live in Arizona. Love them both.

  • Rick

    Well, Doug, I live in Maine and do all those things.

  • Eron

    In Texas, doors are locked to keep out intruders. If the door is opened by force, it means they were not expected and not wanted. If you enter MY house unexpected and unwanted, you will be shot.

  • http://facebook Dawson

    I would have given his ass a warning shot, then when he turned to see his warning I woulda put one dead center

  • Will

    More like bread stealer. He would
    have died in my house here in Ga.
    Castle law.

  • Gary

    Oh..ya mean like a “liberal”?

  • Fran

    Me, too! Thinking about moving BACK to Texas & wondering why I left after a brief stay in ’92?

  • REELOP99

    As a Texas Ranger once told me Looks like a clear case of suicide too me!

  • erica buchanan

    you know it seems since our “wonderful mr obama” (sarcasticly speaking) said u cant have guns anymore the brake in rate or robbings have seem to have either gone up or thay are really just getting alot of attention i believe thay have gone up personally it seems that people have underestimated other people being armed in gen. now thay really seem to think we as gun owners are dumb and wont shoot you if u mess with our homes or lives ill tell u if my house is broke into there is going to be hell to pay! i live in Texas and i love my castle law and my 2nd amendment! im glad he got what he deserved!

  • Gary

    Maybe she’s not really a lady.

  • powed

    the 2nd amendment at its best. Id charge the family of the perp for the ammunition!

  • Greg Nails

    I’m trying to make Marylanders’ act like Texans. But so far i just get a lot of smiles from the Ladies as i hold doors and say yes mam no mam

  • Russel

    I have a sign on my wall on FB. Picture a .45 cal. Caption reads ” Due to the high cost of Ammo, I will no longer be able to fire a warning shot. Thank you for your understanding.”
    My hat goes off to this person for defending his property.

  • Robin

    that is what I thought also, got what was coming to him and the story could have been alot diffrent if the home owner would have got murdered…. shoot first….

  • http://facebook cheryl



    the way ammunition is rising the home owner probably could not afford a warning shot.

  • CDG

    It’s a sign of respect for a man to open a lady’s door. Too bad you do NOT respect yourself.

  • Rich Donaldson

    Micheal, apparently you were brought up correctly, as was I. Common courtesy is all too uncommon these days.

  • Brian

    He used a handgun??? But VP Biden says the only weapon we need for home defense is a double barrel shotgun.. and to use boht barrels…

    I wonder what the perp would ahve looked like given this Dems logic???? lol

  • Tracy

    Amen :)

  • steve robinson

    because thats one less person for them to claim and collect welfare for!! hahaha, im glad he got his ass cooked

  • Dr. Copper

    The owner of the home should turn things around on the family and “Bill” them for damage to the house, ammo and Mental Anguish! LOL! That’ll shut them up!

  • FR Nelson

    In Texas, decent people can defend themselves without fear of a wicked court and a perverted judge condemning them for it!

  • Rodney


  • Denise Hilker

    I’m so sick of the victims getting blamed. His family should have beat his sorry butt when he was a kid instead of defending him. One less freaking idiot on the Earth!

  • Christopher Frisbie

    Lets not brag about weather we think he should have lived or not. Any and all life deserves more respect then that. With that being said im no liberal and the perp would not have servived a break in at my place either.

  • Pat

    Once again, the herd is culled.

  • Mike allen

    Screw that criminal and his loser family.

  • Randy

    Hope he DOUBLE TAPPED.

  • Patriot1

    Don’t you mean “bread stealer”?

  • Jack

    You got that right sir….

  • http://fac matt

    good he shud have put the hole clip in that man just for bracking in

  • Jason Chorostecki

    Too bad he was killed but it isn’t the homeowners fault. You know the saying: Don’t aim the gun at anything you don’t intend to kill.

  • BS


  • Lynn Greer

    Seems to me the family should have went over to the mans house… to apologise for raising such a piece of garbage… obviously the apple didn’t fall from the whole rotten tree huh?

  • Tom

    Knowing the demise of the perp will cause undo harm on the family. That means that one less person will get a welfare check this month… GREAT SHOOTING…

  • H Buck

    Like a true conservative

  • James Stone

    1. A “Liberal” wouldn’t necessarily espouse the statements that you attribute to them. No more than a “Conservative” would agree with all the things a “Liberal” would claim they believe.
    2. The failure was in the Parenting.

  • Mike Tresco

    Good for the guy. He knew exactly what he was doing and knew there could be consequences. Besides the homeowner did not get a warning.

  • An Arkansan

    I don’t think I have ever heard it put more aptly.

  • Ken

    Hey guys, I am an Australian living at home in Australia and already I wish I was a Texan in Texas!
    Our Government took most of our guns in a buy back years ago. Now only the crims get to use semi autos on the rest of us. We can’t defend ourselves in our own homes except with equal force.

  • magnis

    i did. best thing i’ve done for my self.

  • Kim

    I would love to move to Texas. There isnt any work for me here in Northern,Ca. With the economy I lost my home ,my car and used every bit of savings and unemployment I’ve earned over the last 40 years. hurray for this man to defend his home.

  • Nora

    i’ll bet he DID vote, and i’ll bet i know who for. :/

  • John

    The perps family was on tv here when they said he should have been warned. The lady who said it was black, maybe an interracial family?

  • Florida Rick

    You bread stealer of the family

  • Ray

    Dude, find your way to West Texas. They are paying 15.00 an hr @ McDonalds. Or if you got ANY physical skills at all you can get a oilfield job that pays close to 100K a year

  • Mark55

    Amen Tim. Kill em all, let God sort em out!

  • Mark55

    Huh??? All whites aren’t Klansmen? I guess you aren’t from TN LOL Just playin Pete.

  • equal respect

    good for you. So do I most of the time.

  • Mark55

    Damn! I’m from TN! Whats up with the hate Kevlar?

  • John

    All the Southern states Honor each and the others permis

  • 1SGTexan

    No warning shots! My doors are locked for their protection. If you break in you will be shot!

  • iowagreenhorn

    you mean bringing home someone elses stuff

  • Victor Castleton

    I love the Republic of Texas; I am selling my home in New York and migrating to that beautiful country. God Bless America & Texas!!!

  • Kenyon

    He did give him a warning shot, his aim was that bad and he could not hold the pistol up that well, he hit the man by accident.

  • Doug

    I live in Arkansas. We too have great gun laws. My motto at my home is……This house protected by gun and God. Come in uninvited and You will probably meet both.

  • Rick

    Serves the thief right getting shot for trying to rob the old man.That scum bag won’t be doing anymore robbing.

  • Ed

    Texas has a Castle law, which means every man’s (or woman’s) home is their castle and they can use any and all means to defend it. When the criminal decided to commit the crime of breaking into the victims home, he forfeited his right to live. I just wish every scumbag was shot and killed while committing a crime. Oh, as for the scumbags family, if they bother the homeowner or threaten him, they should be locked up (and have some sense knocked in there head).

  • Joel

    Some low life scumbag who broke into someones house is dead. Unfortunate… But you know whose fault that is? The dead mans, consequences for your actions. Not rewards by the justice system for trying to commit a crime and failing.

    I am not glad he is dead… But I will not shed one bloody tear! I am glad the law abiding gun owner is okay!

  • Jane

    I am a lady, I open doors for people, man or woman. If someone opens a door for me I say thank you. It’s good manners, not sexism.

  • P

    Texas has always had an open carry law!!!

  • Gregg Weber

    The perp was given a warning by his parents when they taught him to do what is right.

    They did do that, did they?

  • Neal

    It wasn’t a “buy-back” ’cause they didn’t own them in the first place.

  • shanda

    I’m sorry, if you choose to enter someone’s home to commit a crime….you don’t get any warnings, that just gives the criminal time to get you!
    (Actually I lied, I’m totally not sorry.)

  • Desiree

    Seriously? The perp’s family thinks he deserved a warning? How about the fact that breaking & entering, burglary, and theft are all AGAINST THE LAW? There’s your freaking warning, a$$hat! If you break into someone’s home, it’s YOUR FAULT if something bad happens to you there!

  • T1

    Just finished taking a conceal carry class where I live which I will not divulge. In my state, you have to feel threatened that your life is in danger be it real or not. We were told the best thing to do is to tell the perp that you have a gun and are in fear of your life. This will help if you have to go to court and especially if there are witnesses. You can not just shoot someone because they are in your house, you have to feel threatened.

  • Dan

    The family of the deceased should have known that their kin was given a warning, the sound of exploding powder propelling lead from of a barrow of a defensive weapon.

  • JD

    Good guys one and dirtbag 0. On another point look at the money the state saves, no trial, no legal costs and no life time of free medical housing clothing ect.

  • http://Facebook Anteekmann

    It is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  • Bill

    More like the welfare check winner in the family, goods riddance and good shooting sir, well done!

  • Sam Williams

    Texas and Florida rule!

  • Ron

    Well, Glenn, give em a break, because they had a good teacher, don’t ya think? I mean look at our “president” He blames every bad thing that happens on President Bush. I wo not?uld not be surprised if obummer blamed President Bush when he gets constipated. He blames all his other problems on him, so why

  • Dave

    This should be a warning to all you criminals out there. You have a dangerous job. You better quit. Come in my house forcefully and I will emty a 10 rounds of 9mm Hornady brand hollow point Zombie bullits in you. Its hurts too. Just in case your a Zombie.

  • Dave

    Youre sorta right. You may shoot simply because he made a illegal entry break in and fearing they may have a gun too. You have a right to protect property alone inside your home. You dont have to say anything to the criminal.

  • jj

    some how the maggot low life’s family see a pay day thats there mentality !

  • http://facebook AJ

    Nice shooting bud!!!

  • Michael

    He was definately not a conservative or vote for one. What was your point again.

  • Lisa Adkins

    Did the lowlife warn the man he was going to break into his house? Something that is like our Church, they are our safe haven. If the low life was a law abiding productive citizen then this would not of happen because he would not of been there. WTG for defending your home!!!!!

  • Lui

    If both the Victim and the Perp were white, I see nothing ever coming of it, but if the Perp was black, it would not surprise me to see Eric Holder and Obama calling it a hate crime (shades of Trayvon Martin) then prosecuting the homeowner Federally. It is a damned shame, that the demeanor of our government these days would make any citizen believe that is a possible scenario.

  • Allie

    In which case, you’d like Pennsylvania, where that homeowner was well and truly within his rights.

  • Steve Marshall

    They should give the old man a medal and a free box of ammo!

  • James Savik

    Here’s your warning dirbags: break into homes at your own risk.

    Pick the wrong one and get your brains blown out.

  • Dan Choate

    Outstanding Gun Control ! Good Job !

  • david stephens

    Way to go! One less worthless fuck on the planet. Texas sounds like my kind of place.

  • Amy

    My sons are being raised to hold doors for ladies, especially, but also elderly, infirm, or anyone. To NOT open a door for someone is unacceptable.
    They will be proper gentlemen, such as was once common, but is now all too rare.

  • Sam Curtis

    It is easy for all of you to say what you would do in such a case, but unless you practice and practice some more, shooting some one is life altering, on both sides of the weapon.
    Practice and be prepared, but pray to God it never happens to you. Nightmares for the rest of your life!

  • Jenn

    “He could have used a warning?”
    Bitch are you serious? You must be smoked out
    because I am sure he did not warn the Homeowner he would be coming in. How Disgusting, He got what he deserved!

  • James L.

    They call those folks politicians and put them in the WH.

  • Nelanne

    I’m not sure what Gary meant, but I’m a tree hugging vegetarian Democrat and I’m here to tell you that I’d like to buy the homeowner a beer! He did the exact right thing.

  • Tom

    It is better to be judged by 10 than carried by 6

  • madukes

    If that’s a breadwinner; they better consider a career change. We don’t tolerate thieves/robbers in GA either.

  • David Kedzior

    I’m very sorry Ken. I’m really confused by what happened to Australia especially because of you rugged history. I mean look at the outstanding history with the ANZAC and the general pioneering spirit that made the Aussies so great. But then again, when you let the freaking liberals take over government. Everything goes upside down when the overzealous librarians take over. Australia needs to come back to its roots and take back your country. Good luck Ken and God bless.

  • Glidedog

    If I was home, perhaps I could have held him until the cops got there, but if I wasn’t there, my sweet little lady would have blown him out of his boots before the door opened. On second thought, why should I wait for the cops, just so society can feed another criminal for the rest of his life. Castle Doctrine is a great law.

  • Glidedog


  • Tamara

    I thought that was a very intelligent comment. I guarantee that everyone in that household and some who are dead voted last election!

  • John Frew

    Re David Kedzior’s reply.
    David, Australians live in fear of home-invasion attacks. Barring providential access to firearms (“Yes yer Worship sir, I regularly clean and function-check my shotgun at 2.30a.m., I have trouble sleeping otherwise.”), the various state gun-storage laws make it almost impossible for a home-owner to protect their family.

    Self and home-defence is not a valid reason for acquiring a weapons license anymore. In some states, such use of a gun by civilians is a crime in it’s own right, with those thus charged not having a right-to-silence!

    A right to privacy no longer exists under such law, with warrantless home-entry, stop-and-search permissable under my own state laws. I know this from personal experience.

    Mind you, the coppers have no such authority to check known sex offenders in case they’ve got a little kiddy restrained, that would impinge on their civil rights!

    You wonder David, how a freedom-loving country like Australia, a place where it’s people readily took up arms to fight unpaid in the Maori wars in New Zealand or the punitive expeditions in the Sudan. As colonial troops in the Boer war, as Anzacs with our Kiwi brethren in WW1 and WW2, against the commies in Korea and Malaya, against the Indonesians during Confrontation (Konfrontasi), and then for 11 years in Vietnam. All the various police/peacekeeper actions like East Timor, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. How could we prostrate ourselves before the gun-grabbing freedom-haters?

    It’s easy to answer, man. It is called; social engineering. Such a simple and long-term program that has worked where-ever implemented all over the world. It returns the sort of result that has blackguards (blaggards to you Webster-schooled) like Soros and Obama licking their soiled chops.

    No matter the righteous rage that most patriotic Americans feel about the machinations against all your hard-won freedoms, what makes you think you’re any better than the rest of the world? I look at your inspirational history, and shake my head in wonder that the Clintons and Obamas of your country rule supreme.

  • William T

    Auseless life taken. The gentle man who did the shooting should not be penalized for defending home, property or loved ones. He probably feels bad for taking a useless life, but he had the RIGHT TO DEFEND HIMSELF.

  • Tony Bertram

    God Bless Texas! One of the few States Remaining that says you the home owner has the right to defend it.

  • JanetP

    Better hurry! I hear the Californians are taking it over. (They learned from watching the Hispanics take over California.)

  • DMAN

    Wake up people. A warning, seriously? Tell that to a mother or father who has children. I don’t care what the state law is, your history if break into my home and I’m there with my family.

  • Monjon

    Who’s to say he wasn’t warned?

  • Monjon

    Something to consider: it’s wise not to come out guns blazing. True incident here in NE La… a father shot his own 13 year old daughter when she was attempting to surprise him. He believed someone was messing around in a rental property he owned next door to their residence, and when he went to investigate she jumped out to scare him he let loose a round that caught her in the neck mortally wounding her.

    I’m not saying this homeowner in Texas was wrong, I’m just saying the one here in Louisiana certainly wishes he had paused …

  • JC

    Way to go old timer !

  • JC

    If the perp breaks into your home , and DOESN’T belong there ? Im sure you’d feel threatened…I’m sure he’s not delivering a PIZZA!

  • joe johnson

    i live in Alabama…..i am not conservetive or liberal… or democrat……how shooting a piece of shit falls on what your political views are is beyond me…….but let the people in power keep us divided with stupid political parties and we aint gonna have no rights left……said from a dayum proud american that would like to see the people make these decisions instead of a ridiculous politicle party…….we the people are to busy deciding what party we are instead of standing together as americans and changing this shit …nuff said

  • A lady as well..

    A lady as well, and If she has no desire to have the door opened for her, by all means feel free to slam it into her face instead, but for me, I prefer a man open the door if he is in a position to do so, sure I can open it myself, and will do so for others but I actually like to be treated like a lady not just claim I am one, its not only good manners, but a sign of acknowledgement and respect that I am a lady.

  • Dave

    They were upset because the family’s income is now going to dry up.

  • Michael

    If Barack Obama had a son, he would look just like Teyfon.

  • Self Protected in CA

    I Know i’m the minority within my state, but I’d rather be visited in jail for taking out a criminal inside my home, than visited in the cemetery because I waited for the police to arrive. I reported a man with a gun in front of my home back in 1998 and it took 7 minutes for the police to arrive, and that was BEFORE all the budget cuts. I would hate to have to wait for them now!!

  • Ravenhand


  • Candace

    I want to move to Texas, so my hubby can become a “Texan”!!
    lol Just kidding he already is in his heart!

  • Candace

    Now that’s a True Gentleman…

  • Candace

    and You dear Amy are a awesome MOM, to many parent these days hold little regard for taking time out to know what their children are up to these days.. and in teaching proper manners is one of the best things you can teach your children, it is the beginning of life long habits that will always be remembered, and hopefully fell back on it times of necessity.

  • http://yahoo Patrick E. Reno

    Yep the dumb bastard got just what he deserved

  • Texas Judge

    ummm….not sure about the “self defense” here but I undertstand the fear factor when confronted by a stranger in your house. Too bad that our government has raised a generation or two of helpless people dependent on others for support. How did man kind survive without welfare…??? Amazing.

  • Kevin Jones

    Good guys – 1
    scumbags – 0

    Aint life grand.

  • bixlvs

    I think you made a typo. “Untimely” death? Not untimely at all.
    Merely an end to some very un-necessary breathing. But never untimely. Judging by the perps name I guess we also know what favored minority he belongs to.

  • Boetica

    I took a CCW class and was told, “NEVER fire a warning shot.”

  • Boetica

    Too bad his parents never taught him not to steal. There’s a real preventive measure.

  • moemoney

    What you getting mad for! Shoot first ask question later. Don’t break in anyone house. If you not ready to die!

  • Kaye

    I believe the majority of the comments I read were exactly right………….however I am confused as to what Politics and Politicians have to do with anyone defending themselves and their property. I for one will NEVER allow my guns to be taken by anyone! And if some low life SOB tries to come into my home or even my car I WILL SHOOT without hesitation. Conrgats to the homeowner in this case!

  • WV Guy

    I have to say, I agree with the Texans 100%. Here in WV open doors for ladies and respect our neighbors/elders, we also have the Castle Doctrine as well. If you enter my house unwanted and unannounced my .40 is gonna tear some new holes in you, end of story. You DO NOT get a warning, and if some how you get out of the house I’m gonna drag you back in and shoot you again because you don’t deserve to survive.

  • A Bauer

    Shoot an intruder? Damn right all for it

  • lowell

    Probably never voted once in his life, 27 times probably , and thats just in the last election.

  • Gabrielle

    The homeowner should sue the state, because the perp was not properly rehabilitated when they let him out of prison the last time. LOL !!

  • wcyranose

    People brag up how you don’t get to have weapons. Ridiculous You live in a dangerous country as far as nature goes even. We are fighting it and there are many hidden weapons that the government won’t get. But they can spy and use drones on us plus full auto weapons, bombs tanks, helicopter, and etc. Can’t carry weapon with ammo in same place even when transporting. But we can own weapons!! lol They practice urban warfare in Iraq and Afganistan so they ready for anything comes up here. They will shoot. And don’t forget Katrina where they not let people leave the place that was flooded. Had armed guards stationed on bridge. Even paramedics from seminar weren’t allowed to leave. I want move to Australia, lol..gimme reply if you want.

  • Robert

    Kim… sounds like you were a house invasion victim too… The White House.


    That door that you just kicked in was locked for your protection not mine! Nice shootin’ Tex

  • concerned citizen

    All these racist comments shows you how low people really are in this country you know laugh in your face turn your back your shot im racist thats bullshit people that are a minority got to go threw all this bullshit for what i guess its just all hate but no one gives a fuck never has never will

  • concerned citizen

    I guess this person is racist too who would want to work around someone like this with their negative race attitude

  • concerned citizen

    very true unless you have been through it people just dont know

  • concerned citizen

    All people do is talk shit and be RACIST on here just dont become a victim yourself bullets are very real and kill when discharged from your weapon and dont ever forget anybody can get hit with one NO BULLSHIT

  • Lone Ranger

    Police Officer: “But – I don’t understand – why did you shoot him SIX TIMES?”

    Home Defender: “Because when I pulled the trigger the seventh and eighth times, the pistol just went ‘click’ “.

  • h.bob

    The perp’s family must be from Chicago.

  • Dwayne De Priest

    Also, don’t forget the give the “Hook-em” sign!

  • Margaret Garcia

    I agree totally. He (and his whole family) was probably on Medicaid, food stamps. not working and have gotten used to getting everything “free”. Idiots. I’m glad people are standing up and not afraid to get their gun out. Finally ! More and more people are “mad as hell (people taking what they’ve worked so hard all their lives) and they’re not taking it anymore.

  • Dan

    Hope I am still that good of a shot when I am “elderly”!!



  • Brian

    Shades of Trevon Martin…No doubt the media will claim Deyfon was a victim of unnecessary force because he was denied a chance to surrender to legal authorities…Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton will appear demanding an arrest because it was a racial hate crime and Michelle Obama will postulate that he was killed by an assault weapon that the homeowner didn’t need

  • wcgman

    Yes an AT-15. It’s an AT-AT with an AR15 mounted on each side of it’s head. I so want one!

  • skip weis

    Shooting a home invader and saying that “I feared for my life” is all the justification needed to kill yet another criminally inclined person. ‘Ain’t no big deal’. Save jail space and paperwork and attorney’s time. And takes a criminal off the road, permanently. And that’s a good thing.

  • skip weis

    The Post-Obama Assault Rifle
    Short of starting a civil war ( a post for another day ), what will you do when the next generation of gun control laws get passed?

    What will you do for a rifle that obeys the law, when;
    All weapons are limited to a 10 round magazine
    but detachable magazines are outlawed
    All rifles must have barrels longer than 17”, thus outlawing the 16” and 16.5” ones popular right now.
    All rifles must have an overall length greater than 37”, thus outlawing today’s minimum length guns
    All semi-automatic rifles are banned
    No civilian firearm can be chambered for any present or past military cartridge (this law is not uncommon in the world)

    Yeah, I think thoughts like that. If you think we’re in dark days now, just wait another 3 years. It’s going to get worse.

    But should those rules come to pass, I’ve already figured out a solution. Which in itself shows you just how pointless gun control is: not matter what kind of gun I am allowed, I will figure out a way to load and fire it quickly.

    Here’s a modernized version of a 120 year design, a beefed up and modified version of a Taurus Thunderbolt rifle, which itself is a clone of the 1877 Colt Lightning rifle.

    Full length original above, post-Obama modernized carbine below

    –>Colt came out with the Lightning pump action rifle way back in the day to compete against Henry and Winchester, who had the lever gun market locked up. The pump stroke is only 2”, so this action cycles very quickly. Internally it isn’t much different from a lever gun. In trained hands a Lightning can fire 10 shots in less than 2.5 seconds.

    OK, now let’s modernize it. The medium size receiver Colt was never chambered for anything more potent than the black powder driven .45 Colt. That’s just about the lowest pressure cartridge still on the market. So let’s amp it up somewhat. Plus, in this plan for the future exercise, all military cartridges from anywhere, past and present, have been banned. So we can’t use the .45 Colt.

    There is a newer generation of extreme modern pistol cartridges that run at full modern rifle pressures. The .454 Casull, the .460 Linebaugh, etc. Great for hunting bears at 200 yards, but way too much gun for using in the home. And home defense is half of what this daydream rifle is about. So let’s meet halfway between the .45 Colt, and the .454 Casull. Why not? After all the Casull almost is a .45 Colt; it just uses a stronger and slightly longer version of the Colt’s case, then runs it at 4 times as much pressure. So … skip whispers to his crack team of product liability lawyers … we’ll make our own cartridge. It will be too long to fit in .45 Colts, and will operate at up to standard magnum pressure: 35,000psi. We’ll beef up the Taurus so that it can safely eat this ammo even at 43,000psi, and we’ll proof test the rifles at 53,000. That’s a full 50% more than the ammo spec calls for … and since we’re the ones also selling the ammo, we’ll try to keep the home defense product line well below that pressure level. Less BOOM that way. And even though the cartridge we’re designing is a magnum version of the old .45 Colt, we won’t use the “m word” anywhere. Just in case of twitchy DAs. No, we;ll look at things from the other end of the table, and call it the .451 CSR. No, not “Cane Spirit Rothschild”, that delightful Caribbean libation. “Colt Short Rifle”. And that turns out to be just the kind of gun we’re building.

    We’ll lop almost 9” off of the Taurus design’s barrel, going with a 17.25” tube, which makes the government happy. If we have to we can beef up the barrel, but it probably won’t be necessary. We’ll cut down the stock too, so that the gun is 37.25” long even when the butt plate is removed. And we’ll sell the gun with a 1.25” recoil pad installed. So it will be 38.5”, and the government will be even happier. While we’re at it, we put a handguard/palmswell on the pump’s forend. And we put a classic pistol grip stock (the legal kind) on the back. Both of these make holding the rifle easier, but they both reduce perceived recoil.

    Now for the sneaky part. We’re going to tighten up the rifling in the barrel. Instead of spinning the bullet at a leisurely 1 turn in 38” like the .357, or a relaxed but still sedate 1 turn in 16” like the .45 Colt, ours will spin the bullets just as fast as modern high powered rifles. 1 turn in 9” should be fine. What’s the point of this? SF/M. Surface feet per minute.

    Huh? Imagine you are a microscopic bacterium. (try seeing yourself from Hillary’s point of view) Imagine that you are clinging tightly to the side of a bullet that gets fired from a gun. Amazingly, that bullet manages to fly through the air for a full 60 seconds before it lands. How far have you traveled? That’s SF/M. SF/M=PI*d*RPM/12, but we don’t have RPM. We have muzzle velocity and we have rifling twist (quick side note: while the forward velocity of a flying bullet decreases rapidly, the spin imparted on it when fired never decreases), so we derive (and bypass) RPM with SF/M = PI*d*MV*60/twist.

    Ok, fine, Mr. Formula, but who cares? Well, you the prospective gun owner ought to. The faster you can spin a bullet, the more stable it will remain when something interrupts it. Said another way, bullets that spin faster penetrate in a straighter line. Faster spin also causes stronger deformation on contact (mushrooming). We’re building a moderately powered rifle, fully expecting that it be used indoors for home defense. So let’s try to avoid shooting through the bad guy and the wall behind him into Mrs. Tucker’s house next door. She gets so cranky when that happens!

    There is a special line of heavy, strong bullets on the market for today’s monster pistol cartridges. We’re not going to use them for HD. We’re going to use medium weight hollpoints that were designed to do their job at 900fps. And then we’re going to fire them at 2000fps and spin them at nearly twice the rate. That gives us a SF/M number far above what the bullets were designed for. That means they will hit , mushroom, and practically explode. Wounds will be very shallow, only 4-6” deep, but the impact craters will be immense. You betcha: we’re blowing the bad guys up as well as blowing them away.

    Sure, this is all just a daydream on my part, but the cartridge design will work as I said, the rifle can be built as I said, and little lightly built hollow point pistol bullets work as I described when you shoot them too fast and too spinny. They will fly to pieces.

    On the other end of things, if you load this cartridge down with 300grain bullets, you can expect about 1870-1950 fps. That makes the .451 CSR considerably better as a short range big game hunting cartridge, and nearly the equal of a .45-70 using standard factory 300 grain bullets. Which is plenty enough to hunt deer, elk, or bears out to 150 to 200 yards.

    Lastly, I’d build in a tube feeder for the magazine. something either like Henry’s loading button and spring slide lock, or a tube within a tube like Remington used on it’s rimfire rifles back in the 60s. You can reload the whole tubular magazine in just over a second. Make up a little cylinder thingy, kind of like a pepper grinder that holds 6 columns of 5 rounds each; a whole in the underside fits over the end of the magazine tube. Spin the top to line up a cylinder full of cartridges, and in they go. Do it twice – press, twist click, twist click, release – and you’ve got a full magazine. Carry 20-30 rounds on your hip in a holster the size of a medium flashlight. Easy design. You could even make a slapper button on the top to get them all moving. Or a coil spring and plunger per cylinder.


  • skip weis

    An article over at ‘Weasel Zipper’ knocking a gun control bill introduced in Wisconsin that would seek to ban civilian possession of hollow point and frangible bullets. Problem is, they’re saying that such things are required for hunting deer and bear.

    A Democratic state senator and three Democratic state representatives have circulated draft legislation that would ban civilian possession of hollow point or frangible ammunition. According to existing Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regulations, sportsmen and women in Wisconsin must use such ammunition when hunting deer or bear. The Democratic lawmakers, two of whom are freshman, all hail from urban districts in the City of Milwaukee.

    The reasoning behind the legislation is a bit muddled. The impact, however, is quite clear. According to a legislative counsel review of the legislation, it would essentially make it impossible for civilians to hunt deer or bear in Wisconsin.
    Ok, it pisses me off when I read these bills, introduced by lefty city boys who don’t know beans about guns. And while I do know some things about firearms, in no way would I consider myself an expert. But what really chaps my martingale is when a right-ish blog points out the gun error and still gets it wrong.

    So, to put my dander back down, let’s review some bullets. No, I ain’t gonna go hunt up some pictures. Y’all can do that yourself.

    ~Frangible Bullets These bullets are made from sintered metal dust, squeezed or lightly glued together. They were designed for Air Marshalls to use on airliners, where a bullet hole in the skin of the plane could cause a dangerous pressure loss. They are also somewhat favored by indoor shooting ranges, because the bullet does almost no damage to the armor plates used as backstops behind the targets. Shoot somebody with these bullets and the likelihood of the bullet passing through the target is very slim. They create a wide, very shallow wound channel. This is about the worst kind of bullet you could use to hunt medium to large bodied animals like deer and bear, but it may be a very good bullet to hunt varmints and small fur bearing creatures. MAY BE. Never tried them myself, never heard of anyone using them that way.

    ~Hollowpoint Bullets Whether made from soft cast lead, or a gilding metal jacket over a lead core, or one of the modern lead-free machined copper or bronze bullets, a hollowpoint bullet has a small opening in the front end. A dent, hole, or concavity in the meplat. This allows the bullet to mushroom faster than a regular bullet, and will produce a comparatively wider, shallower wound. Again, this is not the kind of bullet you really want to use on medium to large game. However, used against small creatures or people, it is highly effective. They do not penetrate as much as the harder or more solid bullets. This is a good thing in self-defense situations in the home, because it cuts down – but does not eliminate the occurrence of – over penetration. That’s what you get when you shoot the bad guy, and the bullet goes through him, through the wall behind him, through your neighbors house behind that, and then through the car in his backyard. And anyone who happens to be in the way. Over penetration is a bad thing in this regard, but it is not ordinarily an issue when hunting, unless you shoot at an animal that’s right in front of another animal you don’t also wish to shoot. As always, know your target and your environment.

    ~Softpoint Bullets This is your typical hunting bullet. The nose end is usually exposed lead, a plastic point, or a bronze point. These bullets come in an amazing variety [round nose, flat point, Accu-tip, etc], but they all function in the same way: they trade off more moderate expansion [mushrooming] for increased penetration. When you’re hunting a large animal, you sometimes need a bullet that can penetrate 20 or even 30 inches into flesh to break bones or puncture the vital organs.

    ~Solids These are non-expanding bullets that do not flip over when they strike a game animal. These are used to hunt the largest animals, like elephants, because the non-expanding bullet penetrates very deeply. Smaller ones are also useful for hunting fur bearing animals, because you get a smaller bullet hole in the hide. Varieties include Round Nose Full Metal Jacket, flat tipped Blunts machined from solid copper or bronze, and very hard cast lead bullets with flat or round noses. The hard cast lead one work their best at reduced velocity, and can fragment on contact at too high a velocity. Almost all solids have very poor aerodynamics and are used at fairly short ranges, 150 yards or so at the most for rifle bullets.

    ~Just as an aside, the latest solid metal bullets, like the Triple-Shock from Barnes, are a crossbreed between Solids and Softpoints and Hollowpoints. These bullets are made on a lathe, are almost always for high velocity rifles, and are the current epitome of controlled expansion. The nose of the bullet is actually several petals of metal folded into a point. On impact these petals open up and create a wide entrance wound. At a certain penetration distance the petals break off, leaving a flat tipped shank which then penetrates deeply just like a Blunt, with the same small diameter wound channel. Hey, the enviro-wienies demanded lead-free bullets. They didn’t realize that the bullet companies would give them what they wanted and at the same time create an even more effective bullet.

    ~Full Metal Jacket, aka FMJ or “ball” bullets These are military bullets. While they are also non-expanding, the bullets are very pointy and often have tapered heels [boat tails]. This gives them excellent aerodynamics and allows the bullet to shoot a much longer distance for a given amount of trajectory. Because of their long stretched out shape, the center of gravity of FMJ jackets is located in a position that causes the bullet to tumble on impact. This can make the bullet go all over the place inside an animal, even right back out the side that the bullet went in. They are not suitable for most hunting applications.

    There. So now you know. While I don’t like the Wisconsin bill at all, it really has nothing to do with hunting. I have not read the Wisconsin deer and bear hunting regulations, but I can pretty much guarantee you that expanding bullets of some kind are mandated. And quite possibly frangible and hollowpoint bullets are already proscribed. But the universe of expanding bullets is not at all limited to frangible or hollowpoints. To the contrary, the past 60 years worth of hunting bullet development has been towards controlled expansion, the art and science of building a bullet that is just right for the game you are hunting and the velocity of your bullet when it hits that game. For almost all ground animal hunting an ethical hunter wants a bullet that will expand enough to create a large temporary wound channel [the terribly wrong label of “hydrostatic shock"], create a decent sized permanent wound channel, and sufficient straight line penetration to fully puncture the creature being hunted. That means the bullet goes in one side, mushrooms up somewhat, digs straight through while breaking bones, mashing up the heart, lungs, and central nervous system, and then goes out the other side, creating a second hole to maximize the rate at which the animal bleeds out. Yes, it’s a bit grisly. But it’s humane; the proper bullet [properly placed of course!!!!] can kill an animal stone dead in a couple of seconds. The wrong bullet [or the right one in the wrong spot] can cause an animal to suffer for days. Of course, minimizing that suffering is also what having another couple of shots immediately available is all about, and that drags me back to the semi-automatic rifle thing again, and I don’t want to go there today.

    Bottom line: know what you’re talking about before sounding off. Personally, I think civilians ought to be FORCED to use frangible or hollowpoint bullets for all self defense weapons. Not only do they do a much better job while being safer for other folks in the area, they are also far less likely to penetrate a policeman’s bullet-proof vest, even when fired at high velocity from a real high-powered rifle [like a .378 Weatherby].

    Other states always had it bass-ackwards, outlawing hollowpoint bullets for self-defense use … because they think these are armor piercing bullets that will penetrate bullet-proof vests. Which is exactly what they aren’t.

    Oh, and while the military may have a plethora of bullets that are actually designed to penetrate armor, once again, depending on what the type and thickness of the armor is, nearly any bullet can be considered armor piercing. So anti-gun bills that throw that one in, without detailed specification, are also full of crap.


  • skip weis

    7TH CIRCUIT LETS POSNER RULING STAND; HUGE WIN FOR CCW, SAYS SAF #2 Court demands ILLINOIS draft concealed carry law.

    For Immediate Release: 2/22/2013

    BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation today won a significant victory for concealed carry when the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals let stand a December ruling by a three-judge panel of the court that forces Illinois to adopt a concealed carry law, thus affirming that the right to bear arms exists outside the home.

    The ruling came in Moore v. Madigan, a case filed by SAF. The December opinion that now stands was written by Judge Richard Posner, who gave the Illinois legislature 180 days to “craft a new gun law that will impose reasonable limitations, consistent with the public safety and the Second Amendment…on the carrying of guns in public.” That clock is ticking, noted SAF Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb.

    “Illinois lawmakers need to create some kind of licensing system or face the prospect of not having any regulations at all when Judge Posner’s deadline arrives,” Gottlieb said. “They need to act. They can no longer run and hide from this mandate.”

    “We were delighted with Judge Posner’s ruling in December,” he continued, “and today’s decision by the entire circuit to allow his ruling to stand is a major victory, and not just for gun owners in Illinois. Judge Posner’s ruling affirmed that the right to keep and bear arms, itself, extends beyond the boundary of one’s front door.”

    In December, Judge Posner wrote, “The right to ‘bear’ as distinct from the right to ‘keep’ arms is unlikely to refer to the home. To speak of ‘bearing’ arms within one’s home would at all times have been an awkward usage. A right to bear arms thus implies a right to carry a loaded gun outside the home.”

    Judge Posner subsequently added, “To confine the right to be armed to the home is to divorce the Second Amendment from the right of self-defense described in Heller and McDonald.”

    Find and Read the rest and mark your calenders. I want to see just what happens in Illinois with this one.


  • Jeff Genest

    The only reason the dirtbag’s family is upset is because they probably have no source of income now. Don’t screw with the senior citizens, or anyone for that matter!!!!

  • Berzrkr50

    Because he was probably getting a “gubment” check and now dey hab to do witout de muney…

  • ShellyD

    If he was the bread winner, he won’t be out robbing homes… i would of shot the worthless family, too when their welfare, government supported stupid asses showed up at my house… a whole lot of government funded savings there.. plus get more worthless pieces of shits off the streets

  • Frank Schneider

    Don’t waste your time with a warning shot. The perp will just say you are a terrible shot was actually trying to hit him / her and it was attempted murder.

  • Dude Guy

    Po’ Dayfon. Dis so sad. He a good boy, now dis man done took his life!

  • Scott Wilson

    But seriously. Nice shootin’.


  • ray Chalfant

    For the folks who don’t know it’s called the Castle Doctrine, also keeps the Perp or the Perps family from Suing the homeowner.

  • http://Facebook Maureen Reggie

    I HOPE the deceased dirtbags family reads this: He got just what he deserved!!!! If you had a JOB and earned your way through life like an upstanding citizen….you wouldnt have been shot…to be …dead. HE GOT EXACTLY WHAT HE DESERVED!!! Sorry no condolences here!!!

  • Alabama

    Red yellow black or white if you don”t make it all the way in you will be shot and placed right inside broken door or window.

  • tankhunter

    Warning shot, sorry no can do. Ammo shortage due to the Feds buying 1.5 billion rounds of ammo.

  • Michael Smith

    He recieved his final warning. Obviously all the others had little effect.

  • Honyok

    The scumbag made “two” mistakes. First he invaded an individuals home. Then he got in the way of a moving bullet.
    Some people just never learn to mind their own business.

  • http://fb Buzzman

    Got what he deserved. “End of Story” I love the comments. Now that’s a real vote for freedom.

  • Bluecandi

    Good ol Castle Doctrine!! :D

  • Chris

    I would love to come down to Texas…. not sure they want too many more of us Roudy Sooner Fans hanging out down there… But it beats the heck out of the Libral state of Washington…. It is getting harder and harder to find a good place to take the rifles shooting at here… I have 7 guns and can always use more…. never know when I might need em… If I could find a good job in a small town I wouldn’t think twice…. I hate the big city life…

  • dave

    if only the government and states would make the criminals more accountable for their actions and quit giving them so many rights this world be alot better place. this man has the right to protect his self and the things he worked for but he will be stressed out until this is all over. its pretty clear the criminal got what he deserved and it should be over now but no our government wants to give rights to these scum bags that should of been off the streets already. i dont know about those who will read this but im tired of drug dealers being slapped on the wrist, im tired of people getting 2 and 3 and sometimes 4 or more dui’s only to get slapped on the wrist and go out and do it again and again making the roads unsafe and killing innocent people, im tired of people killing people and getting life in prison or sometimes not getting life and being able to return to the streets to do it again, im tired of sicko’s raping women and kids only to serve a little time and to be released to do it again. its time to have the laws stricter and make the criminals be held accountable for their actions. i have daughters and if someone would rape them, the sob better hope the law gets him before i do because i will cut his penis off with a knife and let him bleed out. if my family was killed by a drunk driver and it was his 2nd or more times im going after him and the attorney that helped him get off. its time that criminals pay not the innocent. just my opinion.

  • Vixter_md

    I CAN open my own doors, but I enjoy having a gentleman do it for me. I enjoy being A LADY and I love being treated as such. so even if it is 2013, and I CAN open my own doors, it does not by any means I don’t appreciate the efforts of a gentleman.
    and as far as the perp- I wouldn’t have wasted the ammo for a warning shot. obviously he wasn’t worth the warning.

  • Brian

    Glad to hear that myself. I had a woman tell me in the not so distant past that and I quote “Likes to open her own doors” and went out of her way to do so along with an explanation that men need to quit treating women as helpless. About made me puke…being raised a gentleman myself. Man, woman, child…it’s just rude to let a door close in someone’s face…my time is precious, but not so much so to be a jerk to people.

  • sean stoops

    if they condone what he was doing then they are no better than their relative

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  • ColorOfCrimeIsBlack

    In Florida we call this trayvoning.

  • ColorOfCrimeIsBlack

    So did traygone fartin.

  • vigorousatheist

    Cmon, seriously? The guy didn’t even have a weapon. Unless the intruder began to attack the homeowner when the homeowner had him at gunpoint, he had no logical reason to shoot the guy. Cops don’t automatically shoot perpetrators. They evaluate the situation and determine of the perp has a weapon or is an immediate danger.
    9 times out of 10 if you confront an unarmed home invader with a gun, he will either fall to the grown and start crying or try to flee.
    So again, no matter how much you say “muh freedomz” you have to admit this wasn’t ethically OR morally right.
    Yes, I KNOW the home invader wasn’t right either. But he’s a criminal who belongs in a cage. Respectable, moral homeowners should know better.

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  • Snobert

    It doesn’t matter if the intruder was unarmed, he shouldn’t have broken into guy’s house. If someone breaks into your home with you inside, there would be no way to ascertain the criminal’s intentions since you cannot read his thoughts. In most cases, intruders just steal things, but there are also cases when they enter homes to do malicious harm; therefore, assuming that your life is in danger is the most logical thing to do when you see or hear someone enter your home. When a person’s life is in danger, he has every right to defend himself, and not all criminals respond to a gun being pointed at them by getting on their knees fleeing. There are cases when the criminals draws his own gun (if he has one) or tries to take the victim’s gun away; this would especially happen if he were high on narcotics.

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